Become a Messenger of God and Explore the World at the Same Time

Christ's Commission Fellowship

As a Christian it is your duty to spread the word of God’s unfailing love and grace.  It is each and every Christian’s duty to live his or her life according to God’s wishes and to make Christians as far as they go by spreading the word so more people will get saved through redemption.  Churches have their hands full with caring for orphanages, the disabled and elderly and hardly ever have resources left to send you on a missionary trip.  You can however make your own trips possible and bring the Word to thousands of people far across the seas;

Become a member of ZynTravel

ZynTravel is a unique traveling and holiday company that will provide you with up to 85 percent of savings on 350 000 luxury hotels, give you access to over 900 world airlines so you can fly more affordably, provide you with the best rates for car rental agencies across the globe and provide you with access to hundreds of cruises at the best rates possible.  You can also gain extra travel credits by recruiting more ZynTravel affiliates so you can travel more often and tell more people about God’s amazing grace and forgiving nature.

Become a Messenger of God and Explore the World at the Same Time

How to know for sure if ZynTravelis a secure company

The company is internationally accredited and has thousands of affiliates that will ensure the company grows more and more.  To find out more about all the benefits of the membership plans, you can visit; The Best MLM Membershps – Why is ZynTravel a Popular MLM Company?  Becoming a member of ZynTravel is incredibly easy and the program gives you all the needed marketing materials to help you gain more recruits so you can save up for international trips.  The membership packages vary and have different benefits to you and different commission rates.  ZynTravel members can also take along large groups of people to various destinations so you can travel safer and spread God’s word faster.

Other ways to save for travels

Another way for you to save up for your travels is to start a fund raising program with your church.  There are several methods for you to raise funds such as jumping castles, food stalls, photo booths and contests.  A lot of churches will be more than willing to support your fund raising program if they hear of your virtuous pursuits and especially if they know that they won’t have to support your travels financially.

Traveling to spread the word of God has two major advantages;  You help save thousands of soles by teaching them of God’s power and you also get to see the vast and beautiful world with all its glorious nature sights and meet new people all over the world.  You can also take travels to disadvantaged countries and help those countries build a better future for the kids and the locals by teaching them about the Bible and showing them new and innovative techniques that will make their lives simpler and easier.

The Miracles of Christ in Restoring Eyesight

Christ's Commission Fellowship

Christ in Restoring EyesightOur eyesight is one of the most important things that we possess, as without it we cannot live our lives to the fullest. That goes for all of our senses, and not just our sense of sight. Without any of our senses, we will not be able to enjoy life for what it truly is. We will be able to live without either of our senses, but in order to live to the fullest, each and every single sense given to us by God is to be thanked for. Those without either of their senses know its value, and there have been various instances in the Bible itself where Jesus Himself healed the sick and restored the sense of sight to those who did not have it, all of whom were grateful to Him for it.

Christ’s miracles

Our savior used different methods in 4 different incidences in order to restore sight. The 4 miracles that involved the blind describe a different method that He used in order to cure them, and these methods vary depending on the condition of the individual. The one thing that was kept constant was the fact that He healed them through touch.

In Mark 10:46-52, in order to heal Bartimaeus and 2 other men, Jesus simply touched their eyes. In another incident that was described in Mark 8:22-26, He spat on the eyes of the blind man and then put His hands over the blind man’s eyes. However, the man’s blindness does not heal completely, and so, Christ laid His hands on the man’s eyes again, which finally restored the man’s eyesight completely. The incident described in John 9:1-41 is different yet again, as Christ first spat on the ground in order to make clay, which He then put on the eyes of the man and told him to wash off in the Siloam pool.

John 6:28-29, on the other hand, talks about how Jesus healed the people and fed them so that they would believe in the miracles and the blessings of God. All of these incidences show how Jesus made miracles happen and how He restored people of their eyesight. This, in turn, goes to show just how blessed many of us are to be able to have a good vision, and just how we should be thanking God all the time for it.

