SMSF’s: What is it all about?

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An SMSF or self-managed super fund is a superannuation fund that has between one to four members and has elected to be regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). All members are trustees and all trustees are members, who jointly control and manage the fund. Single member funds need to add in a second trustee, where the fund operates as individual trustees, but the second trustee does not have to be a member. You can set up your own private super fund and manage it yourself, but only under strict rules regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

An SMSF can have between one to four members. Each member is a trustee.


When running your own SMSF one must:

  • Carry out the role of trustee or director, which imposes important legal duties on you.
  • Use the money only to provide retirement benefits.
  • Set and follow an investment strategy that ensures the fund is likely to meet your retirement needs.
  • Keep comprehensive records and arrange an annual audit by an approved SMSF auditor.

Also when running an SMSF you will require:

  • A large amount of money in the fund to make set up and yearly running costs.
  • To budget for ongoing expenses such as professional accounting, tax, audit, legal and financial advisee.
  • Plenty of time to manage the fund.
  • Financial experience and skills so you are more likely to make sound investment decisions.
  • Separate life insurance, including income protection and total and permanent disability cover

Benefits of an SMSF

For Australians SMSFs offer five major advantages which includes:

1. Investment control

Most superannuation funds will allow you to invest into shares, fixed interest and property via managed funds but often with strict restrictions. SMSFs however, offer a large range of additional investment options, including direct property, physical gold and other commodities, derivatives, and subject to various requirements, collectables such as art work. SMSFs also offer the flexibility of gearing with your investments, whereas APRA regulated superannuation funds generally do not offer gearing.

Many industry experts say that beyond choice, the real benefit a SMSF confers is the ability to have more sophisticated investment strategies working for you

2. Effective tax management

Control and flexibility over your SMSF investment decisions affords you the ability and means to consider tax when managing your fund’s investments.

The current SMSF tax rate on income at 15% is one of the lowest of any entity in Australia. This can potentially be reduced further as income from eligible pension assets are not taxed, and benefits can arise from the imputation credits connected with Australian shares. Further, you can also control exactly when to dispose of assets. This reduces the capital gains tax liability.

3. Greater investment flexibility

A SMSF structure also means you can roll your funds into an account based retirement pension or a pre-retirement transition to retirement pension and still exercise flexibility and control over your investments. Also, while you’re receiving your eligible account based pension, any income earned on those assets, or capital gain realized, should be exempt from income tax.

4. Capacity to pool your super with up to three other individuals

SMSFs provide you the ability to pool your resources with up to a maximum of four members. For many Australians, this has translated into a growing number of family run SMSFs. This increased investment pool allows you to potentially access lower administration costs as well as accessing investment opportunities that may  not be available to smaller investment amounts.

5. Estate planning flexibility

SMSFs offer greater flexibility with your estate planning needs. You can set up and leave tax advantaged income streams to dependent beneficiaries. SMSFs can also make binding death benefit nominations that do not lapse, unlike many public offer super funds, which tend to require binding death benefit nominations to be updated every 3 years.

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Importance of Bookkeeping in Churches

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Although not classified as a commercial business, churches face a lot of financial concerns. They have donations to manage, funds to organize, money to give, and properties to protect. And often, only the church treasurer handles all these concerns because he or she’s the only one who has some experience in accounting. The leader and members of the church then expect the church treasurer to handle all the church finances properly, even though he or she may have only little knowledge about accounting and bookkeeping.

bookkeeping churches

But as a leader or member of the church, you must realize that without giving much thought about your church finances may put your church in financial difficulties and struggle. While church financial transactions are not as complicated as business transactions, it is crucial for churches to manage their funds properly to be able to continue their operation. Many people are unaware that a lot of congregations have already been shut down due to the mishandling of their finances. And I’m pretty sure that you don’t want that to happen to your own church. Well, while it’s okay to have your own church treasurer, you must not give him or her all the financial obligations of your church. It is important to also delegate some tasks to other members, or much better hire someone who is much capable in handling accounting stuff. Here are the benefits of hiring a professional bookkeeper:

Compliance with the government laws

Like commercial businesses, churches must also comply with the laws set in place by the government authorities. They must pay their employees regularly and appropriately, as well as face their tax responsibilities. Some churches fail to comply with the government rules because of a lot of issues – and the results are devastating. Isn’t it important for churches to be a good example for their members? Professional bookkeepers make sure that your organization is complying with the law. They help you manage your church’s finances and ensure that your records are up-to-date and accurate.

