How To Keep Your Loved Ones Safe From Firearm Accidents-Another Great Freedom

FIREARMSOne of the greatest freedoms in the American constitution is the freedom of religion. Another great freedom we have is the right to bear arms. As with all of our constitutional rights, these come with great responsibility. Firearm accidents take place across the United States of America every year, taking thousands from their loved ones and returning them to God long before their time.

In 2011 the U.S.A. suffered from over 11,000 gun homicides and over 850 unintentional shooting deaths across the country. This number is far too high and will continue to climb with the next report. Let’s start making our communities safer for those we love and those who may be lost as well.

Here are the top 5 ways you can increase firearm safety in your home and community:

 1) Guns should be emptied when not in use.

When you’re finished with your firearm and the day of hunting is over, unload your weapon. Don’t put all your trust in your firearm’s safety latch and go the extra step of emptying the cartridge when it’s time for storage. For added safety precaution, keep the bullets apart from the actual firearm. Especially in the case of those with curious children in the home, it can never hurt to be extra cautious.

 2) Keep your guns in a safe place.

Now that your gun has been emptied, store it away in a locked box or safe. There are gun safes for sale all over America and they are a worthy investment for the safety of your family. Be sure to keep the key in a safe place too. Perhaps somewhere that children can’t reach or in a private area of the house reserved for parents only.

 3) Don’t alter your gun.

Some firearm owners like to get creative with their guns. Being a gun owner is a life-long hobby and many are quite skilled at gun modifications. That being said, if you are not licensed to do so, it could be dangerous. Have your gun serviced by a professional to ensure you and your loved ones are not in danger of a faulty firearm.

 4) Use the right bullets for your firearm.

Each firearm is suited best for a certain type of ammunition. Changing the ammunition could alter how the gun loads and fires. This could lead to a serious accident if you haven’t gotten your ammunition approved for your firearm by a professional. Check out your local firearms retailer or hunting shop for the best advice.

 5) Be clear on your target.

This may sound like an obvious one, but that is often how accidental injuries occur. Make sure nothing is obstructing the barrel of your gun before pulling the trigger. Also survey the area around and behind your target. Make sure there is nothing else in the background that could alter the path of the bullet or cause it to ricochet in the wrong direction.


Everyday we live with faith in our hearts, so lets keep safety on our minds as well. Share these tips with friends at church, at the gun club or on your next hunting trip. You never know when your friendly reminder could save a life. We all need to participate in gun safety in our communities to ensure the future generations can enjoy the pleasure of responsible firearm ownership. It starts with you so spread the word! Be safe and have fun.

What should your appearance say about you-and your religion?




What does religion mean to you? How do you see religious men and women and their daily appearance? Appearances can be something very difficult to determine when it comes to certain religions like do you wear makeup, is pants acceptable, and is it acceptable to grow a beard, do you wear your hair up or down? These are all questions many people have questioned themselves about for many years.

Women of faith have always been questioned about why they dress the way they do and whether or not they should wear makeup. Some women believe that to be religious that you must wear skirts and no pants. Some women believe if you wear makeup that you are going against gods wishes. But all of those are judgments by other women and judging someone is a sin to god. So what is the real way a women should dress or how her appearance should be when she is religious? Each religion is different and has their own standards of dress and how to represent yourself to the public. Mormons believe in subtle ways of looking, nothing flashy, and long skirts for the women. The Amish community believe in covering up their heads wearing long dresses and skirts and no makeup. While the Baptist believe that women can wear anything appropriate for public and makeup is no sin. So what do you think about women and their appearance in the religious world?

Some of the questions that we can ask ourselves is what do women in religion do to help themselves look and feel pretty? God tells us not to be vain but we as women still need to feel pretty and look pretty in our day to day lives. One way that women who can’t wear makeup or colorful clothes can help themselves feel pretty is by shaving and one of the best ways to do that is with a top rated epilators. You can usually find them online or at retail stores. But not every religious women has the option to purchase things from online or retail stores so there best option would be try something else. Other ways to help yourself feel and look pretty is by doing your hair. Hair is a way to express yourself without going against the code or rules of your religious beliefs. Many women grow their hair out really long and the longer your hair the prettier you are considered to be. In some religions the men grow their beards out when married instead of wearing wedding rings. This is a show of status in the community for men. Even though the bible states that vanity is a sin men and women pride themselves on their hair and their stature in the religious communities they are in.

Religion is a very tricky subject for some people and many people are confused about how they are supposed to act or appear to the outside public. Even though the bible gives you guidelines to live by some people and religions assess the words in the bible differently to fit their perception of how they should look, feel, act, and be in their community. But what it all boils down to is what is acceptable in your religious community and how appropriate you feel inside yourself.