Healing in the modern world

Unfortunately, the modern world does not have the answer for many of the illnesses that people suffer from, but it does, however, have solutions for many others, all of which are accessible. For those living in Austin, visit an Austin optometrist regularly to ensure that your vision is okay. That said, never forget that healing and prayers go hand in hand, and that believing and praying can also go a long way in healing you when you’re ill or suffering from something that cannot be easily cured. Always have faith that God has a plan for you and never lose hope.

For more information on Christ’s miracles, read

Helping People in an Honest Way

Christ's Commission Fellowship

Nowadays, it has become extremely easy to scam people, which has become a rather great problem in several online communities out there. With the anonymity that the internet provides the people, it has become exceedingly difficult to know when one is lying and when one is being genuine. However, even in this sea of deceit and mistrust, there still exist many people that are honest and genuinely want to help those in need. If you love your Lord and Savior, then you should be among the population that want to genuinely help others in any way possible, no matter how small.

Ways in which one can help others

Deceit usually follows in cases related to money, which is why you need to be careful about who to place your trust upon. That stated, if you’re a good Christian and genuinely enjoy helping others, then help them in the matters of finance which can be rather delicate.

If you have any knowledge at all about matters related to financial planning, for example, help that friend out who has been wrongly spending his/her money and engaging in ungodly activities. Show them the right path and help them become better people by helping them manage their finances and by encouraging them to quit their bad deeds and to choose the path of love and the path of God instead. Since a person’s finances may be a slippery slope for them, help them come up with a plan that will ensure that they will not be tempted to spend their hard earned money on wrong things again.

Helping People in an Honest Way

Another way in which you can help others is by helping them with their mortgages. No one is asking you to pay for another person’s mortgages, but what you can do, however, is to help them find a good and trust worthy mortgage broker Melbourne, and to help them negotiate an appropriate term to pay off their mortgage loans.

Although the financial institute or bank would rather prefer it if the mortgage owner agrees to the lengthiest term possible, it is up to you to try and decrease the terms of the loan down to as much as you can. That is because the bank will profit from you having a lengthier term, as you will continue to pay them interest, which is profitable for them, while agreeing to a short period of time for a loan term will not bring them much profit.

If you want to know more about mortgages, then read to learn everything there is to know about mortages and more.

These are just 2 of the various different examples out there of how you can be of some use to your friends or neighbors that might need help. If you can help a person out in any way, no matter how small, do not hesitate. Help others out in as honest a way as you possibly can, and you won’t even realise it, but you’ll end up helping yourself on a spiritual level.

How to capitalise on your mom skills by starting up your own blog or website

In this day and age, more and more people are starting their own blog and websites. Some people use them for personal reasons while others use them to help others, while certain people use them as a revenue source. If you are interested in starting your own site for any of these reasons, don’t worry about it being a difficult process of getting started, it has never been easier.

Across the world, children have been able to set up and create their own smart and creative websites; this is how simple the system has become.

As a mother, you will face many challenges on a daily basis that are experienced by millions of other mothers all across the world. You can share your problems with these mothers at the same time as talking about what strategies and methods you have found to be effective and not so effective when it comes to raising your children or looking after your household as a whole.

It is a great way to relax and let off steam if you wish to use your site as a type of journal. Some mothers make extremely good income from running their own websites and you can do the same if you desire to do so.

Here is some advice that will help you in the beginning when starting out a blog or website.

How to capitalise on your mom skills by starting up your own blog or website

Make sure that you use a reputable and consumer friendly hosting company

The first port of call when it comes to setting up a site is to choose a website hosting company. These people will provide you with the platform whereby you set up your site. In the past, you would need to have extensive programming experience in order to set up a website. Otherwise, you would have to employ the services of a programmer who would charge you an arm and a leg for a website.

If you use a great web hosting company, you will have access to a website builder that is simply drag and click. This allows you to quickly design your site in an effective and original manner. Check out this great Wix review, as they are one of the leaders in the industry of web hosting.

Don’t forget about your marketing strategy

While certain mothers will not be worried about getting many viewers to their site, if you are looking to help as many people as possible or you are looking to maximise your income from the website, you need to focus on spreading your message and maximising your exposure.