Help grow and protect your church.

Almost certainly, there will come a time that your church expands – acquiring new members, involving in a business activity to gain more revenues, and enhancing your church reach. Of course, this is a good thing for any organization. But also remember that as your church expands, your church responsibility also increases. Failure to take responsibility will lead to church failure. Professional bookkeepers know how to handle growing funds. Their training and knowledge in the field of accounting will help you ensure that your funds are handled properly. They also ensure that all your church’s records are securely protected, preventing unauthorized people from accessing them.

Help make sound financial decision.

Dealing with finances can be quite confusing. If your treasurer does not have enough knowledge and training, he or she may provide faulty information, which can lead to incorrect decisions. Professional bookkeepers help you deal with your financial records, no matter how complicated they are, and ensure that every information they provide are accurate and correct.

Financial statements show the true condition of your church. A financially healthy church makes all your members happier, more motivated to give, and more encouraged to acquire new members.

Faith Can Help You Find The One

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Faith is a powerful tool. It is Faith that takes us to the Lord and makes us believe in Him. Even those who don’t believe in God must keep Faith in the Universal energy. This is because; it is this very faith that helps us do what we do and take the road we end up taking. But can Faith also help you find the One? Yes, say experts. Faith can heal and help people move on from betrayals and heartaches and set out to finding True Love again.

Recently, an article in the Huffington Post published some easy- to- say prayers for helping people find true love. The post also mentioned that one has to naturally start with Belief: that there is someone out there for each of us and those prayers can take us to one’s soul mate. Prayers and belief can also help us get over the hurt of past betrayals. Prayers can be said for the potential life partners’ soul so that that very Faith will help him/her find us.

faith and love

Here are some prayers you can use to petition for true love.

Heal My Wounds Prayer

Dear Lord,

Kindly help me heal

I have loved and grieved in the past,

Help my heart be whole, and loving and trusting again.

My past has made me over anxious, also needy,

I feel desperate that time is slipping from me.

Calm my needs. Make me trust again.

Prevent me from making wrong choices and hasty decisions.

Let my soul feel rested and healed and that it is strong enough to not make any mistakes.

Kindly end the distance between me and my love

Let my heart heal and strengthen.


Here is another prayer for Soul mate

Dear Lord,

Keep my intentions clear

Guide and Love me as I set on this path

The path to finding my true love and soul mate

I am out there seeking a partner to love

Who can bring joy and love into my life.

Who I can love with heart and soul

Who, in return, will love and cherish me through ups and downs.

Give me a sign so that I know when my soul mate will come

Let my heart open to let Love in

That s/he might  know the truth about my feelings

Keep my heart open and my brain and mind clear.

Let me welcome love with open arms.


Get in action

Apart from prayers, it is also important to be proactive. This means that: it is vital you go out and act on these prayers. God’s plan for each of us is that we should be proactive and use the tools He has given us to fulfil each of our dreams. This is also applicable while finding Love again.

Even people who do not believe in God should have Faith. Faith is what will lead them to meet people we are destined to meet. The key is to Stop getting in one’s own way, and start taking baby steps to allow the things that are bound to happen. When you are open to meeting someone, you will meet him/her in the line at the bank, at the dry cleaners’ or even in the grocery aisle. Go to parties and single events. Register online on dating sites, being careful to first find out if he is married. This is important to avoid getting conned and cheated.

What You Should Consider When Choosing a Payroll Service

Proper payroll management is very essential for every business. Failure to get it right will not only get business owners into issues with employees, but also with tax authorities. However, payroll management can be a bit tasking and potentially capable of robbing businesses of time that could be better spent making money. This is the main reason why an increasing number of business owners now prefer to outsource these functions to payroll services. But before going ahead to choose a payroll service, there are some things you need to consider.

choosing payroll service


It is an advisable thing to ensure that you request for referrals when looking to choose a payroll service. This will help you avoid issues that could arise as consequences of choice made. You could ask other business owners what service they use or check with the Better Business Bureau. Your banker or a certified public accountant (CPA) may also be asked for recommendations.