Showing you live a god fearing life

GOD-FEARINGMany religious men love to get together for fellowship. They read scripture, they help with each other’s understanding of the bible and what it means to them and sometimes they take trips to grow closer to god. Some men even form softball teams to help reach out to others that are not believers. But one thing that men who fellowship love to do is camping, hunting and fishing. The church has such programs like the Awana’s for young boys that teach them how to be men of faith in all that they do. Men you participate in these clubs help the young boys to act in a god like manner when doing anything. Hunting and fishing trips are planned and the boys learn new skills. Similar to boy scouts but faith based the awana’s help the boys be true Christians.

When they go hunting and fishing they help provide equipment for the ones that don’t have any some equipment can be fishing poles, guns and rifles, and the best crossbow for the money. This is something that the church parishioners will collect money for so they can help those in need that are part of the club. Going hunting and fishing teaches them to live off the earth as god intended us too. It’s a lesson in discipline and work ethics.

Camping is another activity that they participate in. When the youth clubs go camping they are provided with tents and sleeping bags and such so that they can learn to be one with nature and gods world. These are things that help them develop into real men in the future.

Many churches offer services such as these for the younger generation. They also offer services such as building homes for the homeless and going to foreign third world countries and building a church for the citizens to come and worship at and feel safe doing so.

Churches offer many opportunities to serve the community and activities to teach young men and women discipline and respect for Gods creations. Church is a great place to bring up a family. It provides a sanctuary for when times are tough and it provides a place to give to others when times are abundant. Helping others is what gods work is all about and without dedicating your life to helping others you are not truly living for God and the blessings he bestows upon you.

Attending Church every Sunday and Wednesday is not enough to show that you are living a god fearing life. You must represent him in all your actions. When out in public offer his word to those who need it, suggest scripture that can help them with their struggles. Showing kindness to others, and strength in a difficult situation are all ways to live for God. Bringing God into your children’s lives and joining church activities are all ways to show you love and accept Jesus into your heart. So next time you’re thinking about what can I do to help others think about joining one of these special youth clubs for young religious boys and girls and show them a positive role model to look up too.

The Outsider Looking and Listening In-A New Religious Perspective

RAMADANDuring the holy month of Ramadan, the Muslim culture shows incredible restraint and self-control by fasting during the day, a ritual that lasts for one month. During this event they strengthen their relationship with Allah (God), friends and relatives. Ramadan is a sanctified month of purifying where the Muslim population does not eat, drink, or do evil actions. The Muslim community fast and focus on being pure, thanking Allah for another year of blessings.

When a Muslim community mosque opens its doors to let an outsider observe their holy time, it is truly an honor and a sight to see; a blessing for those who are not Muslim. Mosques are so beautiful that joining while such a blessed holiday is occurring to learn about the Muslim traditions and culture truly is visually appealing. Ramadan requires a great deal of self-control and focus, yet it is a rewarding experience.

Mosques are truly beautiful and elegantly designed; their prayer halls are truly places of worship and. The words from the holy Quran are beautifully scripted on the walls throughout the prayer hall. There are no pews or chairs to sit on; mats are placed upon a beautiful floor to participate in prayer. With such a large room, wireless stereo speakers are set up so those in the back can clearly hear the word from the Quran. For purity purposes, no shoes are to be worn inside the prayer hall. At the front is the Minbar, some steps raised for an imam to deliver a sermon at Friday Prayer. There is a roof niche called a Mihrab near the Minbar indicating the direction of the Ka’aba.

The Ka’aba is the most sacred place in Islam; it is a cube-shaped building, therefore all mosques are built facing the Ka’aba. The Muslim culture always prays in the direction of the Ka’aba. All prayers within the Mosques are facing the sacred direction pointed out by the Mihrab. Intricate patterns run through pillars, along the ceiling, and across the walls, making the prayer hall rather than statues or pictures. The decorations enshrouding the prayer hall keep the Muslim community from the idolization.

Many mosques have shelved lining the walls filled with books of theology, law, and Islamic traditions. Though many mosques have bookshelves, all mosques have a place for charity; This is called zakat and is where donations are made by the members to help support the Mosque, help the poor and those in need.

There are also meetings occasionally where members meet for spiritual cleansing. These gatherings are not the same as the sermon delivered on Fridays completely focusing on purifying the spiritual self. The Quran is available for those who do not have their own as well. The availability allows all visitors to have the ability to follow the teachings and understand what is being said. The Quran is written in Arabic originally, but is available in additional languages to ensure its teachings can reach the extensive of horizons.

