How to volunteer with the elderly in a godly way

Christ's Commission Fellowship

VOLUNTEERThere are millions off elderly that have no one to help them with getting to the doctor or to the pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions. But one thing that no one ever thinks about when it comes to the elderly is how do they clean up their houses? Many elderly are unable to do basic maintenance on their home such as sweeping and moping the floors and cleaning out the fridge. But there are ways to help out with this problem. By looking for tenancy cleaning in London you can find many services that will cater to the elder and there needs for a cleaning service. One way to get closer to God is to help the elderly. Lots of elderly have no one to take care of them and really need to be taken care of. Some of them are trying to live on their own but have no means of transportation and are getting very sick from old age. They need the help that a family would provide but not all elderly have family to help them and there are a lot of elderly that are shut in’s and can’t get out of the house due to medical reasons or other issues. We should all help those that need it the most so that we can show them that they are still important and loved.

By helping the elderly with their grocery shopping, their cleaning, and their pharmacy needs you are truly living God’s word of love one another. Volunteering to help others is the best way to be a true Christian person. We should all help the less fortunate and should truly love doing it. When we volunteer for the joy of helping others we are blessing those less fortunate with the blessing of kindness, love, respect, and telling them that they are important and that there is someone who truly cares about their wellbeing.

The more good you do in the world without expecting something in return the closer you will be to god and his holy kingdom. The best thing about truly living for Jesus is to show your love for all things in the world. Jesus loves the world and he wants you to love the world. Be appreciative of all the blessing you have by offering blessings to others without expecting them to return the favor. Many people will do good deeds but expect recognition for doing those good deeds. The ones that don’t expect recognition and don’t ask for appreciation for what they do are the silent ones that are truly doing good deeds for the act of being kind to others. These are the ones that are truly close to Jesus and represent all that is good with the world.

Showing others that we care for them and don’t expect anything in return is one of the best ways to live your life. Everyone should volunteer at least once in their lifetime. Many people will volunteer for their Christmas or Thanksgiving holiday at soup kitchens or with feeding the hungry or clothing the needy when it’s cold out. Volunteering is one of the best things to do with your time.


5 Ways To Optimize Your Time-Inside and Outside the Church

Christ's Commission Fellowship

TIMELiving the faithful life can be overwhelming. Try as we might to keep all of our commitments, some of us just can’t keep up. For some, the only thing we make it on time to is church and even then, we’re slipping in the back door. The rest of the work week is a constant struggle of balance and mental reminders, many of which slip our minds almost as soon as we’ve said it. If you’re one of those busy people who find it hard to stay organized, don’t lose faith. We’ve got some quick tips on how to make your day more productive.

1) Get a Day Planner

A day planner is a great way to get your schedule in order. You don’t have to rely on technology and all you need is a pen. There are many options so choose which one is right for you. There are books that have a whole page for each day of the week or a more compact style that puts a whole week on one page. It depends on how many tasks you have and how you like to see your time mapped out. If seeing the whole week is a little overwhelming, then buy one that shows a page per day. Some have hourly time slots too so choose what works.

 2) Use a Phone App

If writing in a weekly planner isn’t for you, then maybe you would do better with some technological help. There’s an app for that, and it’s called your calendar. Electronic calendars come with almost every smart phone these days so check it out and use it. You can schedule things you have to do into hourly time slots, write notes to yourself and even label the whole day as a special event like “Sally’s Birthday” or something like that. Once you make an event on a given day, there is often the option to write notes about that event as well. You can also set alarms to go off, reminding you about said event! So grab your phone and see what you can do to find peace in your life.

3) Get a Watch

A lot of people nowadays rely on their cell phones or car clocks to act as their watches. It is becoming more uncommon to see someone look at their wrist and more common to see them check their phones. Having a steady clock attached to your arm that doesn’t require a frequent battery charge could help you manage your time more than you think. There are some beautiful tense watches you can buy that fit any style you’d like to accessorize with.

 4) Leave Early

Even if you’ve got all your appointments in order, are you usually behind the time? Try starting your day ten minutes earlier. This will allow you to leave the house earlier and may give you the jump start you need. It feels so much better to be on time. Find peace in your day by not rushing from A to B. Rushing causes accidents too, so give this one some real thought.

5) Make a List

You don’t like planners, you don’t use a smart phone but you’ve got a watch. Alright, we’re almost there. Try keeping a small notepad in your car or in your bag or briefcase. Some people need to visualize what they need to do in order to make things line up in their mind. It’s old fashioned and simple, but it may be the missing piece in your day. Try it out!

