“Show me your smile, let it dance for a while.” – Joe Wise

HEALTHYou might remember Joe Wise.  Then again, you might not.  He was a popular children’s songwriter in the 70’s and Show Me Your Smile was one of his biggest hits.  Well, that and “The Peanut Butter and Jelly Song.”  Can’t go wrong with a song for kids about their favorite food that’s for sure!  Anyway, the songs were all positive and he was definitely tuned into how to speak to kids on their level.  Through a Christian lifestyle he wanted to share his gift of creating and singing fun songs with kids of all religious beliefs from all over.

Show me your smile is something to ask someone who has a frown or is down at the moment.  A simple smile can brighten anyone’s day.  Don’t even have to ask if you don’t want to.  Cool thing is, no words are needed.  Just sincerity from within.  Show them your smile. The power of a smile is highly underestimated.  It can bring happiness and many reactions, mostly a smile in return.  It can make one smile and feel welcome, it can make someone’s day a little brighter, it can bring out a blush in someone’s cheeks, and it can just make someone basically feel good in just a second or two.  That’s all it takes.

Next time you’re out and about, don’t watch the ground and your feet as you walk, hold your head high and see people as they pass by and show them your smile.  When you do, chances are that you might get one back in return which will only make yours shine brighter and give you a good feeling on the inside.

Now, a recommendation would be that when you start your day you are using the best electric toothbrush on your teeth to make your smile attractive and keep your teeth healthy.  If you’re not sure if you’re using the best one visit http://www.gethealthyteeth.com/ and check out their reviews.

Once your teeth have had their cleaning in the morning it’s time to go out and start your day.  Say you go to work and your boss isn’t having the best day and that he’s not in the best of moods as he drops a stack of files on your desk.  Turn it around by taking the files and as he looks at you when you do, show him your smile.  Give him a smile as he might have one of his own that you just brought out of him.  It’s a good feeling and maybe you gave him a moment to take pause and forget his mood for a minute.  It didn’t take any awkward words, or uncomfortable moments.  All it took was a simple smile. Check out this water flosser as an alternative idea for that perfect smile.

Stay positive and keep smiling even when the cards are down and not in your favor.  It releases a positive effect on you physically and mentally too.  Physically, as it makes you smile and show off a good appearance.  Mentally, as it just makes you feel good even when a smile is not returned as you know you’ve put it out there anyway.  So show me your smile and let it dance for a while.

Trampoline jumping is in!  So jump as high as you can and reach out and touch His love.

trampolineAnything is possible with God.  The next time you want to meditate and pray to Him why not do it through spending time with your family on a huge trampoline in your backyard just trying to jump up and get closer and closer as you reach as high as you can.  With His love inside of you, you can fly.  Clear your mind and have family fun and reach out physically and experience what it’s like to be a few feet closer to Him.  You reach out to him mentally and spiritually every day and evening.  See what it’s like to do it differently for once.  If even for a moment to jump up towards the sky as high as you can and elevate yourself into feeling a little closer.  It’s not just you either, you’re with your family.  Feel uplifted and closer to heaven by jumping as high as you can and reaching up into the sky and a moment, fly.

Spending time with your family is always special.  Times like these can be turned into times remembered.  Feel like you can be brought a little closer and enjoy that feeling to the fullest.  Trampoline jumping is a physical activity you can do with friends and family and a way to spend time having fun together.  While you’re in the air, enjoy clarity and freedom.  Breathe in the air as you aim higher and higher towards the sky.  Bring a sense of wanting to be able to reach out and touch Him because with every jump you are, at least to you.  Feel the fun and the peace.  Not every single moment you spend in prayer has to be silent and serious.  Do you think that Jesus never laughed?  That He never played or had fun with his family?  You know that He had his moments.  Can you just imagine how lyrical His laughter is?  Let Him hear yours.

Get everyone outside one day and on the trampoline for the family time you spend together sometime and see who can jump the highest and reach the highest.  Clear your mind and think thoughts of family, love, and fun.  God is watching and taking pleasure in your enjoyment and your bonding experience and more than likely is smiling down at you as well.  He does smile you know.  Especially watching His children jump into the sky wishing they could reach out and touch Him brings a smile.  Seeing everyone in the family taking a break from their daily grind of school, work, sports and more; coming together to have fun in this world which seems to try to be all doom and gloom at times.  When we cry, He cries with us. When He sees us laugh, He laughs too.  So jump for joy and jump towards the sky and laugh and smile and put away the bad for a while.  You can fly for now.