It does not have to be complicated. In the beginning, you can share the website through your social media channels with your friends, family and colleagues to first get your name out there. As you get more comfortable with the process, you can start to utilise more large scale methods of gaining exposure, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and paid ads.

Traps to avoid when you are looking for a payday loan during an emergency

Many payday loan lenders have received bad press over the years, with a lot of it being justified.

When you take out a payday loan, it is a short term commitment whereby you need cash due to the occurrence of an emergency or an unexpected event that has happened in your life. This could mean that you need to make an unexpected expenditure in order to resolve or ease the problem.

While this can be a useful form of financing an unexpected expenditure, it is not without its risks. There have always been lenders in the industry that are malicious and deceiving. They will often lend you money at outrageous interest rates and include all kinds of hidden fees and charges. They fee don the lowest of the low.

Often, the people who take out these loans will be in a much worse situation than when they were initially. This is not to say that all payday loan lenders are sneaky and malicious. For the most part, you will deal with reputable and helpful businesses that stay well within the rules and regulations that have been laid out for them by the local body, such as the folks at MoneyProTips.

If you are planning on taking out a payday loan, you need to conduct comprehensive research on every aspect of it. Here are some common traps and pitfalls that you need to avoid, as well as some advice to help you through the process.

Traps to avoid when you are looking for a payday loan during an emergency

Don’t be afraid to ask the lenders for a helping hand

While many lenders give off the impressions of being very hardnosed and unfriendly, the opposite can be the case for a lot of the more reputable lenders. There is often some leeway in terms of negotiating better terms or better length of repayment.

There is no harm in asking for a reduction in the interest rate or a change in the term length of the loan. This will slightly ease your financial situation and allow you to plan and cope a bit better with the whole process. You can even go straight to the people you needs the money for in the first place and arrange alternative arrangements. In some instances, the late fee for not paying the bill is less than the amount of interest you would have to pay on a payday loan.

Always shop around

Just like with anything, such as buying a car, you need to do your research and shop around for a competent and reputable payday loan lender. Some lenders may advertise their rates, while some may not. Don’t be fooled by flashy advertisements, you need to get down into the nit and gritty of the details.

Make sure that you exhaust all of your options before you settle on dealing with a payday loan lender. In some instances, you may be better off simply paying with your credit card and paying that off at the end of the month when you have a bit more cash flow.

Keep Your Family Safe with These Simple Steps

Once a criminal sets foot inside your home, it is often already too late to protect yourself and your family. These burglars are often armed and dangerous and the only way many people survive is by co-operating and giving them everything they require.   Very few people have the physical strength to ward off offenders and even fewer have the required weapons near them to defend themselves when they are suddenly caught unaware. Your home’s safety should start well before anyone steps inside your home. Safety is more than just security installments. It is a way of life. There are a few steps you can take to improve your family’s chances of preventing a robbery.

Keep Your Family Safe with These Simple Steps

Change the locks on your home

Kole locksmith in Indy is a fantastic locksmithing company that can change all the old locks in your home with newer and sturdier locks to ensure your family is kept safe. It is wise to replace old locks because some older locks can be opened with simple tools. Ensure you have master keys for the entire family and keep your duplicate keys where someone can’t steal them. You could also replace all your homes locks with electronic locks or key pads for easy and secure access to your home to family members only and to eliminate the risk of lost keys.

Get an alarm system

If you decide on an alarm system, you will need to enlist with a security company. Alarm systems are fruitless unless there are emergency teams that can respond to your emergency. Your home’s alarm could sound for hours and no neighbors will respond due to fear for their own lives.

Make lists of emergency numbers

Save emergency numbers for locksmiths, fire departments, police offices, security companies, ambulances and doctors on everyone in the families’ phones. You should also make printouts and stick them up in rooms so they will be accessible in case of emergency.

Practice being aware

Teach yourself and your family to be aware of the warning signs of robberies. Look out for strange vehicles parked near your house or vehicles that drive by slowly constantly. Look out for strange people that might be walking by or who seem to show an interest in your home. There are a lot of warning signs your family should be aware of and it is important to tell everyone to report strange behaviors, even if it seems like nothing to them.

