3 Ways to Invest in God Without Church

moneyedup this extensive listThe bible states that we should donate a portion of our income to the church in a form of tidings. But not every Christian feels the need to go to church. Many believers prefer to enjoy private, at-home devotions alone or surrounded by friends and family. How can you still pay your dues without actually going to church? The answer is easier than you might think. Here are three ways to invest in god without the hefty overhead.

Sponsor a Mission Trip

Maybe you dream of being able to spread the word of God to underdeveloped countries but you just can’t get the time off work or afford to cover the hefty travel and lodging expenses. Fear not, there is a better option for you. By sponsoring a mission trip through any local organization or church you are aiding in allowing one person or a group of people to do the work of God. Your money is going directly to a greater cause.

When you sponsor a mission trip you are investing in the future of religion and those ambassadors who will be spreading the good word. Missionaries choose to go to countries where the basic necessities such as clean drinking water and a sturdy shelter are hard to come by. These individuals need money to fund purchasing food in the area, equipment, toiletries and other basic necessities to survive and complete their work.

Join a Meditation Retreat

If money is tight then maybe you need to invest in yourself. Meditation retreats are popping up everywhere. You can check out this extensive list at CNN.com to find some of the most popular options. During a spiritual meditation retreat you are encouraged to expel negativity and unhealthy habits from your life. There is often structured dietary plans and activities that you take part in. The experience is designed to help clear your mind of clutter and external poisons and bring your focus back to God.

A meditation retreat is typically completed in silence as well with the exception of devotional times. This allows your body to fully rest and your mind to contemplate and build on your relationship with God and your spirituality. Individuals who embark on meditation retreats report back that it was an uplifting and life changing experience that brought them closer to their savior.

Support a Cause

It probably seems like every time you go to a store you are hit up for a donation to some charity. It’s impossible to not feel like you should donate to every cause that touches your heart. If you want to invest in God without the church then select a specific charity which you are most passionate about. A popular option for Christians is charities that help the homeless. You can invest your money to help them build shelters and grow their outreach efforts or you can invest your time helping to prepare meals or council those who are living on the streets.

Additionally, you could choose to support a cause that distribute bibles to wounded soldiers, helps single mothers or is geared towards bringing children closer to god.

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