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Creating a Free Christian Website

Your belief in God is very evident and you know that through the trials that you have gone through, your faith in Him has always remained strong mainly because of the things that He has helped you with. You know that all over the world, there are people like you whose faith in God knows no bounds and your love of God is as unconditional as His.

Yet, there are also some people who have gone astray and would need a little bit of coaxing just to get to feel the loving warmth of God’s embrace again. It can be hard to let people remember this especially at this digital and highly technological world wherein people are mostly just using their cell phones and are on the Internet. You can check this out here.

Creating a Free Christian Website

Knowing about the changes that have happened to the world lately, you know that it can work for you if you would create a Christian website. This website can help remind people of the various things that God can do for them and the best part is you do not have to spend any money just to put up the website for people who are in need.

Here are the steps that you have to follow:

  1. Choose a free Christian web hosting site. You may also choose a normal web hosting site as long as you will make sure that you will follow a Christian theme when you are already creating the site. Do remember that depending on the web hosting site that you will choose, creating the website can be harder or easier so make sure that you will choose wisely.
  2. Think about the web design that you would like the site to have overall. You have to remember that there are some websites that are obviously Christian the moment that you see it but there are also some sites that do not look like a Christian site immediately. You can choose depending on what you think will work best by contact professional web design perth to realize your ideas.
  3. Make sure that you will choose the right name for your site. It will help if you could check out the various names that are already available. This way, you will not have the same name with another website. Having the same name may not be possible but you can have a very similar name to another website that will only confuse people who might visit your site in the future.
  4. Remember to create the website depending on your target audience. Who are the people that you expect to visit your website? Think about these things properly so that you can be sure with what you are going to get.
  5. If you would constantly update your website with great content, you can be sure that people will keep coming back for more especially if they become inspired by the things that you are sharing to people.

With these things in mind, you can have a great looking website that also looks functional and can be beneficial at the same time.

Importance of Bookkeeping in Churches

Although not classified as a commercial business, churches face a lot of financial concerns. They have donations to manage, funds to organize, money to give, and properties to protect. And often, only the church treasurer handles all these concerns because he or she’s the only one who has some experience in accounting. The leader and members of the church then expect the church treasurer to handle all the church finances properly, even though he or she may have only little knowledge about accounting and bookkeeping.

bookkeeping churches

But as a leader or member of the church, you must realize that without giving much thought about your church finances may put your church in financial difficulties and struggle. While church financial transactions are not as complicated as business transactions, it is crucial for churches to manage their funds properly to be able to continue their operation. Many people are unaware that a lot of congregations have already been shut down due to the mishandling of their finances. And I’m pretty sure that you don’t want that to happen to your own church. Well, while it’s okay to have your own church treasurer, you must not give him or her all the financial obligations of your church. It is important to also delegate some tasks to other members, or much better hire someone who is much capable in handling accounting stuff. Here are the benefits of hiring a professional bookkeeper:

Compliance with the government laws

Like commercial businesses, churches must also comply with the laws set in place by the government authorities. They must pay their employees regularly and appropriately, as well as face their tax responsibilities. Some churches fail to comply with the government rules because of a lot of issues – and the results are devastating. Isn’t it important for churches to be a good example for their members? Professional bookkeepers make sure that your organization is complying with the law. They help you manage your church’s finances and ensure that your records are up-to-date and accurate.

Help grow and protect your church.

Almost certainly, there will come a time that your church expands – acquiring new members, involving in a business activity to gain more revenues, and enhancing your church reach. Of course, this is a good thing for any organization. But also remember that as your church expands, your church responsibility also increases. Failure to take responsibility will lead to church failure. Professional bookkeepers know how to handle growing funds. Their training and knowledge in the field of accounting will help you ensure that your funds are handled properly. They also ensure that all your church’s records are securely protected, preventing unauthorized people from accessing them.

Help make sound financial decision.

Dealing with finances can be quite confusing. If your treasurer does not have enough knowledge and training, he or she may provide faulty information, which can lead to incorrect decisions. Professional bookkeepers help you deal with your financial records, no matter how complicated they are, and ensure that every information they provide are accurate and correct.

Financial statements show the true condition of your church. A financially healthy church makes all your members happier, more motivated to give, and more encouraged to acquire new members.

Is a prenuptial agreement okay for Christians?

Let’s face it – no one is born a great husband or wife. But it’s something that we can learn since marriage is a journey and a process of development. However, something has gone terribly wrong in our society today and part of that is that people no longer know how to value their marriage. While marriage is supposedly a beautiful event between two individuals, divorce seems like a growing trend. Today, approximately 50 percent of American marriages end up in divorce, and the rate is continuously rising.

prenup agreement

Because of this, a lot of individuals are now considering prenuptial agreements before getting married. While prenuptial agreements are mostly popular among celebrities because of their lifestyle, more and more people today are opting to sign forms for prenup agreement before taking their vows. Even teachers, nurses, salesmen, and small business owners are signing these forms.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreement, also known as premarital agreement or simply prenup, is a written contract made by two people before they marry. The content of prenuptial agreement can vary from couple to couple, but usually, it involves property and support issues. Prenup agreements can set forth what will happen to your assets, properties, and future earnings in case of divorce, death, or separation.

Prenuptial agreements are gaining popularity in the U.S. today for a variety of reasons. First, they are able to protect the property and financial assets of individuals. Second, they make sure that their property will go to their own children or family in case of separation – this is particularly common when the other person has children from a former marriage. And most importantly, prenuptial agreements enable individuals to control their own assets. Many prenuptial agreements are signed because couples do not want to experience the hassle of dealing with complicated legal processes, such as letting the court decide how to divide their property should the marriage end.

