Anger and the Believer

Thinking that Christ-followers are not allowed to get angry, or shouldn’t get angry is a fallacy. If we are what the Bible tells us, created in God’s image, then it is natural to see anger as part of our God given design. After all, there are plenty of instances throughout Scripture in which the Almighty gets angry.

The real problem is what we choose to do with that anger. If you succumb to the “natural man” aspect of your humanity it is quite possible that you will pursue vengeful and vindictive behavior. Perhaps you will contact David in order to purchase a new drone so that you can spy on your enemies, or drop little unwelcome presents in their general vicinity. Obviously, this would not bode well for anyone claiming to adhere to a Christ-like life.

So what constitutes a moment in which it is ok to be angry as a Christian? This is a valid question and one that should be carefully considered.

Anger and the Believer

When is it ok to be Angry?

Surely you have come across the verse that tells us to be angry but do not sin (Ephesians 4:26). Keep in mind that the verse permits the emotions associated with anger. What it does not do, is allow for unbiblical behaviors that might tempt you in the midst of those emotions. So when is it ok to be angry (so long as you don’t sin)? Read more.

We think that when you are trying to live a life that is modeled after the King of the Universe you should seek your answers from His Word. That means trying to unite your life and its choices with those things that are representative of His heart. If you want to ensure that you are only exhibiting righteous anger, then it is a good idea to understand what makes a righteous God angry. Here are two things we discovered:

  • Idolatry- If you have the Scriptural fortitude and ambition to begin researching the concept of anger as mentioned in the Bible, you will begin that quest understanding that the thing that makes God repeatedly angry is idolatry. He is not interested in sharing His children with any other thing that will take their focus and devotion away from Him. We were created in His image to serve and worship Him. When we allow other things to invade our time and lives, then we stir up His anger. This is because He knows that nothing else is as good for us as He is. Idolatry will bring us harm and as a loving Father, He does not want His children hurt by their separation from Him. Learn more.
  • Neglect– God gets angry when we neglect Him. Imagine how you feel when someone who claims to love you stops spending time with you. These are moments that can bring about legitimate anger. While people may not have chosen to place one specific thing in the throne He deserves, they are still choosing to ignore His existence and disrespect His commands. This makes Him angry. Those who choose to neglect God are destined for that wrath. Read these verses.

These two instances are the most common causes of God’s anger. What we need to see to answer the question previously mentioned, is that it is ok to get angry when you have been neglected or when something or someone else has been made more important. However, be careful what you choose to do because of it. Drones are certainly not necessary.

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