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Hosting the perfect Men’s Christian retreat

It is quite exciting being elected as a camp coordinator and you would want to provide attendees with the best and most engaging time that will bring about change in their lives. Speakers, music and fun activities will make your retreat a great experience and something to look forward to for all those that will be attending. There are a few things you can do in order to make sure everything runs smoothly and that everyone has a fantastic time. There are many famous speakers that attend these types of events and it is also a very enriching experience for those that attend.

Hosting the perfect Men’s Christian retreat

Location is important for this type of event. Instead of going the more expensive route by having your retreat at a hotel or resort you can choose a more outdoor location. This is usually great because there might be a larger variety of activities for everyone to do for example fishing and camping. If you decide to book camping grounds or perhaps cabins you might want to make sure the location is safe and livable for everyone that is coming to your retreat. The problem with camping cabins is that they are often empty for long periods of time which can give way to mold which is pretty uncomfortable to deal with as well as dangerous for your guests. Take a look at mold removal Kansas City for a great solution to any problems you might have with mold. It is better to have it cleaned up and removed first before attending camp.

It would be great to mainly get godly men to act as speakers at your retreat to better target your audience and give the guys someone that they can identify with. The great thing about having guest speakers is that you can have more than one featured at your event and also host workshops along with speeches. Click here to take a look at some of the most well-known Christian motivational speakers.

It is very important to have enough entertainment at your retreat for example fun and interactive activities because guys like to stay occupied and active. Make sure that you have enough planned to keep everyone busy. As previously mentioned fishing is great as well as various other outdoor sports that you can feature. It might be a retreat but the guys will want to keep busy on their spiritual weekend.  Click here for fun outdoor activity ideas. It is also a great idea to give various themes to your men’s events that can include coping with family life or perhaps dealing with daily stress, spirituality in the workplace. You don’t just have to feature one theme. You can break your weekend up into a couple of themes which will give your guests a bit of variety and also tackle more than one issue in their lives. You might not enable them to change the world but you will give them the desire to try and believe in themselves.

How Churches Can Lure Their Flock Back To Church

Churches have started to suffer a lot due to the influences of technology.  Today everyone would much rather spend their Sunday mornings in front of their TV sets, on their gaming sets or in front of their computers than in a church.  Technology has helped us a lot in life but doesn’t do much for religion.  Even the religious messages that are shared are only for show and are hardly read. Our churches are becoming emptier and emptier and the jails are becoming fuller and fuller.  It is time for churches to take their luring skills to the next level so they can guide their flock back to church.

How Churches Can Lure Their Flock Back To Church

Why you need to promote your church

A church can almost be seen like a business.  You also have expenses to cover and you can only cover those expenses if people donate.  The less people who attend your church the less donations you have and the more your church will suffer when it comes to running cost.  If your church does not flourish then it cannot provide to those in need.

Give Bulk SMS a try

Bulk SMS or Business SMS is a must for churches.  You can send out important notifications to the entire congregation in just a few minutes.  Bulk messaging through TextPlode is super affordable and incredibly easy to use.  With this type of messaging you can lure your flock back to church by informing them of all of the major events that is happening in church and you can share information on all of the major changes around church.

Market on social media

Social media marketing is free and is a must for luring in new sheep to your church.  You can also inspire your flock on a daily basis by sharing some text verses on your church group or church page.  Beautiful Christian messages is always great for keeping people interested and your social page will enable everyone in that location to find your church and to find out about your church.

Make church positive instead of instructive

It is important to inform people when they are wrong but no one likes to attend church to be scolded each and every Sunday about their sins.  Your church should not just preach to the flock but it should also inspire the flock.  You can do this by improving sermons to be more interesting, engaging and to be more positive by sticking to positive messages in the Bible.

Make church fun

Fun activities after church are a great way to get people and especially youths to attend church.  Your church can start giving tea parties after church and for youths you can start doing something more fun and challenging by getting some of the musical youths to perform after church each Sunday.  You can keep the performances free and invite anyone to join in on the fun of the performances.  Your church can also start screening Christian movies, inspirational shows and Christian workshops during the week to make things more fun.

Sell Blender Products at the Next Church Event

A lot of churches will try to do their best to help those in need.  They donate to charitable organizations such as senior homes, children’s homes and homes for the disabled.  There are also plenty of churches that run soup kitchens or house families in need. These churches mostly rely on donations to support these people in need but donations only go that far.  That is why more and more churches are starting to host church events where their members sell goods to raise funds for these not for profit activities.  The most commonly found goods at these events includes crochet items, cookies, cakes, meals and more that the public can buy and all of the profit goes to help those in need.  If you are looking for a terrific item to sell at the next big church event then you should get a blender.