While prenuptial agreements are becoming common today, most Christians, if not all, are not in favor in this type of agreement. Prenuptial agreements are completely outside the Christians’ vision of marriage. God intended marriage to be permanent and lasting as long as the couple is alive. When two Christians get married, they should commit to the marriage and have a strong faith that the marriage will last, no matter what happens. For Christians, signing a prenup agreement is like planning a wedding and a divorce. As what they say, a couple that prepares for the possibility of separation is headed toward it.

When two people marry, they become one. As the Scriptures say, “…a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24, NIV)

When a man and a woman become one, it means they both share everything they have. For instance, if the husband has $2 million dollars in his bank account and the wife only has $200,000 when they marry, both of them now have that $2.2 million dollars. It doesn’t mean dividing the money in half, with both of them receiving $1.1 million dollars each. They both share everything they have.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with prenup agreements. Actually, they are even beneficial for individuals as they give them peace of mind regarding the status of their assets. In today’s society, prenuptial agreements are even considered necessary. But of course, we can’t debate with other people, especially with Christians, regarding their view about this type of agreement. Marriage is a sacred thing and it should be taken seriously. As what Christians say, if you can’t trust your future spouse about your money, how can you trust him or her with your life, family, and future?

Welding: A Great Opportunity to Commune with the Lord

When you are at church it is easy to commune with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. You are in their house, and you probably feel that it is much easier to connect with them. But what if you aren’t in the house of God? The bible has said that God is everywhere you are, so if He is, wouldn’t it be easier just as easy to commune with him?

The answer is yes, it is just as easy to commune with the lord as it is in church. The thing is, instead of praising him with a group of people, you are praising him by yourself, and thus you need to use a different method of praise. The best way that many Christians have found to praise God outside of a church is to take up a hobby where you have plenty of time to think.

One hobby that a few Christians have taken up that has given them a chance to commune with God is welding. Welding requires intense concentration, and because of that, interaction with other people will be at a minimum. This produces the best conditions for communing with the Lord. If you decide to make welding the way you communicate with God, here are a few tips to help you.

Give Yourself time to Get in the Zone

As mentioned earlier, welding takes a great deal of concentration. When you are first starting, you need to focus on what you are doing so you are able to perform your job correctly and so you won’t hurt yourself. Before you attempt to start communing with God, you need to make sure that you have everything under control. Sometimes thinking about something else while you are engaged in an activity can take your attention away from it. So you need to make sure this won’t happen, especially in welding.

The last couple of sentences were just a warning. You can still easily commune with God when you are welding, you just need to make sure you have everything under control. This is easy to do once you have the basics of welding down and you are “in the zone” where welding becomes second nature while you’re working.

Start out with a Prayer

This is an important part of the process. Before you begin welding, start out with a prayer. This not only helps communing with God easier, since prayer is a way to start your conversation with Him, but it also helps clear your mind so that you can focus on Him and Welding much more easily.

Know the Right Times to talk to Him

As you get started, you will figure out the easiest times to talk to the Lord when you are welding. This will usually be when you have an easy task to perform. Some of these tasks include checking on your equipment and using an IR thermometer to check if your surface is getting hot enough. As an aside, it is very important to have a good thermometer. You need to make sure  you do your research to find the best infrared thermometers for your welding needs.

Welding is a great hobby, or even job, that you can do to get in touch with the Lord. Follow these simple tips, and tips from other experienced welders, and you will find that this is a very relaxing and spiritual way to talk to God.

5 Items Churches Should Have for Emergencies

church preparednessIn event of an area emergency, most people head to the nearest school or church for safety. This is true when there is risk of a natural disaster, impending bad weather or a string of power outages. Individuals and families trust that these facilities will be stocked with the necessities to help them survive through the night or even a few days while they wait out a storm. Churches and schools play a vital role in providing shelter for those who have been displaced from their homes during natural disasters as well. Here are five items that your church should have on hand in event of an emergency.

Clean Drinking Water – One of the biggest problems faced when natural disasters threaten an area is a lack of clean drinking water. Often times flood waters can contaminate the drinking water and other storm damage may unleash chemicals into the water. An easy way for churches and schools to stock up on drinking water is to ask people to donate it at least once or twice per year. If you have a few hundred patrons and each donates one gallon jug (around $0.70) then you are able to keep your supply stocked without any one person spending a bulk amount of money.

Another approach is to invite people in your community to drop off their empty soda and milk bottles. Clean them thoroughly and then fill them up at the local spring for free or at your local store for a discounted rate.

Spare Blankets and Clothing – Blankets are typically a must-have during an emergency. Large organization like to donate small blankets to help communities be prepared for an emergency. Consider reaching out to the local Red Cross or similar organizations. Alternatively, you can invite people to drop off their old blankets and clothing to your location. Wash these items and keep them stored in plastic containers for when needed.

Flashlights & Batteries – In event of a power outage there is one item that you will want on hand – the ultimate flashlight. Being able to see when you are getting around a large facility is critical, especially when there are dozens or even hundreds of other people wandering around. Churches and schools should stock pile versions of the ultimate tactical flashlight to hand out to those who have been displaced by a storm. Also be sure to keep plenty of batteries on hand. These items are also items that you can invite members of the community to donate throughout the year.

Canned Goods – Food supply is important as well. Canned goods can last for years. In addition to running a canned food donation drive every year you should also create canning days. These are days where community members can donate jars of homemade canned items or they can bring supplies or produce that can be canned. When the whole community helps out it creates memories and helps you be prepared for an emergency.

Games/ Books – People can get restless when they are trapped in a building during a storm. Especially if there is no electricity. Keep books and board or card games available to keep everyone occupied during their stay. This will also help keep peoples minds off any damage that could be happening outside.

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