5 things that the Church frowns upon, but what can we do?

Catholic-Church PhotoIn the world that we live in, there are many rules, beliefs, traditions, customs and religious guidance that we don’t particularly adhere to. We all want and try to be proper Christians, Protestants, Catholics, Mormons and so on, according to our religious belief, but when it comes to every day life, how easy is it to implement the things that the Church advocates and what are the things that simply cannot be done? Going to Church every Friday is compulsory and strict enough, but what about ‘sinful’ actions like gluttony, or having relationships without marriage, even worse, kids out of the wedlock, or what about stealing? Does stealing someone else’s idea to your own benefit count as a sin? Let’s look at the 5 common things that the Church would frown upon, but then again, we have to live our lives somehow, right?


While gluttony refers to the process of over-eating and usually associated hedonistic behavior, there are times when we perform that ‘sin’ without even realizing it. Think about Thanksgiving dinners, what about Christmas celebrations, and Birthday parties? We usually buy, cook and prepare food that could feed a small country, just for our families to eat during that day in the year when we celebrate one thing or another. When the tables are filled with roasted turkeys, salads, side dishes, desserts, pies, cookies, drinks, fruits and more, what do you call that? If that is not gluttony, then what is? And do we have to feel bad when we eat our Christmas dinner to celebrate that wonderful holiday?


Most religions advocate the importance of marriage, you have to meet the person you fall in love with, marry them, have many children, who will be taught to do the same. But the modern man doesn’t want to marry, or have children in their teens or even 20’s. The majority of the population is aging, whereas there are so few babies born, that it has created a demographic problem. If you would to improve these alarming statistics, you can try this out. We also have other issues, like people living together, in so-called ‘civil unions’, for several years, to see whether they are a good fit. Instead of increasing the divorce rates, which are already high in the country, people are finding new ways to meet each other, live together, find out what each other is really like, and then may be get married. Most of the younger population now treats marriage as a binding legal document, more than anything, they would rather concentrate on more pleasant parts of their union, like romance, love and intimacy, with websites showing people how to last longer in bed it is now easy to find ways to feel closer to your partner.


The Church says that we should not lie, but that is such a general term. People lie all the time, think about actors on TV, in fact, anyone in the Mass Media – they tell you the news, but are they telling the truth, or lying? What about those of us who work in the Sales and Marketing? Often enough we find ourselves making creative descriptions in order to boost sales that have nothing to do with reality. And how about the simplest of all – when someone asks you how you are doing, do you always tell them the truth? Of course no, so if everyone in the world just stopped lying, it is not certain that the world would miraculously become a better place.


Another very general guideline is about stealing. If it means stealing material possessions of others, it is reasonable, but it is such a general term that it can be applied in a number of ways. For example when we do research on the Internet, and we read something and then use it in our every day life, we don’t always remember to quote the source of that idea or innovation, is that considered stealing? Will we be punished in the afterlife for this, or is this ok?

Interfaith marriage

A question that has raised a lot of frowns is the provoking interfaith marriage, when people of different religions marry each other. First, people are supposed to marry, but then, the Church doesn’t let them marry the person they fall in love with, who may be their soulmate, but of another religion. In the modern society where a man has so much freedom of choice and endless possibilities to actually search the whole world to find their other half, such a strict moral is not something that sets you free, it is something that weighs you down and restricts you.

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