Sell Blender Products at the Next Church Event

Why blender products are great for generating cash

You can create a great variety of healthy snacks with the use of a blender.  Blenders are super easy to use and will liquefy just about anything in just a minute or two which is perfect for serving your guests during rush hours.  You can simply stock your blender, crush away and serve.

Make delicious hot soups

With your blender you can create ready-made soups at home which you can simply heat up and serve to the public.  Soups are easy to make when you have a good quality blender and you can make delicious soups from few ingredients which means a greater profit for the church at little effort to you.

Give sorbets a try

Cold treats are always welcome on a hot day.  Sorbets can also be made at home and served during the event.  Children love sorbets and you can ensure the public that your sorbets only contain the healthiest ingredients.

Make yummy smoothies

Canned cool drinks are usually found in abundance during church events but no one ever thinks of making smoothies.  A smoothie is a filling drink and can almost be seen as a meal in a cup which is perfect for people who are dining on the go.  You are sure to make a killing by creating a great variety of flavors to choose from.

Where to find the best blenders

If you are selling goods to the public then you are probably going to be using your blender a lot.  You need a good quality blender that can withstand a lot of pressure, wear and tear.  It is always better to spend a bit more on a good quality blender than wasting your money on something that will only last a few spins.  On you can have a look at some terrific blenders that are currently on the market.  The website is loaded with all of the best high quality blenders and you can read up on comparisons between different types of blenders until you find a blender that is suitable for your needs and that has a price that suits your budget.

Dealing with Idolatry

This is an interesting topic to delve into because so many “Christians” are misinformed. They have this notion that idols are golden calves and Asherah poles. There’s a belief that manmade gods are only those that are fashioned out of wood and metal and then bowed before. Sadly, this deception has led many believers to ignore the true idols in their lives.

It is time we opened our eyes to the reality of the idols of today. If you find yourself in need of a Los Angeles drug possession lawyer it is because you have allowed drugs to become your idol, your god. You have bowed down to their control over your life and their ability to lead you deeper into sin. An idol will surpass all other things of import in your life. And, if you are in need of a lawyer to defend you for drug possession, it is obvious that you are dealing with idolatry.

drug possession lawyer

Idols of Today

It is really easy to negate all that God has said about His position on idolatry if we choose to ignore the idols of today. Unfortunately, our desire to feign ignorance will not eradicate our guilt before a Holy God.  Therefore, it is important to consider the following idols of today:

  • Addiction– As stated previously, addictive behaviors have a tendency to push themselves to the forefront of behavior. They are perhaps the most prideful, self-centered, arrogant sins of all. These actions show loved ones and peers that there is nothing more important than the time spent actively engaged in addiction. Certainly more time is spent in that endeavor than is spent in prayer and Bible reading. Keep reading.
  • Money– This is an issue from long ago. The Bible tells us that money is the root of all kinds of evil. People are consumed by the “almighty dollar.” That title in itself should reveal the level of value and surpassing greatness attached to it. People willingly sin to achieve more and bow down their lives for the purpose of continued gain.
  • Technology– This is an all-consuming force in modern times. Consider how much time you invest in technology. This includes TV, computers, tablets, video games, text messaging, social media, etc. The majority of your non-working (and sometimes working) hours are spent engaged in one of these endeavors if you are like a large percentage of Americans. Screens have become bigger than God in our lives; read this.
  • Sports– Perhaps this is only a seasonal idol for you but it is an idol nonetheless. We cheer louder for our favorite sports teams than we would ever do in praise and worship of the King of the Universe. This shows us how horribly skewed our belief systems are. We are willing to fork out large amounts of time and money to attend games, but most of us won’t even consider the fact that God expects us to tithe.
  • Entertainment in General– Here we can add all the other things we spend time and energy and money doing. Whether it is fishing, hunting, painting, running, or traveling, doesn’t matter. Anything that achieves a higher level of significance and drive in your life than God does is an idol.

Are we prepared to step away from our idols? Probably not, but God is jealous and He will not share you with anything else. This is why He tells us to choose this day who we will serve. Learn more.