Fitness and church bring families together.

faith-and-fitnessMany people are looking for an easier way to exercise around their schedules. With work, getting children off to school, and your church obligations how are you supposed to fit in your exercise time? This is a tricky question for some people. Finding the time to fit it all in can be easier than you think. Equipment for exercise at home is getting cheaper and easier to pay for with payment plans and lower price equipment options. There are many options to choose from so do your research.

Churches are starting to offer gyms for their parishioners to exercise in. Some gyms are simply a basketball court, but some are adding home exercise equipment for the parishioners to come and exercise on their own time. There are many churches offering this service and it’s becoming a very popular trend in churches across the world.

With this new trend there are many options in exercise equipment that can be affordable and offer maximum cardio for the participants. Here is a short list of some that would be suitable for churches gyms.


Treadmills are a great way to get cardio in and can be bought pretty reasonable. They come in many different styles that range from the super technological to the basic brand. They offer hours of running and walking time which can benefit the younger and older generations.

Stationary bikes

Stationary bikes are a very healthy way to exercise and work those leg muscles. The options that are out now for stationary bikes range from ones with handle bars and ones without. There are even some that are portable so they can be put away at night when no one is in the gym or moved to a more appropriate spot.

Yoga and Pilates

Adding yoga mats and Pilates equipment is very affordable for a gym since they can be as little as $10 an item. Many women do yoga and Pilates and having a gym area to go to with the necessary equipment at their church is a bonus. There are mats and balls that can be purchased. You can also purchase some stretching tools and stepping blocks for step exercises. These are things that can be stored away nicely and taken out when needed.

Make sure if you are adding a gym to your church grounds that you have antibacterial wipes for people to use to clean the equipment after and before use of the equipment. This will help keep down on germs and sickness being transmitted between the participants.

With many churches becoming the epicenter of family life it only makes since to add a gym to the church grounds for the families to have exercise and activities to do with other church goers. Adding a gym and maybe some soccer and baseball fields would really benefit the families that put their time into the church and also help benefit the workers of the church in their fitness routines.

Making a church feel like a family environment is the goal for all preachers. They want families to feel welcome to use their services and participate in church events. One way of doing that is by making it easier for families to pray and play together.

Religion and Health

RELIGION AND HEALTHWe can service God and our fellow man kind in many ways. God placed in submission under Adam all the vegetation, all the fishes and all the animals. When we partake of a food of the earth, we partake of one of the foods which God provided for us.

It’s generally acknowledged that a vegetarian diet would be most healthful for many people, but it just so happens that meat is the only true source of the complete Amino Acids, Vitamin B Complex, and Proteins.

We have a wide variety of meats available to us. Some recommended ones are chicken breast, 95% lean beef, wild salmon, egg whites, whole eggs, roasted peanuts, canned tuna, Tilapia, Turkey Breast, and flank Steak, among many more selections.

These meats selections can provide a variety of menus in many different delicious recipes. The Lord is Truly Good!!! And we are prosperous!!! Jehovah Jira!

Mention of the importance of the balance between eating and fasting is riddled throughout the Bible. From the many feasts that are mentioned in the Old Testament to the First Communion.

I mentioned Amino Acids earlier. What you should look for in Amino Acids is Branch Amino Acids or BCAA’s. BCAA’s rebuild muscles after your workout. They include three essential amino acids: valine, leucine, and isoleucine. Our bodies are unable to produce these amino acids, so it is necessary to go out and buy them.

The Bible has several different stories about meat. The first is the famous story of when Cain slew Able because one brother, Caine was a farmer and Able was a Hunter. God said he like to smell the sweet savor of meat when it is cooking in the Holy Temple. The Bible says “…meats for the belly…”. It’s as if The Bible were guiding us toward meats. Could it be that the Bible was directing us toward the ingestion of Amino Acids for our strength and health? Amino Acids help to build muscle.

Here are some suggestions on the top BCAA’s supplements on the market:

  1. Optimum Nutrition BCAA Powder

Quality ingredients

Mixes well with other pre/post supplements.

  1. Muscle Pharm   BCAA 3:2:1

This indicates that it’s mixed 3parts l-leucine, 2 parts isoleucine, and one part valine.

It is reputed to be one of the best products.