If it wasn’t “one nation under God,” then who else would you want it to be under? 

ONE NATIONWould it have to be changed to “one nation under Congress” or “one nation under the President of the United States?” to reinstate the Pledge of Allegiance before class each school day?  It used to be said in what was a correct way being that we are one nation under God as that is how we were founded.  If we have to spend every morning before school saying the Pledge of Allegiance the way it was in the past when it was allowed and part of the pledge to say that we are a nation under God, well, who else does one want to be under?

It was powerful to speak the pledge the way it was meant to be spoken.  It showed strength, pride, and belief in ourselves and our country that we had God looking out after us.  It was how our country was founded.  This debate has been going on for so long.  It was much simpler to just say it.  You can appreciate that everyone is entitled to worship who they want and believe in whatever it is they choose to believe in, but coming together each morning and acknowledging one of the core beliefs this country was founded under brought a sense of unity.

Is it a bad thing to not believe in God and to say that you live in a nation that was said to be built under His grace?  It’s part of what made you an American.  Well, this is your nation and by the grace of God is how it was founded.  Understand that America has always been about having been founded under God from the very beginning as that is the belief that bound us together. It’s carved in our history.  No matter what, it happened even if you skip over those parts in history class.

Our money even reflects America’s stand as a nation founded under God by saying ‘In God We Trust’ upon our currency.  If you choose not to believe that is up to you, but you can’t erase from the past history of this country the way in which it was founded.  There was no complaining about it then.  It was part of being an American.  Get on your computers and research it.  NO technology can refute the past. Not even top of the line NTP Server Windows or mega databases full of information will tell you anything different.  What’s written is written.  It’s called history.

It’s just those who remember standing and reciting it with their fellow classmates can tell you it was the one part of the day when we all came together as one.  After the pledge we all did our own thing and went our own separate ways.  Be it with God or not, we had that one moment where we stood for our country under something greater than ourselves.  So say it or don’t say it, but don’t dismiss God as a strong base of where this country came together from and the bond we had when we did form this great nation.  For, or against, it’s part of our American history.

Welcome to the world of late night blender infomercials and be amazed at eating green!

ECOFRIENDLYThe commercials make anything you put in a blender look delicious and plus keeping it green and eco-friendly as you are taking healthy food from the Earth, which we are trying to protect, and use it to make organic healthy meals, protein shakes, and smoothies.  By doing so, you’re taking care of the best environment there is to take care of; starting with the inside and working your way out.  That’s yourself.  You’re your own best environment.

Those late night commercials for finding the best blender to use are certainly addictive.  Take a peek at http://www.blenderjudge.com and get a look at the options out there.  In those commercials they show you that if you’re into staying healthy and working a clean, green environment into your eating regimen by using fresh foods and organics, you’re on the right track.

They get you when they show you the pure, unadulterated power of these blender machines.  One such even takes a chunk of solid cement and while you’re hypnotized by the commercial, you’re saying to yourself “I have got to see this!” or “No!  Don’t do it, you’ll ruin your super cool ‘Enviro-Blender Euro 3000 Blender Buddy Masher Deluxe’ if you do that!” as they drop it in and turn it on.  In seconds it’s decimated into dust by the blades of the blender and you’re amazed and they’ve got your attention.  Not even a scratch on the blades.

Next is the fun part.  They show you it still works by making a smoothie with fresh ingredients you’d never think of mixing together.  For instance they take spinach, yogurt, yellow dandelion tops, blueberries, ice, peanut butter, seaweed and other ingredients nature never really intended to mix together and turn the blender on and in a few seconds they have produced a green smoothie.  You’re watching and are thinking that that mixture has got to be disgusting.  They go to drink it while you watch with your face scrunched up in an “ewww” expression and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the best drink they’ve ever had!  They say it’s nutritious and ever so delicious, and then keep on making lots of smoothies and drink meals, even soups.  Admit it, you’re sold.

They even get you wanting to start growing your own foods for these blender meals you can make.  If you get into that, start with a small herb garden you can grow inside or outside and add your own fresh basil or thyme to your creations.  They get you wanting to use organic foods so you can contribute to an eco-friendly and green environment.  All from watching blender infomercials you’ve learned how to live healthy and green and appreciate organics and how to make chunks of cement into dust if the need ever arises.  For the days you’re not feeling like seaweed and dandelion yogurt smoothies, these blenders are great for making nutritious protein shakes in seconds with just some filtered water and protein powder.