Music and Faith | A Match Made in Heaven

The idea that music and faith go hand-in-hand is not a new one.  Whether it is enjoying the choir at your local house of worship, singing along through select hymns, or enjoying your favorite faith-oriented bands on the radio, the joy of music and faith can help elevate your spirit to new heights, and may provide other benefits as well.

Both music and faith have been shown to provide a variety of benefits to people across all ages and walks of life.  If you were looking for a reason to bring more of each into your life, consider these points.

Music and Faith | A Match Made in Heaven

Benefits of Faith

Recent research has found that going to church may not only be beneficial for the soul, but can also be beneficial for the body.  Regularly attending religious services has been found to potentially boost the immune system, and can decrease blood pressure.  Some even say it may extend your life by up to three years.

The reasons for these benefits are not entirely known, in a scientific sense.  One source is the sense of support one feels from belonging to a connected community.  Not only can this help people feel more integrated with those in attendance, it can also provide benefits in knowing where to turn when you are experiencing times of stress or hardship.

Churchgoers are also less likely to participate in certain vices, such as drinking or smoking, when compared to the average population.  This can lead to a greater level of overall health, in comparison, as you may be less likely to take part in activities or habits that can put your health at risk.

Benefits of Music

Music has also been shown to have a positive effect on the body.  It can help ease pain, especially when faced with a physically challenging activity.  Those who listen to classical music while going to sleep may experience less insomnia, and soft music may even help you eat less by encouraging you to move more slowly.

Stress reduction is a widely researched benefit, and some may even use it to help induce a state of meditation or relieve symptoms of depression.  In fact, you can use music to elevate your mood and reduce your overall level of anxiety.  Some surgical centers even use music to help patients relax prior to their procedures.

Music has the ability to raise your spirits, energize you physically, and help you wind down, depending on what kind of music is chosen.  This can make it a very powerful addition to anyone’s life.

Bring the Benefits in Your Life

If you are looking to experience more of the benefits of your faith and music, consider giving yourself more opportunities to experience both.  A quality sound system from Stereochamp can help you bring high quality music into your home and vehicle.  By focusing your playlist on music with a positive message, including those focused on faith, you can bring the benefits of both into a single space.

You can even share the experience with other members of your family, as well as friends and members of your congregation.  Think of all of the places that could benefit from some background music with a message everyone can get behind, and see if you can bring it all together.  You may thank yourself for it in the end.

Gifts from God to His Children

God has blessed His children with endless gifts. Whether or not you can see these gifts, they are there. You can feel their presence through every step of life. Here are just five out of the countless gifts that God has blessed us with:

Gifts from God to His Children


A mother watching her daughter dance on the stage enjoys the unity, magnificence and co-ordination of every sway and every move. While each girl is different than the other one, each one is equally dear and equally charming. That’s what God looks like at each of us, His children. Each one is cherished, one of a kind, delightful, commendable. Each person is the most delightful thing God could think of.


All of us can love powerfully; so to inspire, nourish, and fortify others, and make delightful commitments of companionship and consideration. We can love, regardless of how lost and befuddled we feel, and paying little mind to our life circumstance.

Since God gave us His cherishing heart, we feel a significant feeling of consideration and commitment toward others. Delicate respect. Genuine dedication. Notwithstanding when we’re cold, the Divine Heart of Love talks in us, questioning. To hurt somebody makes us miserable, to love makes us upbeat. The affection we have in our heart is our best guide. It whispers to us, gives indications. It feels. It wants to think about it. It’s you. Listen to your heart.


We’ve all accomplished the truth behind the saying, “Knock and it shall be opened.” How frequently have you contemplated an inquiry or issue, and later cheerfully said, “It came to me! It occurred to me!” God would not have us wonder uselessly. Comprehension is constantly accessible to you, noticeable all around, in the heart of God, in the profundities of your spirit. You can get to it just by tuning in, focusing, requiring and needing to know.

  1. HEART

Heart is the internal compass that aides us in good and bad, love and hate. Like: You want to take your sister’s piece of cake, however your still, small voice says no. You say something brutal, and your still, small voice says, “Do a reversal and apologize.” And in case you’re carrying on with a shallow, cold life, again your inner voice gripes.

Be that as it may, heart doesn’t simply give us uneasiness with wrongdoing; it gives delight and fulfillment when we’ve done well, given excellence, adored well. Soul helps us live wonderfully: make euphoria and goodness, and abstain from making hurt. Say thanks to God for soul!