How To Throw A Great Wholesome Party

Christ's Commission Fellowship

church_christmas_party_s1In our modern lives, it can often feel like it’s getting harder to have some good clean fun. If you’re looking to plan an event with your church or community members and would like to keep the Holy spirit in mind, here are some tips on how to throw a great party while still keeping the faith.



Backyard Parties

A party in someone’s backyard is always fun because it adds that safe, homey touch to the event where everyone feels embraced and loved. It can be the backyard of a community member’s home or perhaps the backyard of your church or community center. Depending on your yard space, you may even have the luxury of a pool being there too. Pools are instant fun and a great way to stay cool in the summer heat. The trees of backyards provide much-needed shade and there is always a kitchen to use which makes food preparation and delivery much easier.


Trampolines are fun for the whole family. Now that you’re in that backyard, let’s get some fun fitness happening. With a trampoline, you get a work-out and most times, it doesn’t even feel like you’re trying! Often we hear about trampoline accidents but if you secure your trampoline properly there is virtually no risk at all. The key is to keep it away from outdoor furniture or walls. Be sure to place the trampoline on a surface that won’t be too slippery and to cover the hard parts (like the springs) with shock-absorbing material. Once you’re set up, you’re ready to jump. If you’ve got the room in the backyard and are considering buying or renting a trampoline for the family, there are bigger trampolines you can buy that are made specifically for outdoor use. The outdoor styles have more varieties to choose from and often offer more safety features like netted walls, no-spring designs and methods for securing the legs into the ground. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive trampoline on the market, but if you’re thinking of buying one then take the time to consider your options.


Potluck parties are when everyone agrees to bring one item of food to the event and between all the partygoers, all the food will get made you get to enjoy the cooking talents of your fellow believers. Usually two families or more will agree to cook the main dish, as in a roasted chicken, turkey or perhaps some honey glazed ham or a roast. Once the main dishes are sorted, the others attending will often offer to bring something complementary to the main dish, like a freshly made coleslaw or potato salad. The party doesn’t have to fancy either. Hamburgers and hotdogs are always fun and if one person brings the patties, another can supply the buns. Another will secure the ketchup and mustard and the list goes on. You’ll often find that people are extremely generous and will bring hand-cut fruits and veggies for appetizers, along with home made dips that taste of gourmet calibre. There will often be a bunch of food left over after the party and if everyone has had their fill, the food can always be packed up and sent to some families who may be less fortunate or who couldn’t make it over. This kind of good clean fun mixed with team effort and communal spirit will ensure your party is a popular one.

Helping Your Community is Doing God’s Work




The saying that when you do good for people, you’re doing god’s work is really true. And when you hear doing good, don’t just think of charity, donations and giving money away. If you want to reach to wider groups of people and to really make an impact the way to do so is to teach people things. Nowadays if you want to make someone a real favor, the best way to do it isn’t by throwing money at them and although money could help, they could also destroy someone. Giving money to poor people would only throw them deeper into the emotional hole they’re already in. There have been studies that people that beg for money will grow accustomed to this way of living and never make anything out of themselves.
There have been some really inspiring stories though of people that have taught others how to earn their money in a legal way which has lead to an amazing turn into the lives of these people who had no other hope before.


For instance, I recently read here about about a young guy who taught a homeless person how to code and create web applications. He even gave him a laptop for free just to restore our faith in humanity. The story from what I remember started with the boy asking the homeless person when he saw him begging for money whether he’d like to get 100$ right now, or get a thousand dollars worth of courses for free from him along with a free laptop. Although most homeless people that you have seen would probably go for the 100$ bill, this person called Leo Grand was the exception of the rule. The young coder who saw his potential’s name was Patrick and although I don’t recall of his last name, I do know that this person is someone, that all of us should take example of. He was definitely doing god’s work by our standards and there have been some other amazing examples on how a man’s life could be turned upside-down in a really short time.


I recently stumbled upon another story of a war veteran who became homeless, but after a makeover he became the face of a suit manufacturing business, as he had a great posture and after the makeover looked like a million dollars.  Although this was more of an experiment on how a makeover could change someone’s appearance, the fact is that this homeless person’s life was turned around and he’s now living a better life.


And such stories are also coming from other parts of the world as well. An article that I recently read was about a person from the United Kingdom who had taken an approach similar to the one of the programmer Patrick. He decided to give people who had lost their jobs recently the chance to become property developers or work as consultants for people who were looking to get into this industry. He did an open event where such people could attend for free and showed everyone how to be a professional property developer. This gave these people a chance to turn their lives just like the other stories I told you about. Most of the times, giving the gift of knowledge is far more precious than giving someone money.