The experience of a payroll service is also worth considering. Payroll and business taxes could be rather hard to handle and their calculations prone to errors. This is why you want to ensure your payroll service has been around for a while and can guarantee accuracy and efficiency.

Pricing structure

You want to make sure that you know what the pricing for a payroll service is before making any commitment. Sometimes, pricing is based on bundles of services, some of whose inclusions may not be relevant to your business. It is, therefore, important to know what proposed pricing structure covers. A breakdown of pricing should be requested to help you identify hidden fees that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Account management

It is recommended that you inquire from your payroll service provider to know the person directly managing your account. You should not assume that the professional-looking and seemingly experienced individual you spoke to the first time will oversee your account. The account handler could, in fact, be a novice. Try to familiarize yourself to your account manager and ask questions bothering your mind.

Payroll tax handling

You equally need to ensure that you know if and how your payroll service handles payroll taxes. Some services may expect you to do your payroll tax calculation, filing and payment all by yourself. A good payroll service should be able to help you ensure compliance to payroll tax requirements by taking care of calculation, payment and filling — in a timely fashion as well. You should also find out beforehand what extra fees, if any, are expected for the payroll tax services.


It is essential for you to ask your payroll service provider how secure your sensitive financial information is. You surely do not want such information to fall into the hands of hackers. It is advisable to ask to know what measures are in place to ensure security breaches are prevented.

Customer support

There will be times when you need to reach your payroll service provider for one reason or the other, especially during emergencies. The ease of contact and responsiveness will depend on the quality of customer support provided. References supplied by a provider may be able to give you an idea of its customer service quality. You could also assess quality of customer service by yourself, looking through available contact options and trying your most preferred.

A good payroll service will help in no small measure to avoid payroll issues with tax authorities and employees. Giving a thought to the factors mentioned will help you get your choice of service right.

Your Guide to Payroll Outsourcing

It is said that happy employees are the most productive employees. And why wouldn’t they be? Trusted and dedicated employees work their heart out, all day and night, just to help your firm flourish. So there is no alternate to an experienced and virtuoso employee, as they are one of the biggest and prime assets of a company. So if you happen to be an entrepreneur, you must be thinking of different ways to keep your workers all smiles. Want to know the easiest way to do so? Well, nothing pleases an employee more than a proper paycheck at the end of the month. But paying the employees on time is a lot easier said than done, especially, if you are a small business owner who is not well versed in accounting. Payroll processing can be downright overwhelming and can also give nightmares even to long time experienced business owners. So this is where an outside payroll service can come to your rescue.

guide payroll service

Perks of Payroll Outsourcing

When a business hires an outside firm to manage all their payroll functions to save time and money, it is called Payroll Outsourcing. In recent times, payroll services are doing a lot more than just churning out your employee’s paychecks. So check out the reasons why hiring a payroll service is beneficial to your firm:

  • eliminates the need for in-house payroll staff
  • frees your employee’s time to pursue more revenue-generating activities for the firm
  • they work with accuracy and are always up-to-date
  • manages a company’s tax related hurdles
  • helps to keep track of employees’ hours, sick days and paid time off
  • saves you money on legal fees
  • handles reports filed with federal, state and local government
  • manages employee retirement plans

What to watch out for

Even though payroll services can be extremely advantageous for a firm, it can be a recipe of disaster for a company if it gets to the wrong hands. So make sure you look out for any potential red flags when researching potential payroll providers. The following are some things you should keep in mind:

  • make sure the company you outsource is genuine and trustworthy
  • the outsourcing company should be bonded and insured
  • ensure that the company is paying the IRS properly on your behalf
  • choose a service that is upfront with its clients
  • your payroll service provider should be aware of your payroll tax requirements and deadlines

Bottom line

The best way to “keep the books” is not to screw them up and the easiest way to not screw them up is to hire a payroll outsourcing service. Payroll outsourcing can provide small firms, as well as large enterprises, an attractive alternate to managing payroll internally. Outsourcing eliminates the time that the employees spend on calculating payrolls and tax obligations, and aids them to work on some real value-added activities that can help the business to blossom. Watch out for the red flags, and you are good to go.