We need both of these things to survive. These things might be taken for granted but these are one of the biggest blessings and gifts from God to the mankind. Make use of God’s gift in a proper manner; do not waste it. Use devices like water cleaners and water softeners to improve the quality of water as well the quality of life as God wants you to have the best and do the best. You can Read about Water Softener Reviews and Comparisons on

Ideas for Sunday Gatherings That Does Not Involve Cake

Sunday gatherings are always great for your mental health.  You get to know your fellow churchgoer better, meet new people and you can get out of your normal routine for a bit of spiritual friendship.  When you interact with other Christians you can also give those with struggle a bit of emotional support and they can in return support you when you are facing certain difficulties in life.  The traditional snack during most church gatherings is usually something sweet like cake or cookies.  While these tasty treats are always yummy they welcome, they aren’t exactly great for your health.  If you want to contribute to these fun gatherings but don’t want to give what most people give then you should have a look at some of the following tasty and healthy alternatives that you can make all by yourself.

Make your own cheeses

Cheeses are an ultimate luxury.  You have an entire meal if you have just a few different flavors of cheese, a few biscuits and a bit of fruit.  If you really want to impress others at church then it is time to start making your very own cheese by investing in one or two cheese making kits.  At Cheese Links there is quite a large variety of cheese making kits to choose from which you can use for different types of cheeses.  When you make your own cheeses you can explore different recipes and make your own unique flavors that everyone at church would love to give a try.

Ideas for Sunday Gatherings That Does Not Involve Cake

Mix your own unique health teas

Do you have good taste when it comes to tea?  With Matcha Powder you can start making your very own health teas that all of your church friends would love to try.  Matcha Powder comes from green tea leaves and has plenty of health benefits such as improved metabolism which promotes weight loss, a better digestive system, boosted energy levels and much more.  When you give a health tea you aren’t just giving a snack or beverage, you are giving the gift of improved health.

Mini Kabobs

Mini kabobs are always great for breaking the sweet a bit.  Your mini kabobs can contain a variety of healthy veggies such as gherkins, your own handmade cheeses, tomatoes, mini onions and hams.  They are super easy to make and you can add any ingredient that you like to your mini kabobs.

Veggie bites

Veggie bites are the ultimate healthy snack and is great for adding color to your snacks.  You can add some cocktail tomatoes, cucumber rings and red or yellow pepper strips to any plain meal and make it look a lot yummier.  Cutting veggies into strips and serving them with a tasty dip is also a great alternative and a terrific snack for extremely hot days.

Ginger beer

If you are attending church on a hot summer day then giving ginger beer is a terrific idea.  Ginger beer is easy to make and it is a lot more affordable than most beverages that can be made at home.

Reasons why you should go to church this weekend

I remember while growing up my mom was quite strict about attending church on Sundays. The truth is at that time I thought she was just being a pain and I really rather would have preferred to stay in bed. Now as an adult I see how the pressures of daily life can sometimes become overwhelming and how being closer to God and in church on Sundays can have a positive impact on my life. It may seem easier to ignore the alarm and just laze about the house on Sunday but what good is that for your soul? Here are a few reasons why you should go to church this Sunday.

Reasons why you should go to church this weekend

The Bible indicates we should go

According to various scriptures we should visit the house of God and show our discipleship. If we really want to get as close as possible to God we would need to be in church amongst other believers, worshiping, shouldn’t we? Click here for scriptures about going to church.

It is soul food

Going to church, listening to the sermon and worshipping is good for the soul especially during troubled times. This should not exclude happy times however. Whether you go for guidance during difficult situations or just to give thanks make the effort.

Encourage your friends in Christ

By going to church you will encourage your fellow Christians to also take the time on a Sunday to go to church. Christianity and worship is contagious, in a good way, so let others know that you will be attending a service and see if they join you.

Feel less guilty

I feel guilty every single time I miss church on a Sunday. I usually tell my husband to get his men’s grooming done quickly while I put on my Sunday best when the guilt gets too much. By attending church regularly you are doing something incredibly important for your spiritual life and eliminating guilt.

Worship with other likeminded individuals

It is great to know that you are surrounded by other individuals that share your religion and beliefs. It also makes your time of worship special. You get the opportunity to feel like you are part of something amazing.

Start your week with great focus and motivation

Each and every single time I go to church on a Sunday I am motivated and lighthearted about the coming week. It helps me to stay focus and in a calm and relaxed manner tackle every challenge that I might have to face. I just feel ready and in good hands after attending a service on Sunday. Monday is not as blue as usual. Click here for some spiritual motivation.