But there are other ways to contribute to your community too. If you’ve had a big family dinner, but you’ve made too much food, go and give it to an elderly neighbour or someone who hasn’t anything to eat. Feeding the people in need is definitely something that could be considered as God’s work. The overall idea which I have in mind is that giving is great, but sometimes you do have to think of what you’re giving as some gifts are more precious than others.


What Profession Should a Christian Choose?

Woman in her graduationThere are many roles for Christians in this life. Some have the gift of prophecy and tongues, some have a gift for connecting to people, and some have the gift of hard work and dedication. The bible teaches that your body is a temple and you should look after it. But of course, there has to be someone to do the looking after. If you’re a Christian and you’re not sure which profession suits you, why not look into becoming a dentist?

-       What Is Dental Hygiene?

If you’re thinking of going into dentistry, you’re going to need a lot of information. There’s so much more to dental hygiene than you might think. It’s not just pulling teeth and adding dentures, there’s a whole range of career paths and specialisations that you can take. Getting in is tough, staying in is hard, and getting the degree the hardest part of all. And of course, there’s the question of what to do once you’ve got the piece of paper! But don’t worry, there are sites out there to help you get admitted to dental hygiene school.

-       Why Dentistry?

Dentistry is a profession that is rewarding in two senses. On the one hand, it offers you the chance to help people. You can fix their dental issues and be sure that you’re doing a good deed. You could even take this skill to developing of underdeveloped countries and work with the poorest of the poor. On the other, it is a high-status job with the payroll to back it up. As a Christian, it is important to give back to the community and be charitable. And of course, the more you earn, the more you can give back. You also want to be hardworking in your lifetime. You only get one chance, so you may as well make the best go of it that you can, and dentistry is a challenging and rewarding profession that will stimulate your mind and make your career worth doing.

-       What Do the Sites Do?

These sites go through the ins and outs of what it means to start your career path in dental hygiene. They are in depth, detailed and informative. You don’t want to sign up for something without all the information. You’ll end up either not getting in or getting in to something you didn’t sign up for. Gather all the facts to you, think about it, pray on it, and then make you mind up. If you think it’s for you, then sign up, find the right course and get the ball rolling. You never know, this could be the path God wants you to take, and toay could be the day you take that first step down the road you’re meant to walk. So get thinking, get praying, and get into dentistry.


Choosing outside toys for your kids.

BEST OUTDOOR TOYSWhen picking out outside toys for your kids that won’t go against your religious believes look for toys that do not represent idealization of fictional super heroes. This can be done by buying the basic bike with no characters or the basic scooter. Some toys are covered in stickers of fictional characters that represent good and young children are impressionable. Here are a few options to consider.

Best Bikes for Kids

There are many bikes that don’t have super hero themes. Some of those bikes can be pricey but some can be pretty affordable. Finding the right bike for your child is what is important. Every child needs a bike for physical fitness and fun. Schwinn offers some great bikes for children and adults so does Mongoose. Most toddler bikes have characters on them but if you shop at a specialty store online you can find some that are just regular painted bikes with no special characters. There are bikes that don’t have pedals for those that can’t peddle yet and there are bikes with training wheels for those that can’t support the bike yet. The options are endless. Whatever you choose make sure it’s the right bike for you and your child.

Best Scooters for Kids

Scooters come in many different styles. Some have characters, some have chalk that you can press down on at the back and make chalk lines, and some are just your basic scooters with no extra features. When picking out a scooter for your child consider their age and their ability to control the scooter. Scooters are geared around specific age groups so make sure the scooter you choose is the right one for your child. There are electric scooters and there are manual scooters, each one has a different set of features and some even have extra stuff that others do not have. Scooters can be a great alternative to a bike for a child that is afraid of learning to ride a bike. IT helps teach balance while providing a little bit of balance help. They also are a stepping stone to skateboards, which are like scooters but without the handle bar. For a Skateboards child interested in riding a skate board start with a scooter so they learn the motions of how to get the scooter moving and how to control it with their body. Once they have that down you can move onto a skateboard.