  1. USP Labs BCAA powder

Great Product

These are just a few suggestions to stock your shelves with a healthy supplement that can give you energy, support your immune system, support muscle recovery, make sure we’ve got all our Amino Acids, and promote and maintain lean muscle mass. These products are particularly helpful with teens and young adults and for exercise. They induce protein synthesis, reduce muscle loss, help build muscle mass despite your age, increase the ability to burn fat. Helps balance hormones. Helps develop muscle strength. Speeds up muscle recovery. They improve muscle endurance. With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why we are constantly being escorted over to the meat section to make a delicious selection!

For more info, check out!

Church and the Community

CHURCH AND COMMUNITYThere are many faith based centers that help those in need. Some are food banks and some are clothing banks. If you’re thinking of opening your church up to the community and offering services a few things that you should include in your resources for the elderly are household goods and necessities such as toiletries and such. Here is a list of items that should be provided to the elderly in need.


Many elderly can’t afford basic needs so it’s helpful when someone can provide them with a few to help out. Churches offer food and clothing but not many offer toiletries. Toiletries such as adult diapers, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and other such things are very hard for the elderly to afford. These should be collected from the church community and given to the elderly that are needing assistance.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are something that the elderly and that the low income struggle to provide for themselves. Even though you have assistance for food, housing, and bills you may not have assistance with cleaning supplies. Many people are starting to make their own cleaning supplies like back in the day but not everyone can afford the materials that are needed to make their own and not many people can just walk into a store and buy common supplies like bleach, laundry detergent, dish soap, and cleaners. These would be very helpful for those people that can’t afford them. Taking collections from the church community can build a supply to offer to the needy pretty quickly.


Many elderly and low income families can’t afford to go out and buy a blanket or sheets when they need them. Many of these people live in houses that are very drafty or have no heating or air. Some just simply can’t afford the higher bill so they just don’t use it. This is a big problem in today society. One way to help these situations would be to collect blankets and sheets that are no longer in use and still very useable. Most people have blankets that they never use anymore or that their kids grew out of the theme. These would be excellent items to donate to the church for distribution to the elderly and low income families in the community.

Kitchen necessities

Everyone has a few dishes that they can spare. Especially around holidays when you get that new pots and pans set or new set of plates and silverware, why not donate the ones you don’t use to a church for distribution to these families. Every family needs to cook and eat on plates with silverware and not many families have the necessities to work with in the kitchen. So donating these items can help the community and helps recycle things that are still useable.

Many people will donate these things to a retail donation store to re-sell but not even the elderly or low income families can afford some of these places. Yes you get a tax right off when donating to these places but you can also right off the taxes on the donation to the church and the church doesn’t charge for the items they receive which is more appropriate for donated items. To truly help the community offering things to those who need them for free is good for the soul and spiritually right.

How God’s Work Is In Everything

Doing god’s work doesn’t always mean working in a church. Sometimes it means working with children as a teacher and sometimes it means working in the medical field. Sometimes you may be working in a field of study and not realize that you are working for gods greater good. God is in everything we do. Imagine when we hold the door for someone, or when we let the little old lady take our cab, and especially when we help those that are hurt or in need that you are doing something that was spoken to you by god. This world is a better place for people like this, the ones that do good deeds just to be helpful. God has a hand in everything we do and everything we do reflects on our character. Here are a couple career choices that can be viewed as gods work. He specially picks the very best people to do these jobs so that you know you are under gods care when they are taking care of you.

Medicine Field

The medicine field includes Doctors, nurses, pharmacist workers, and phlebotomy. You can go to school for all of these careers, some schooling requires years and some only months. Phlebotomy is a field that you can get into in a few short months. By doing a little research you can find classes for phlebotomy online for any town. Say for instance you’re in Houston, TX, then you would look up the directory of phlebotomy classes in Houston, Texas on google and you will find a long list of classes. But if you’re not interested in phlebotomy or you have more time for schooling you can become a nurse or Doctor. God touches those who help others with the power to save a life.


Teaching Field

Teachers are blessed with the ability to calmly and politely teach a child or adult with patience and knowledge. Teachers go to school for many years and once they get their degrees they continue to go to school to further their education so that they can continue to teach the minds of little kids and adults. Teaching is a calling from god telling you that you are meant for great things. Helping a child to learn how to read and write can be so rewarding, but imagine helping an adult learn to read or write. Not only is it rewarding but you feel like you have opened a whole new world to an adult that they never knew existed. You can help them further their careers and provide for their families and that in itself is a blessing.

These are just a couple of the career fields that are touched by god. When you become a teacher, a Doctor, a nurse, or any other occupation in those fields you are being called to touch lives. It’s a blessing to be able to save a life or teach someone to read. Making the world a better place for all is like working closely with god by your side to benefit the greater good and produce a much healthier and wonderful world.


Outsourcing your churches maintenance needs.

