5 Places on Earth You Feel Closer to God

Having the right connection with God is simply essential nowadays. People are used to busy lives where they do not have time for their families, let alone time for God. Although some people do not place a lot of time on their agenda for God, it is extremely necessary, especially for us to keep balanced out and in tune with our true selves. If you would like to change your life and dedicate more time for Him, then make sure you visit the places below, you will feel such peace and calm that will definitely change your life forever.

Moulin de Chaves – France

Moulin the Chaves is a beautiful meditation like place for those who would like to stay in tune with God. The area is beautiful, calm and has all kinds of plants and natural wild life. People that visit the area certainly never forget the beauty and love that exhales from every corner. This is a truly amazing place to connect to God.

Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

Fernando de Noronha stays in the Northeast part of Brazil. It is a natural island that has beautiful plants, animals and other resources. It is possible to stay days on end, and never want to go back home. The place has such amazing vibrations that it becomes an excellent place for you to connect with God and spend some nice time with Him. You will have everything by your side in order for you to make the best out of the experience.

Glacier Point – USA

Glacier Point is indeed one of the most amazing places to meditate. The area is beautiful, calm and has everything to connect with God. The natural area is the perfect scenery to meet God. You will have time to meditate and to find yourself within yourself. You will have the opportunity to spend some ours with yourself and Him. The area is amazing and provides such calm and beauty that it is even touching.

Banff National Park – Alberta, Canada

Those who have the opportunity to come to this true paradise will definitely never forget such wonderful experience. This area is filled with trees, lakes and amazing mountains that are frozen on top. As one of the most beautiful places in Canada, this calm area has everything to please. If you would like to spend time with yourself and God make sure you give this incredible place a try. You will definitely go back when possible!


Puerto Iguazu – Argentina

Puerto Iguazu is a beautiful place that is in Argentina, a South American country that has everything to impress, especially when it comes to impress those who would like to stay connected with God. This area receives hundreds of people from all over the world every single year. The incredibly beautiful waterfalls, the trees, the wild life, everything is there to bring peace and calm for those who decide to visit. If you would like to spend amazing hours beside God then make sure you visit this amazing area.

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