Learning The Benefits Associated With Music

benefits of musicWe are all individuals but if there is something we all have in common is a love for music. Music has been used by humans for thousands of years whether it was a person using a drum or playing modern brass instruments. We cannot cover the entire history of music but we are going to show you how it can bring joy to people who are otherwise feeling sad. There are religious groups who volunteer their time to prepare food for the disadvantaged but they also offer different forms of musical entertainment whether it is hymns or classical music. The primary benefit is that everyone whether rich or poor, young or old can enjoy the experience “together”. This “unity” is something that makes us remarkable as a species.

Learning How To Play Music

If you want to learn how to play music you can, there are people who believe that only certain people are “gifted” with musical talent but the truth is everyone can sing and play with the proper training and motivation. You will need to find a music teacher who you feel comfortable with in order to reach your full potential. Start the process by collecting the names of all the music teachers in your area, you can even find them on the Internet. After you have the list created you need to purchase the instrument you want to practice. While the guitar is one of the most common instruments people learn how to play there are others that are just as exciting like brass instruments. What you need to do is look for retailers who are selling these instruments before you schedule a class with the music teacher.

Finding The Right Music Instrument Retailer

In order to find the best priced and quality instruments you need to spend some time screening all of the vendors that are selling them. When you have located all of the merchants that are selling the specific brand of brass instrument you want to buy you need to review the prices until you have located the retailer with the most competitive offer.

Now that you have the new instrument you should schedule an appointment with the music teacher you like the most. You need to be patient with yourself, it will take time to master this instrument but if you keep at it you will be able to realize your goal. Once you have learned how to play a musical instrument you can share the skill with people in your family or reach out through various charitable organizations and share your knowledge with those who do not have access to music on a regular basis. We hope you take these suggestions to heart and make the most of it, you could be the next musical prodigy but you will never know until you try

Is a prenuptial agreement okay for Christians?

Let’s face it – no one is born a great husband or wife. But it’s something that we can learn since marriage is a journey and a process of development. However, something has gone terribly wrong in our society today and part of that is that people no longer know how to value their marriage. While marriage is supposedly a beautiful event between two individuals, divorce seems like a growing trend. Today, approximately 50 percent of American marriages end up in divorce, and the rate is continuously rising.

prenup agreement

Because of this, a lot of individuals are now considering prenuptial agreements before getting married. While prenuptial agreements are mostly popular among celebrities because of their lifestyle, more and more people today are opting to sign forms for prenup agreement before taking their vows. Even teachers, nurses, salesmen, and small business owners are signing these forms.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreement, also known as premarital agreement or simply prenup, is a written contract made by two people before they marry. The content of prenuptial agreement can vary from couple to couple, but usually, it involves property and support issues. Prenup agreements can set forth what will happen to your assets, properties, and future earnings in case of divorce, death, or separation.

Prenuptial agreements are gaining popularity in the U.S. today for a variety of reasons. First, they are able to protect the property and financial assets of individuals. Second, they make sure that their property will go to their own children or family in case of separation – this is particularly common when the other person has children from a former marriage. And most importantly, prenuptial agreements enable individuals to control their own assets. Many prenuptial agreements are signed because couples do not want to experience the hassle of dealing with complicated legal processes, such as letting the court decide how to divide their property should the marriage end.

While prenuptial agreements are becoming common today, most Christians, if not all, are not in favor in this type of agreement. Prenuptial agreements are completely outside the Christians’ vision of marriage. God intended marriage to be permanent and lasting as long as the couple is alive. When two Christians get married, they should commit to the marriage and have a strong faith that the marriage will last, no matter what happens. For Christians, signing a prenup agreement is like planning a wedding and a divorce. As what they say, a couple that prepares for the possibility of separation is headed toward it.