Best Skateboards for Kids

Many young boys and girls are interested in skateboards. They can be quiet fun and provide hours of exercise. Skateboards have many different designs to them and styles. Some are wholesome designs while others are not so wholesome. When choosing the right skateboard for a beginner it helps to go to a skateboard shop and speak with a professional on what your best options would be. When starting out you will have many accidents and possibly break a few boards so starting out with a more affordable board from a toy store may be your best option before you more up into the professional style boards that can cost you much more. Learn how to do the maintenance on the skateboards so you can handle wheel changes and cleaning the board for maximum usage.

These are a few of your options for outside toys that are perfect for children whether religious or not. They make for many hours of fun and exercise and can be found at many different stores in many different price ranges.

Church Outreach Websites

OUTREACHBuilding a church outreach website is very simple. When you want to reach large groups of people without having to actually go somewhere you best bet is to create a church outreach website. For this type of website you wouldn’t need web posts and writers per say, you will simply need someone to make the landing page.  You can make a css button link so that you can send related topics about the church itself to both members and non-members. Many churches are starting to offer an outreach website so that they can draw in more new parishioners and keep them up to date on current sermon series, a schedule of events, and guest speakers.

A church outreach landing page would only need to include information about the church, the address, the preachers, the number, and the schedule of services. Then under that or on the side of the page you can put a schedule of events, guest speakers, sermon series being discussed and when, and a schedule of classes that they offer.

This type of page is a basic information page that would be simple to run and cost effective. Many churches will build these elaborate sites where you can download sermons, have chat sessions with others, and link to multiple videos of the preacher in action but not all of that is necessary to draw in more dedicated Christians.

Less is sometimes more when it comes to church outreach landing pages. Yes you can create buttons to pages that offer reviews on your sermons and parishioners love for the church, but for a landing page you only need basics to draw in the attention of a true Christian. Many Christians will go to the popular church but they don’t always feel like they are being washed with God’s love. When you go to a minimal church with goals and priorities that are focused are your similar goals and priorities you will feel much better about the church you go to and the love that god is showing you.

How you feel at church is one of the best indicators on whether or not it’s the right church for you. If you go in feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or worried about the surrounding environment then it’s probably time to search for a new church. To do that simply look for some local churches landing pages and see how the page fits in with your view of what church you would like to be a member of. This can help you to determine if that church is worth visiting and seeing if it’s a right fit. Many times you won’t find the perfect fit right away, but keep trying and eventually you will find the church that suits your needs and preaches on a level that you understand. Church is a place that you should feel welcome and loved, not scared or nervous. So remember to go with your gut feelings when touring new churches. Not all people that go to church are in your best interest and not all churches are created equally.


Music in the Christian World

music and religionMusic is a big part of the Christian world and many musicians that are in church bands play musical instruments such as guitars, drums, other musical instruments that are associated with Christian music. Lots of music associated with Christians has tambourines, drums, guitars, pianos, and keyboards. Many guitarists are always looking for the best guitar to play for their church services. Not every Christian church believes in musical instruments so the use of musical instruments is decided upon by the church. Each Pastor has the choice to choose how he wants to conduct the music for worship. Some of them choose to use instruments, some use hymns, some even use DVD or video music. But others choose to use vocal worship instead of instrumental worship. With vocal worship the whole congregation sings songs about worship and praise. This makes the vocal acoustics vibrate through the church sanctuary and sounds so melodious. When you add instruments to the vocal worship music it produces a much more harmonious sound and adds rhythm to the music. Music is the universal language that everyone understands. In praise and worship it is a great way to start the service.

Resonator Guitar

One such great guitar is a resonator guitar. Resonator guitars are perfectly tuned, mesmerizing pie plate guitars, and that has 6 strings. It is an acoustic guitar that produces sound by one or more metal cones instead of a wood sound board like the original acoustic. The most notable sound they connect with is Bluegrass or Blues. This type of guitar provides a great sound for different types of music making it a unique purchase.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is similar to an electric guitar but with a longer neck and has four to six strings. The most popular bass is the four string guitar. Similar to the electric guitar the bass guitar is plugged into an amplifier. Since the 60’s the bass guitar has replaced the double bass in lots of music genres.

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar is another type of guitar that can be used in making great gospel music. With an electric guitar you are hooked up to an amplifier and use pickups to transfer the vibrations of the strings into electrical impulses. Electric guitars need amplifiers and speakers to produce a sound that is a vibration. This sound is unique and all its own.

Acoustic Guitar

An Acoustic Guitar is an instrument that only uses acoustic sound instead of electric sound. This means it transmits the vibrations into the air to produce the sound. The sound depends on the string length, mass, and tension. An acoustic guitar is not one that is hooked to an amplifier or speaker.