Who knows, you could be the next great nutritious and delicious smoothie maker and come out with your own line of blender recipes to share with others.  Wouldn’t that be something!

It’s back to school time.  Do you think both public and parochial schools should wear uniforms?

uniformsThe commercials are out as of the beginning of this month.  Shops everywhere are starting to advertise their ‘back to school wares’ on every other commercial on TV and even on the radio.  Kids getting ready to head back to school are already being inundated with what’s “in style” and “must haves” in order to look cool going back to school.  What if everybody looked the same?  Wore the same thing?  I’m not talking about how some public schools have added khaki tan bottoms and white or navy shirts to their uniform code as that has all gotten out of hand with skinny khaki’s and designer tops and short skirts that barely fall into the new code they have.

I’m talking about wearing the same button down white shirt, plaid skirt at the same length for girls, tan slacks for guys, supplied to the school through a real uniform company and not Old Navy so that there was no competition at all.  Everyone was equal when it came to a uniform code.  Do you think that is a good idea?

This all came about while watching TV and seeing all these back to school commercials with brand name sneakers and short skirts and t-shirts with all sorts of pictures from Jimmy Hendricks to I Love Nike pictured on them and the thought came about.  Not everyone can afford to get the top of the list clothes for the year.  It becomes who has the most and the best competition to say the least.  What about those kids at school who’s families can’t afford all the new latest and greatest outfits.  Is that what we’re trying to impress on kids at such an impressionable age?

Uniforms that are standard in all ways for all students would cut out competition and make it fair all the way around.  Speaking of keeping it fair, that doesn’t apply to protein shakes, women and men are separate here http://WomensProteinShakes.com.  However back to fair, the prices are more affordable and some schools in parochial districts have programs to help those who have a hard time financing the uniforms get uniforms for little or no money.  That way you don’t know who you are sitting next to.  The son of a doctor or the daughter of a waitress.  It’s all on the same level.

Is this something you’ve ever thought of?  I think that of course, kids want the wardrobe of choice and not the uniform.  Save that for the weekends when you’re out with your friends.  At school though keep it on a base line where everyone is equal when it comes to clothes too.  Shoes included.  Almost especially shoes after seeing some of the styles that have been surfacing in all these back to school clothes commercials.

Would you be for or against uniforms?  Are you a parent considering it or a student in school?  It’s back to school time, the kids aren’t even in their desks as of yet and the pressure is already on them.  What do you think is best for the kids, and what do you think is best for school systems?  Think about that while you watch the next back to school commercial.


Teaching your son to be the best Christian man he can be

CHRISTIAN MENWe all grow up and get married, have kids, and pray that they will grow into the best person that they can be. So how do you make sure your son will grow into a god fearing Christian man that can take care of his family in a godly way? Well we lead him by example. One way to do this is to teach him god’s word. Teach him right from wrong. Show him with actions how to treat his wife and kid’s. By raising your children in a church environment with a god fearing lifestyle you can lead your kids in the right direction. Many men are pressured with the task of raising a man to be a hunter, a builder, a provider, and a preacher.




Teach your son to hunt for his food

The way of the world is that you don’t deserve anything you didn’t work for. So teach your son how to hunt for his food, whether it be fishing, hunting, or even doing a hard labor job to get the money to buy his food. This was how they provide the meals to nourish their wife’s and children. If the man didn’t make a kill then his family went hungry. By making his first kill and gutting the animal and using every part that is edible teaches him the way of nature and how god intended the world to be. Provide your son with the best tactical knife so that he can have experiences that show him what a man’s responsibilities are.

Teach your son to build

Teaching your son to build with his won two hands will help your son be able to repair his own property and show him the benefits of hard work and dedication. They need to learn the lesson of hard work, dedication, and responsibility of caring for their property. A man should be able to fix his leaky faucet, or replace the flooring in their house, or even do an oil change in the car or truck. Every man should know how to work on a car or truck. They should also know how to do basic repairs on bicycles, lawn mowers, home repairs, and many other things that go with having a family, a home, and a car.