CHRISTIAN AWARENESSChurches are filled with people every Sunday morning and night and Wednesday evenings. This can provide a lot of wear and tear on the church building. Some churches are housed in older facilities that haven’t had many updates to the electrical and plumbing. Although churches receive tithes from the parishioners it doesn’t always cover the cost of these repairs and upkeep. Many churches that are large have onsite maintenance that can repair something when it goes wrong. But smaller churches rely on kindness and tithes to supplement the cost of repairs. How do you find the right repair man for the job at hand without going over budget? Sometimes it’s as simple as talking to one of your disciples. Lots of people go to church and some of them may even be able to do maintenance for you as volunteer work. But if that isn’t the case you may be able to get a discount for being a church when you call local businesses.

Another way is to look online, click here and you can get a great company to help you with your plumbing needs. Maybe you need a grounds keeper or electrician, these are all things that can be found online or in the yellow pages. Some companies offer a discount to non-profit organizations such as churches or preachers so be sure to check that out when you contact them. Lots of times with smaller churches you just don’t have the funds or volunteers to work on the maintenance so you have to do it yourself. Good ways to do this is to research how to books or websites. Some of it is self-explanatory while some of it may require a little bit more technical knowledge. Whatever the maintenance need is you’re sure to find great help if you just look hard enough. Maybe hold a fundraiser or potluck for the community so you can earn the funds you need to hire that professional needed. You can hold a car wash and raise funds. Or you can simply ask for volunteers from the parishioners. The best way to get help with your needs is to pray upon the right answer.

OUTSOURCING   God will direct you in the way you need to go and provide for you the means to get there. Every now and then the government has grants to help churches and schools provide necessary maintenance to their structures and update their buildings. These are not done often and can take time but it is one way of getting the funds you may need. The least likeable option is to approach a bank or investor for a loan. This can be more trouble than it’s worth in the long run. Loans are something that has to be paid back with interest over a certain amount of time and even churches are not exempt from having to pay them back making it the least likable decision. Raising awareness in your community and doing some community outreach is probably going to be your best bet to ensure that the maintenance is done and show the community that they are helping revitalize the area.

Three Things to Take to a Potluck at Church

CHURCH POTLUCKChurches are notorious for having potlucks. Especially around special holidays such as Easter and Homecoming. Homecoming is a special event where Baptists celebrate the new beginnings and the past happenings. It’s a great time for a potluck. When going to a potluck it’s customary to bring a great dish. There are many great dishes that you can bring but here are three that will make a big impact on fellow parishioners. Pasta is a great option. Pasta is a very good option for a potluck. There are many different ways to make pasta. The most economical way to make pasta is to purchase noodles already made at the grocery store. This eliminates the need of a pasta maker. You can find many different types of noodles for pasta at the grocery store. There are spiral noodles, long noodles, penne noodles, and many more.

You can even get noodles made from vegetables and noodles with fun colors. Whether you’re making a pasta salad or a pasta with sauce you will need a few other ingredients. Some of the ingredients you will need for a pasta with sauce is the noodles of your choice, the sauce, and the meat. This is just the basics. If you would like to add bell peppers or onions you can, it adds to the taste and can be very flavorful. There are all different types of sauce that you can use to make pasta with sauce. Some of them are cheese based, some are tomato based, and some are herb based. The most popular sauce is a tomato base. Tomato based sauces can have different herbs and flavors added to make it unique. Make sure you pick the one that is right for the type of pasta you are making. You can’t go wrong with pasta and sauce. Cucumber salad is also a great choice. Cucumber salad is a very easy dish to make and only takes a few ingredients to make it.


For an authentic cucumber salad you will need Italian salad dressing, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes if you like them in your cucumber salad. If you don’t like Italian salad dressing you can always use olive oil and red wine vinegar. Either way you fix it, it will always be a crowd pleaser. Summer time is the best time to make this delicious salad since its crisp and airy and kept cool for optimal taste. Pigs in a blanket is always any potlucks favorite. Everyone loves pigs in a blanket and the best way to make them is to buy those little cocktail wieners that you can get like 20-30 to a pack and wrap them in crescent rolls from Pillsbury. The recipe is a classic and everyone loves them, especially kids. They don’t take long to make and the cooking time is a snap. You can whip a ton of these little snacks up in one afternoon and be ready for the potluck the next morning. While you’re making them why don’t you do a google search for variations on the traditional pigs in a blanket and try some of those out as well. You can never go wrong with a cocktail wiener and crescent roll. Now that you have a few ideas of what to bring to the next potluck at your local church you are sure to please everyone with your potluck offerings.

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