Showing you live a god fearing life

GOD-FEARINGMany religious men love to get together for fellowship. They read scripture, they help with each other’s understanding of the bible and what it means to them and sometimes they take trips to grow closer to god. Some men even form softball teams to help reach out to others that are not believers. But one thing that men who fellowship love to do is camping, hunting and fishing. The church has such programs like the Awana’s for young boys that teach them how to be men of faith in all that they do. Men you participate in these clubs help the young boys to act in a god like manner when doing anything. Hunting and fishing trips are planned and the boys learn new skills. Similar to boy scouts but faith based the awana’s help the boys be true Christians.

When they go hunting and fishing they help provide equipment for the ones that don’t have any some equipment can be fishing poles, guns and rifles, and the best crossbow for the money. This is something that the church parishioners will collect money for so they can help those in need that are part of the club. Going hunting and fishing teaches them to live off the earth as god intended us too. It’s a lesson in discipline and work ethics.

Camping is another activity that they participate in. When the youth clubs go camping they are provided with tents and sleeping bags and such so that they can learn to be one with nature and gods world. These are things that help them develop into real men in the future.

Many churches offer services such as these for the younger generation. They also offer services such as building homes for the homeless and going to foreign third world countries and building a church for the citizens to come and worship at and feel safe doing so.

Churches offer many opportunities to serve the community and activities to teach young men and women discipline and respect for Gods creations. Church is a great place to bring up a family. It provides a sanctuary for when times are tough and it provides a place to give to others when times are abundant. Helping others is what gods work is all about and without dedicating your life to helping others you are not truly living for God and the blessings he bestows upon you.

Attending Church every Sunday and Wednesday is not enough to show that you are living a god fearing life. You must represent him in all your actions. When out in public offer his word to those who need it, suggest scripture that can help them with their struggles. Showing kindness to others, and strength in a difficult situation are all ways to live for God. Bringing God into your children’s lives and joining church activities are all ways to show you love and accept Jesus into your heart. So next time you’re thinking about what can I do to help others think about joining one of these special youth clubs for young religious boys and girls and show them a positive role model to look up too.

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