Teach your son to preach

Teaching your son to preach about Jesus Christ and how he gave his life to wash away our sins is one of the most important steps to becoming a man. A man is the head of the household and he should be a god fearing man, with morals, and values that represent Gods word. Without these values and morals he is living a sinful life. As the head of the household he owes it to his wife and children to represent god in everything he does, to give himself fully to god, and follow the way of the bible. This will ensure that he will have a place in the kingdom of heaven when he passes. His children will look up to him and be raised in the way of the lord and his wife will be proud to call him her husband. This will help the whole family be true Christians and treat others with love, respect, and honesty.

Raise your son right and he will grow into a wonderful man that will make you proud to call him your son.


Trim Down Gluttony: Getting Healthy the Christian Way

GETTING HEALTHYThe Bible says gluttony is a sin as much as the next one. Whether you’re a real couch potato, or could just do with shedding a few pounds, getting in shape is something all Christians should look to do. Your body is a temple after all, and it isn’t right to let it go to waste. If you’re thinking of getting healthy, then you need to look into the Vitamix Creations Elite blender. Blending your food is a great way to get healthy, and here we outline just a few of the ways the Vitamix Creations Elite will help get you there.

–       Light and Durable

The Creations Elite weight just over eleven pounds, which is light enough for you to move it with ease but not light enough that the blades will knock it over. The base is smaller than some other models which allows for easier storage, and the cord to plug it in is over six foot long, which means it can reach most sockets. And all this comes with a warranty, which you can extend for up to three years.

–       Powerful

This blender has a motor with 2.2 horsepower capabilities. This means the internal blades whirl at over 270 miles per hour, or 28,000 revolutions a minute. That’s an incredible speed. If you’re used to blenders sticking on the juice or getting caught up with bits and tendrils then this is the blender you need. At that speed, no foodstuff can overcome your machine.

–       High Capacity

Because this blender has such a powerful motor, it uses a large chamber of forty eight ounces which you can throw loads of healthy food into at once. You don’t need to be cautious, you can be bold and get that healthy food into you.

–       Easy to Clean

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, that’s what they say, and this blender can be cleaned in a cinch. The best way of cleaning it is to fill it half way with some soapy water and turn it on as though you were blending it. Easy peasy. With this blender you can get healthy life off to a great start. So look after that God-given body and get in shape. Start eating right, and start it with the Creations Elite blender

5 Ways To Keep God In Your Day

RELIGIONWe all get busy with our day-to-day lives. Between family, work and community activities, it can be difficult to take a moment to remember what is so important about faith. Even if we are just taking a moment to say thanks or turn a bad thought into a good one, there are many ways we can incorporate God into our busy schedules and keep our faith strong. Here are five easy tips for keeping God in your day, whether it’s a good one or a bad one.

 1) Morning Prayer

Many people pray at night before bed, but seldom do they wake up and think of God. Try starting your day with a quick prayer of thanks for the morning sun and a chance to excel on this new day. Jump starting your morning with a shot of positive prayer can do wonders for your spirit.

 2) Be Thankful

Whenever you find a moment to pause, think about one thing in your day that has made you thankful. Even if it’s something small like not missing your bus or a kind smile from a co-worker, share your thanks with God for the small miracles in your day. It’s a nice way to remember how the little things count and not to take everyday awesomeness for granted.

 3) Turn a Negative into a Positive

We’ve all had moments when a negative thought slips into our mind. It’s hard to constantly think positive but it really does help to lift your mood if you can catch that negative thought and turn it around into something good. For example, if a co-worker was impatient with you or your classmates excluded you from a project, it’s easy to think something nasty and tell yourself that they aren’t that great anyway and you don’t need them. That is when your thoughts can turn around and instead ask for His strength. As opposed to thinking the person is rude, think of something you like about them and ask for the strength to focus on that. As you can see here, turning a negative into a positive just brightened your day instead of making it worse.

 4) Accept Your Faults and Ask Forgiveness

Try as we might, those negative thoughts may stream in faster than we can stop them. If that’s the case then it may be one of your weaknesses and that’s okay. We all have faults and we all need forgiveness from God to become better people. No one is perfect and He knows that. He is here for us when we need him so accept your fault and seek His forgiveness for what we cannot change. After all, tomorrow is a new day and we can always try again to patch up those weak points and become stronger in faith and in life.

