A Nature Excursion for the Soul

As technology becomes more ingrained in our daily activities, it can be wise to take a vacation from your devices in order to reconnect with your spiritual self.  Whether you are looking for an afternoon away with the family, or a solo excursion for a weekend, taking the time to feed your soul can help you continue on your path to greatness.

If you are looking for a way to disconnect from your tech, consider the following points for planning your trips.

Solo or Group

Deciding whether your small spiritual journey will be a solo one or a team effort can alter which sort of activities or locations may be wise.  For example, if you are considering a solo journey, it may be advisable to remain in an area where you can use your technology in an emergency, but keep it turned off otherwise.  Traveling alone in remote areas can be risky, so staying within cellphone range may provide a safety net in case assistance is needed.

If you are considering a group trip, going outside the range of the nearest cellphone tower may not be as much of a concern, especially if you and your group are prepared for small emergencies.  This sort of trip can be empowering as well as good for team building, as you must rely on your wits, your faith, and each other should a problem arise, but it carries less risk than taking the journey alone.

A Nature Excursion for the Soul

Choosing the Activity

We are all recharged by different things.  Some people find time spent in the woods invigorating, while others prefer to be surrounded by water.  The specific location may be less important than the feel of the environment around you, meaning that even if your preferred trail is inaccessible, or a local beach is overcrowded, you may be able to find a similar location that allows you to participate in the activity in the kind of environment to which you are most attracted.

In some cases, you can experience a bit of multiple environments and activities if you plan properly.  For example, you may find some inflatable kayak reviews that allow you to find kayak options that are easy to transport while hiking that will also provide the level of durability you are looking for during a river trip.

In cases where water activities will be involved, make sure a secure any electronics that may be kept for safety purposes in a waterproof bag, or leave them safely on land.  As mentioned before, it is best to make sure you have the option of contacting help if you are heading out on your own.  However, it is important to not let temptation pull you into checking your device during your recharge trip.  The point is to disconnect from the digital world in order to experience with spiritual rejuvenation of the real world.

Pause to be Thankful

Regardless of the activity you choose, or who you choose to share it with, make sure part of your journey involves a moment to be thankful for what you have been blessed with in your life.  This can be a moment of silent prayer, a group discussion with open sharing, or a moment to peacefully record your thoughts in a journal.  The important part is to use the moment to reconnect with the things that matter most in your life so that you can recharge your personal spiritual energy so that you can move confidently forward in your life.

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