When two people marry, they become one. As the Scriptures say, “…a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24, NIV)

When a man and a woman become one, it means they both share everything they have. For instance, if the husband has $2 million dollars in his bank account and the wife only has $200,000 when they marry, both of them now have that $2.2 million dollars. It doesn’t mean dividing the money in half, with both of them receiving $1.1 million dollars each. They both share everything they have.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with prenup agreements. Actually, they are even beneficial for individuals as they give them peace of mind regarding the status of their assets. In today’s society, prenuptial agreements are even considered necessary. But of course, we can’t debate with other people, especially with Christians, regarding their view about this type of agreement. Marriage is a sacred thing and it should be taken seriously. As what Christians say, if you can’t trust your future spouse about your money, how can you trust him or her with your life, family, and future?

A dream come true home in Ocean Grove NJ

the_ocean_view_inn_ocean_grove_new_jersey_53420Owning a home is a dream to many and finding a good community living that offers a peaceful and exciting lifestyle with all amenities required, is often not easy. Ocean grove NJ can prove to be an answer to your search for that dream home. It is one of the best locations in New Jersey and is not only selling your dream home but an urban community lifestyle as well.

The ocean grove is a cozy Victorian town with population of mere 5000. However, do not think that it is a boring place for the retired. Thousands of tourists throng Ocean Grove during summers as it is a national historic district. Ocean Grove boasts of pristine beaches and elegant resorts which makes it an ideal location for a memorable holiday! In fact the beaches here are counted in the Top 15 of the world’s best.

Established in 1869, Ocean Grove has come up into this era as an idealistic cultural town. Historic tours, festivals, Art & Craft shows, car rallies, flea markets, festive parades are a part of life here. For the religious patrons, this place has various options like Churches, Choir fest, Sermons from evangelists to name a few. This town is also a gastronomical paradise with innumerable bakeries, Café’, bars and restaurants strewn across. So, whether you are someone who likes to chill in an informal setting of Deli, lounge in a bar with buddies or crave for a seven course meal with all the elegance and sophistication; Ocean Grove offers abundant options for your taste buds and pocket.

If you look at this destination from investment point of view then it would be pertinent to mention that urbanization has taken over Ocean Grove. The real estate market is witnessing an upswing here. This is the best time to invest in Ocean Grove as the property prices are still reasonable and is anticipated to go up, reaping benefits for those who invest in property here. Besides, with all the tourist traffic it is also a place that offers viable business and commercial options for anyone who wants to settle down here.

Homes for sales in Ocean Grove NJ is easy to find as they command respect of reputed agencies and property dealers. A number of websites give a virtual tour of the township here giving you a clear view of what this piece of heaven is all about. Spacious well lit streets, houses of all shapes and sizes right from single family home, condos, apartments to just a property for investment can all be found on the web pages. You can browse into the featured listings for the floor plans, interiors and aerial exterior view of the house. They also give minutest of details like number of fireplaces, view of neighborhood, car parking, room size, basically every information that you need to zero in on a particular property before your actual visit. Ocean Grove NJ is a perfect combination of tranquil surroundings, natural beauty and celebratory undertones. A place this gorgeous could make your life a long summer vacation. With its vast range of property and options, there is every reason to make this Victorian town your first or even second home. Homes for sales in Ocean Grove NJ brings you this wonderful opportunity to own a piece of this Victorian heaven.

Will you see your pet in heaven?

One of the greatest joys in life is having a pet. Whether it’s a puppy, a cat, a bird, or a fish, having a pet brings so much happiness and enjoyment. In fact, most of us cannot imagine life without them on our side. Even though they require additional cleaning, time, and spending, we still love to have them around. They feel like a family, completing our life.

There have been a lot of incidents in which animals have saved human lives. That’s why in this modern age, pets have become an integral part of the society. People are even teaching their pets several modern techniques so they can protect them and their family much more. But while most pet owners are clear about the protection benefits and happiness that come with having an animal friend, many are unaware of the physical and health benefits that these furry animals can also bring. Several studies have been conducted showing how owning a pet, especially dogs, reduced the risk for heart disease.

pet(dog and cats)

Studies have also found out that:

  • Pet owner are less likely to experience depression and stress than those without pets.
  • Playing with pets can improve mood and make your body and mind relax.
  • Pet owners have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels than those without pets.
  • Patients who suffer from heart attack survive longer than those without pets.
  • People over the age 65 owning a pet are 30 percent less likely to visit their doctors than those without pets.
  • Watching a pet play can help reduce muscle tension and lower pulse rate.