Guitars are a major part of music making, they create the sound that most music revolves around. The drums is the beat, but the guitar is the melody that makes the sound smooth and dramatic depending on the genre of music. With Christian music you want to sound like your praising the lord with your glorious sounds from the instruments and the words of praise from the singers.


Outsourcing your churches maintenance needs.

Churches are filled with people every Sunday morning and night and Wednesday evenings. This can provide a lot of wear and tear on the church building. Some churches are housed in older facilities that haven’t had many updates to the electrical and plumbing. Although churches receive tithes from the parishioners it doesn’t always cover the cost of these repairs and upkeep. Many churches that are large have onsite maintenance that can repair something when it goes wrong. But smaller churches rely on kindness and tithes to supplement the cost of repairs. How do you find the right repair man for the job at hand without going over budget? Sometimes it’s as simple as talking to one of your disciples. Lots of people go to church and some of them may even be able to do maintenance for you as volunteer work. But if that isn’t the case you may be able to get a discount for being a church when you call local businesses.

Another way is to look online, click here and you can get a great company to help you with your plumbing needs. Maybe you need a grounds keeper or electrician, these are all things that can be found online or in the yellow pages. Some companies offer a discount to non-profit organizations such as churches or preachers so be sure to check that out when you contact them. Lots of times with smaller churches you just don’t have the funds or volunteers to work on the maintenance so you have to do it yourself. Good ways to do this is to research how to books or websites. Some of it is self-explanatory while some of it may require a little bit more technical knowledge. Whatever the maintenance need is you’re sure to find great help if you just look hard enough. Maybe hold a fundraiser or potluck for the community so you can earn the funds you need to hire that professional needed. You can hold a car wash and raise funds. Or you can simply ask for volunteers from the parishioners. The best way to get help with your needs is to pray upon the right answer.OUTSOURCING


God will direct you in the way you need to go and provide for you the means to get there. Every now and then the government has grants to help churches and schools provide necessary maintenance to their structures and update their buildings. These are not done often and can take time but it is one way of getting the funds you may need. The least likeable option is to approach a bank or investor for a loan. This can be more trouble than it’s worth in the long run. Loans are something that has to be paid back with interest over a certain amount of time and even churches are not exempt from having to pay them back making it the least likable decision. Raising awareness in your community and doing some community outreach is probably going to be your best bet to ensure that the maintenance is done and show the community that they are helping revitalize the area.


The ‘Good’ Christian’s Wedding

CHRISTIAN WEDDINGAs a Christian you want to be Christ-like in all areas of your life. You want to be the Good Samaritan. You want to be as open as the Tax Collector or as sincere as the woman at the well. But what examples do we have of how to throw a Good Christian Wedding?

In the Old Testament many couples got married, and in the New Testament Jesus himself went to a few. Man of the older Biblical traditions have died away, for example we no longer arraign children to each other for when they are of age. However, one thing that hasn’t changed much is the Wedding Celebration. Although two thousand years ago a Wedding Celebration could last up to seven days, now we pack all of that into one amazing night.

Modern Wedding Celebrations typically occur just after the Ceremony. There’s lot of good food and drink and merriment, but one of the pivot points is, of course, that first dance. Nobody wants to get up in front of a room full of friends and family and fumble awkwardly around the dance floor for three minutes slowly going bright red and stepping on your partner’s toes.

A quick and easy way to fight that fear is to check out The great thing about lessons is that you can focus yourself on a style, say the Waltz which would be quite common. Or, you can pick out your wedding song, whatever it may be, and ask your teacher to show you the best moves to go with that song. If you’re really committed, you can learn a range of dance moves so you can party on the whole night long and impress your attendees.

You can pay per lesson and there are no contracts or stipulations. If you feel you got the hang of it after one lesson then you simply take the one. If you’re struggling, do a few more. When it comes to the wedding you should have everything perfect, and your dancing is a big part of that.

If you are the nervous type, take some lessons on your own. You don’t have to involve your partner at the early stage. Get a few practice lessons in and then invite him or her to join you. Or, if you’re a bit more outgoing and creative, invite a group along, let’s say the bridal party or the groomsmen, and figure out a group dance you can all do to start the night rolling.

When it comes to a Wedding you really can pull out all the stops. Biblically, if you don’t have an amazing night that you’ll never forget, you’re doing it wrong. This is the most important day of your life so you want to celebrate it in the same way. Getting your dance on is a big part of that celebration, so don’t let yourself down. Get some lessons and get dancing.

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