 5) Fill Your Heart with Patience and Love

There are times in everyone’s day where someone tries your patience without even knowing what they’re doing. I could be an aggressive driver on your way to work, a pushy customer at your job or your children not listening to your words of wisdom. Whatever the case may be, take a step back when that happens and breath. Fill your lungs and your heart with good feelings of patience and love. The positivity will be returned to you tenfold more often than not. Don’t let your days wear you down. Envision the Lord and His plan for you and keep smiling. Tomorrow is a new chance to shine.

Christmas pictures for Christian families




Every year we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day. It is a special occasion and a great opportunity to take a family portrait to send to all our friends, and family. This is also a great time to teach your kids about the act of giving, the reason for the season, and the benefits of being a Christian.

There are many options for taking pictures for your Christian Christmas card. When taking pictures ask around to family and friends that share your same morals and values for some family picture ideas. Suggest that you want to incorporate the church into your family pictures. Talk with the preacher about using the sanctuary as a background for your family pictures or take the pictures on the steps of the church. Maybe the church has a magnificent tree that they will allow the parishioners to use for family photo opportunities. This would be a great way to incorporate Jesus into your family photos. Showing your family and friends that you truly believe in the birth of Jesus Christ and the meaning behind the Christmas season is a great way to celebrate this season. Send along a scripture that represents your family’s favorite moto from the bible or something that you think will help them along their journey to be truly better Christians. These are all great ideas for your next Christmas card.

Instead of presents ask that everyone donate an hour of their time to the less fortunate for your children’s or families gifts from family. This will show your kids that donating to the less fortunate and volunteering on holiday’s shows the world that they truly care about it and wish the very best for those people on this glorious holiday season.

Start now preparing for your next holiday gift family photo by picking out a great photographer that shares your values and morals so they can be more acquainted with the image that you would like portrayed in your family photo. Get some practice photos done so that you know you’re going to like the work that this photographer produces. Make sure you have all your arrangements made and have scheduled time with the preacher to talk about using the sanctuary or churches Christmas tree for your photos background. Line up the color scheme you want to use in your photos and if you’re using handmade clothes make sure you have purchased the fabric and start working on the outfits so that they are ready. You can make the boys ties and the girls matching dresses to coordinate the family together.

Even though this is July Christmas sneaks up on us and sometimes we get so busy with the holiday season that we can’t get everything done the way we want to so planning in advance is the best way to guarantee that it will be all set and scheduled for you when the time comes.

Christmas time is the best time of the year and a family portrait is the best gift to give to a Mother in Law or Grandma.

Working with your hands like Jesus did

Jesus was a carpenter and he was skilled in building wooden floors, furniture, houses and other things with wood. You too can be a carpenter like Jesus was with a little training. The best thing to do when you need carpentry work is to try it out yourself, since learning a new skill is always a plus, or hire a licensed professional. If you’re not skilled in carpentry you can search for a Johannesburg based professional carpenter to help you with your carpentry needs. Maybe you’re looking for some fantastic bespoke furniture produced out of South Africa, the best way to do this is to search online for it or order some plans and build it yourself. You never know if you can until you try. RELIGION

 There are many people out there that work with their hands. They build houses and exquisite furniture. This is a great way to make a living. Working with your hands is one way to feel proud of your work. You get to see the end result and know that you have done this work with just a few tools and your bare hands. It takes a lot of knowledge to work with your hands especially when it comes to building things from scratch. To take something as simple as a bunch of boards and nails and build a house or furniture is not only creative but amazing. You have to be super smart to know how to build a house or furniture from nothing.

Furniture building is a great passion and craft to get into. Not only is it fun to do but it’s very profitable if you make really nice stylish furniture that others love. Not everyone has a need for handmade furniture, but everyone needs furniture in their home. The best furniture is not the store bought furniture, it’s the handmade furniture that people have put their blood, sweat, and tears into just like Jesus Christ. Although Jesus was born in a time period when electronic carpentry tools where non-existent, he was considered to be a master craftsman. He built things with his own hands and worked hard for his family. The same way many people do today. Being a hard worker and supporting your family and their needs financially, spiritually, and emotionally is the best way to get closer to god.

When you work for others you are doing a service and helping others with stuff that they need. Helping others is another way to get closer to Jesus. Jesus was not only a carpenter but he was also the son of God. He sent missionaries to spread the word of God. To help heal the sick and the weak. Jesus was such a great person that he not only helped people build their houses and furniture but he help them build their spirituality as well. We should all be working towards being closer to Jesus and helping others. Using our passions and craftiness to help others will bring us closer to God and secure your place in heaven amongst God and the Angels.



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