Your family will join you and love you for going

Getting your family out of bed might prove to be a challenge but after and enlightened and Christ-filled service they will love you for taking them with. Good traditional family values should include going to church together and sharing a special moment with our God and our fellow brothers and sisters.

Organizations That Christians Need To Start Supporting Right Now

As a Christian it is your mission to help others.  Jesus spent the last few years of His life to save soles, feed the hungry and cure the sick and the Bible teaches us to follow in Jesus’s footsteps by helping our fellow man as best we can and by spreading His word as often as possible.  It is each and every person’s job to do what they can to make the world a safer, more Christian and happier place and to build one another up instead of sharing gossip.  Here are some of the top organizations that you need to support.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

As a Christian you know that God entrusted the world to you and that you are supposed to take good care of it.  You have probably heard of the disastrous effects that nuclear weaponry can have on people and the environment.  The effects of a nuclear bomb can be seen for many years in the form of birth defects, damage to nature and much more.   The Foundation for Defense of Democracies is an organization that fights terrorism and promotes peace and is trying to protect you from a nuclear disaster at the very moment.  They are negotiating with other countries to impose sanctions against Iran in order to get them to stop building nuclear weaponry.  They are also greatly involved in peace negotiations with neighboring countries to help keep America as safe as possible.  As a Christian this is definitely one of the first organizations that need your support.

Organizations That Christians Need To Start Supporting Right Now

St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

God wouldn’t have given us technology if He didn’t want us to use it to save those around us.  St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital is a research facility that focuses on catastrophic diseases such as cancer in children.  The research done at this hospital is improving the life quality of children all over the world and is saving the lives of lots of children so they too can grow up and enjoy life to the fullest.  You can show them support by donating to them because medical research is one of the most expensive research types that there is.

World Wildlife Fund

You can now help to protect animals all over the world by joining this international non-governmental organization.  This organization strives to preserve wilderness areas for animals and they strive to reduce humanities footprint on certain natural areas of the world.  Their work is helping to conserve rare and endangered animals like pandas, tigers and much more as well as natural environments such as oceans, costs, forests and more.  This organization is definitely worth your support because nature and animals are the only innocents left in our corrupt and dangerous world.

American Heart Association

God works through people’s hearts and you can help to cure damaged hearts by lending support to this organization that does research to prevent cardiovascular disease.  The American Heart Association is a national voluntary health agency is saving a lot of lives and preventing a lot of disability that stems from this disease.

Acts of Kindness

There are various ways in which you can help someone, and you might be surprised at the effect a small act of kindness can have on someone else. The help doesn’t need to be financial; it can be emotional, or even a kind gesture can make a huge difference. You never know what the other person you meet on the street is going through, a simple smile can make their day, or if you want to be really useful, why not help out your neighbor with his lawn? Not only will your bond strengthen, but such acts of kindness are also looked well upon in the eyes of God.

Acts of Kindness

Helping others

One way in which you can help someone is by doing a chore for them, for instance. If you know that a friend of yours is neck deep in work and needs help, offer it to them. Help them out in whichever way possible and don’t expect anything back. You will be surprised at how good a selfless act will make you feel.

Another example would be feeding or clothing the homeless. You don’t even need to find a charity in order to help out a person in need. No matter where you live, there will always be someone less fortunate and in dire need somewhere around you. Buy a warm meal for a homeless person or give clean clothes that are still in good condition for them to wear.

Remember, God is always watching you, and you will be justly rewarded for your good deeds sooner or later. Be as selfless as you possibly can and try and help others out as much as possible. You will feel at peace, and doing good deeds will make you feel better about yourself. But most of all, it will make Him happy.

Even if you don’t have a homeless shelter nearby or live in an affluent area where there are no needy people, you can always do a kind deed by helping out your neighbor, for instance. If someone moves into your neighborhood, try and be friendly and get to know them. If needed, help them move in and help them rearrange their furniture or unpack their things. Do anything that you can to make them feel more comfortable. They will thank you for it, and God will definitely reward you for this act.

Also, if your neighbor is moving out of their home, for example, help them out by contacting a good moving company that can help box and transport their possessions. An example of a moving company that will be able to handle all the stresses of the boxing and transporting of the items is The Box Zone, as they will ensure that all the items reach the desired location in good condition and on time.

These are just some of the hundreds of different examples you will find of doing an act of kindness, and if you want to know more about what to do in order to be a good neighbor, read

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