Experts believe that one reason why pets bring therapeutic benefits is because they can fulfill the basic human need, which is the need to be touched. Just a few minutes of interacting with pets or touching a loving animal can instantly change your mood and calm you, even if you’re too stressed out. Being with a pet can also immediately ease the feeling of loneliness and encourage you to follow a healthy exercise.

Millions of people around the world treat their pets as their friends and even an important member of the family. Unfortunately, pets can’t stay with us forever, no matter how much we want to. Like all living things, they will be gone at some point. Many Christians now wonder, “Will I see my pet in heaven?”

In the Book of Revelation, the Apostle John, who was one of Jesus’ closest disciples, described his vision of heaven with animals, telling the armies of heaven riding on “white horses.” (Revelation 19:14, NIV)

Other animals aren’t mentioned in the Book of Revelation, presumably because they don’t play a significant role in Christ’s second coming. But knowing that there are horses in heaven, isn’t it possible that there would be other kinds of animals there, too? After all, isn’t it kind of lonely if we would only expect horses in heaven? Well, even though the Bible doesn’t give a definitive answer if we are really going to see our pets in heaven, one thing is for sure, “…with God, all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26, NIV).

Whether we see them in heaven or not, it is important to also take care of our pets and treat them with respect. Also be thankful for them for all the help that they gave and continuously giving you.

But it is important for you to know that owning a pet is not a miracle for illnesses. They are only beneficial for those who love and appreciate them. If you don’t own a pet yet and want to have one, you can view puppies for sale here.

Applying for a Mortgage Loan

Regardless of the financial status, career and credit reputation, everyone often seek financial assistance for various reasons. Raising funds is not an easy task to accomplish. Borrowers look for various ways on how to complete the amount needed for a definite purpose. Some may want to start a bigger business, needs additional funds for personal and professional reasons or there is an emergency that entails bigger amount in a short time frame. Often, people resort for a mortgage loan to cope with all these needs. However, applying for mortgage doesn’t happen in an instant. If there is one alternative for raising fund that has complex and long process, that is through mortgaging.

applying for mortgage

As mortgage applicant, you need to present yourself in the most credible manner. You should own supportive documents that can prove your capacity to pay a borrowed fund. Similarly, you must have a stable job and clear source of income. Also, you should have a good credit record or no delinquent credit history from previous loans. Since mortgaging is often granted by a financial institution, you could expect tough screening and investigation right from the start. However, if this is a complex procedure for a typical applicant, what are your chances of getting the loan if you have existing unpaid credits or several lapses with your credit history?

What Should You Do?

Nothing is impossible with a willing heart. Although mortgaging is not a business of charm, it is best to be honest with your approaches towards the lender. You must explore all your possible options and resources in order to come up with the right solutions. If you think you can’t totally resolved the issue by brainstorming and merely presenting yourself to the financial institution, its time you seek expert advice from the most reliable mortgage broker or financial professionals. If you also know credit analysts, they can help for bad credit cases and can assess and explain to you the status of your outstanding loans or credits, as well as the possible solutions to effectively fix it.

Nonetheless, you must understand that these are just your tools and alternatives, which may either make or break your loan application. You must be aware and ready with the possible results of your mortgage status. You must bear and mind that every financial institution and lenders have their own way of dealing credit issues of the applicants. If you are not successful with the other, you are always free to take another try.

Simple Tips to Consider

There are several situations that are beyond your control. Although you don’t have any plans of missing any payments, there are urgencies and factors that may come in between, which may hinder you from fulfilling your credit responsibilities on time. However, you must make it a point to prepare thorough planning and proper knowledge about good habits of handling credit obligations. Again, you can always seek help in various ways just like mortgage professionals because they can help for bad credit cases you are experiencing.


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