Working with your hands like Jesus did

Jesus was a carpenter and he was skilled in building wooden floors, furniture, houses and other things with wood. You too can be a carpenter like Jesus was with a little training. The best thing to do when you need carpentry work is to try it out yourself, since learning a new skill is always a plus, or hire a licensed professional. If you’re not skilled in carpentry you can search for a Johannesburg based professional carpenter to help you with your carpentry needs. Maybe you’re looking for some fantastic bespoke furniture produced out of South Africa, the best way to do this is to search online for it or order some plans and build it yourself. You never know if you can until you try. RELIGION

 There are many people out there that work with their hands. They build houses and exquisite furniture. This is a great way to make a living. Working with your hands is one way to feel proud of your work. You get to see the end result and know that you have done this work with just a few tools and your bare hands. It takes a lot of knowledge to work with your hands especially when it comes to building things from scratch. To take something as simple as a bunch of boards and nails and build a house or furniture is not only creative but amazing. You have to be super smart to know how to build a house or furniture from nothing.

Furniture building is a great passion and craft to get into. Not only is it fun to do but it’s very profitable if you make really nice stylish furniture that others love. Not everyone has a need for handmade furniture, but everyone needs furniture in their home. The best furniture is not the store bought furniture, it’s the handmade furniture that people have put their blood, sweat, and tears into just like Jesus Christ. Although Jesus was born in a time period when electronic carpentry tools where non-existent, he was considered to be a master craftsman. He built things with his own hands and worked hard for his family. The same way many people do today. Being a hard worker and supporting your family and their needs financially, spiritually, and emotionally is the best way to get closer to god.

When you work for others you are doing a service and helping others with stuff that they need. Helping others is another way to get closer to Jesus. Jesus was not only a carpenter but he was also the son of God. He sent missionaries to spread the word of God. To help heal the sick and the weak. Jesus was such a great person that he not only helped people build their houses and furniture but he help them build their spirituality as well. We should all be working towards being closer to Jesus and helping others. Using our passions and craftiness to help others will bring us closer to God and secure your place in heaven amongst God and the Angels.



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