Practice emergency drills

You and your family should have a plan of action, in case someone enters your home or is attempting to enter your home. Get the entire family to practice emergency drills so they would not panic if something happens. Teach your kids how to get out of the house or where to hide.   Get a code word and inform everyone of danger by saying something simple. Teach everyone how to get help and how to react if someone gets injured.

The necessary safety precautions are necessary to keep your valuables from getting stolen and to keep you and your family safe.

How to Hear the Voice of God

We have always wished that we will hear the voice of God whenever we are going through something bleak and problematic. As much as possible, we would like to feel that we are being blessed even when we are sad and depressed.

Often times, we assume that the voice of God will sound like the voices created by Male voice over talent online wherein God will have a booming voice that will force you to listen at all times but there are instances when the voice of God will be as soft and whispery as the whispers that you have heard from your friends when you were young. You may also hear it from the kind words of an old mentor or a colleague. The voice of God can be everywhere but you have to make sure that you will become aware of it.

How to Hear the Voice of God

If you would like to hear the voice of God then you may have to do something to achieve that goal. You cannot expect that you will suddenly hear it out of nowhere. You have to make time for it. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Start reading the bible

The parts of the bible that you would choose to read will highly depend on you. There are some who merely choose scriptures that they think will work best for the things that they are going through. Some would attempt to read the bible from start to finish. By reading scriptures and not taking everything literally, you will hear the voice of God as it tells you the things that you should do.

  1. Have Confession

Do you have some sins that you want to confess to God but you are afraid that he might not listen? You have to remember that God is always listening and he is always eager to make sure that you will be willing to confess your sins and start anew. By going to confession, you are able to let out what has been troubling you and at the same time, you will also get a word of advice from the priest.

  1. Words of Wisdom

This has already been mentioned earlier but sometimes, the things that we are rearing to hear can be mentioned to us by people we did not expect to hear it from. Most of the time, we are just deaf to the opinions of other people that we fail to truly appreciate the things that people are saying about us. You can get to know more words of wisdom from here.

You have to remember that hearing the word of God can be something that will happen when you least expect it to happen but you have to believe that it will happen for it to manifest. Remember that to believe is to see. You will start looking at the world in a different light once you begin to realize what God is trying to let you know. Have faith and you will get what you need.

How to make sure that your new dog becomes a great companion

When you get a new dog, you want to start out on the right foot and have a companion that will be loving and provide a great sense of security to you. When you first get a new dog or pup, you need to begin the training process as soon as possible. The dog may have already picked up bad habits in the short time that they have been alive and they will not be comfortable will a new environment in the beginning.

You need to do everything in your power in order to increase the effectiveness of your training. If you succeed, you will be able to travel, live and spend time with your dog in a much more relaxed and stress free manner. Here is some advice that will help you turn your new dog into a loving companion.

How to make sure that your new dog becomes a great companion

Use a remote dog training collar

When a dog is in a new environment, it won’t know what they proper way to behave is. It may accidentally cause you a lot of trouble in terms of damage to your home and possessions, as well as time and energy.

By using a quality remote dog training collar such as the one found here, you will be able to train the dog as to which things they are and are not allowed to do. Anytime they do something that they are not supposed to such as jump on the furniture nor do their business indoors, you should administer a small safe shock using the collar. This will reinforce to it that this activity is bad and should be avoided.

On the flip side, in order to further streamline the process, you should reward your dog when it does something that they are supposed to do such as go to the toilet outside or not jump on the furniture.

Be very generous and affectionate

In order to develop your new dog into a loving companion, you have to make it feel loved and wanted. This is doubly true for dogs that have been rescued from the pound, as they often short on self confidence and trust. Don’t be overly negative and simply criticise the whole time and not show your appreciation when they do something good. Make sure that you show your dog plenty of love and affection so that they feel great.

Provide them with freedom

You don’t want to be chained to your dog all day, every day. The dog also needs a bit of freedom and have their own space where they can rest and relax. This alone time is also beneficial for the dog as they can become more independent and become more comfortable in themselves. Many people make the mistake of over babying their dogs, resulting in them becoming too dependent on their owners.

This means that when you have to spend some time away from your dog, whether it is due to you going on holidays or having to go on a business trip, they won’t want to be left with a stranger and will cause a lot of problems.

Acts of Kindness

There are various ways in which you can help someone, and you might be surprised at the effect a small act of kindness can have on someone else. The help doesn’t need to be financial; it can be emotional, or even a kind gesture can make a huge difference. You never know what the other person you meet on the street is going through, a simple smile can make their day, or if you want to be really useful, why not help out your neighbor with his lawn? Not only will your bond strengthen, but such acts of kindness are also looked well upon in the eyes of God.

Acts of Kindness

Helping others

One way in which you can help someone is by doing a chore for them, for instance. If you know that a friend of yours is neck deep in work and needs help, offer it to them. Help them out in whichever way possible and don’t expect anything back. You will be surprised at how good a selfless act will make you feel.

Another example would be feeding or clothing the homeless. You don’t even need to find a charity in order to help out a person in need. No matter where you live, there will always be someone less fortunate and in dire need somewhere around you. Buy a warm meal for a homeless person or give clean clothes that are still in good condition for them to wear.

Remember, God is always watching you, and you will be justly rewarded for your good deeds sooner or later. Be as selfless as you possibly can and try and help others out as much as possible. You will feel at peace, and doing good deeds will make you feel better about yourself. But most of all, it will make Him happy.

Even if you don’t have a homeless shelter nearby or live in an affluent area where there are no needy people, you can always do a kind deed by helping out your neighbor, for instance. If someone moves into your neighborhood, try and be friendly and get to know them. If needed, help them move in and help them rearrange their furniture or unpack their things. Do anything that you can to make them feel more comfortable. They will thank you for it, and God will definitely reward you for this act.

Also, if your neighbor is moving out of their home, for example, help them out by contacting a good moving company that can help box and transport their possessions. An example of a moving company that will be able to handle all the stresses of the boxing and transporting of the items is The Box Zone, as they will ensure that all the items reach the desired location in good condition and on time.

These are just some of the hundreds of different examples you will find of doing an act of kindness, and if you want to know more about what to do in order to be a good neighbor, read

How to Become a God Fearing Woman

At this point in time, do you think that you are a woman who would need to change up a bit? There is a chance that you are far more focused about the things that you had to do in life that you have already forgotten how to live.

If you feel like you already have everything that you need but something still seems to be missing from your life, this may be because you lack God’s grace in your life. Do you think that at this point in time, you can change to be a God fearing woman? You have to remember that it will not be as simple as choosing an economical electric toothbrush. There are always a lot of things that you have to consider and remember before you can actually be good enough.

How to Become a God Fearing Woman

Here are some of the things that you can do so that you can become a God fearing woman:

  1. Remember to become kind.

You have to make sure that you will be able to love yourself and also other people complete with kindness. This means that you have to be faithful in the dealings that you have to do. If you also would have to speak your mind, make sure that you will only speak with kindness because speaking ill of other people is not really something that a God fearing woman is expected to do.

  1. Let your inner beauty shine through.

There is a big chance that you have always been conscious of your personal appearance. You have always wanted to look good in order to amaze other people around you but do you think that this should be your main goal? What you should do is focus on the things that you can focus on the inside. Pay attention to your inner beauty and see your physical beauty soar more than before.

  1. Stay away from pride and selfishness.

There are certain reasons why people become unhappy with their lives. One is pride because when people have too much pride, they do not ask for help and they do not learn to seek for forgiveness. This means that they do not get anything out of it. Another reason for problems is people’s selfishness. If you would continually be selfish and just think of yourself, you will not be putting God first.

  1. Remember to not have any other gods aside from God himself.

There may be other things, people and maybe other gods who seem to be too good to be true. Remember that God should always be placed at the center of things and having another God may not be that good for you and your life.

  1. Have faith.

It has always been said that to see is to believe and this is what you should do with God. You have to make sure that you will stay faithful with the things that you have to do. This will help you achieve far greater things in life.

With all of these things in mind, you can be sure that this is something that you will be able to do with hard work and perseverance.

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