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Achieve a Better Spiritual Connection with Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps practitioners learn to focus on the present moment. It is designed to help calm the mind, increase concentration, provide clarity, and relax and rejuvenate the mind and body. While meditation is often connected to specific religious practices, its practice does not actually tie together with a specific group. That means the benefits of meditation can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of the religious preference.

But how can meditation improve one’s spiritual well-being? It is actually quite simple.

Achieve a Better Spiritual Connection with Meditation

Increase Awareness

People are often distracted by the regular activities and stresses in our daily lives. Our minds jump from one obligation to the next, and we can easily feel stretched too thin. But meditation provides a remedy to our constantly on-the-go lifestyle. It requires discipline and focus, and aims to help practitioners to let go of their anxieties and live solely in the now.

By teaching yourself to be fully present, you are more aware of what is happening around you. You can tune into the activities at hand and may notice things that a more distracted mind would miss. And that leaves you open to many spiritual experiences that occur as part of daily life on this planet. You may find yourself more inspired and attuned than you were previously, and that can be a truly spiritual experience.

Increase Contentment

Meditation also benefits your mindset. Serotonin production in the brain increases and regular practitioners often report feeling happier in general than before they began meditating regularly. The increased awareness can make your daily problems seem much smaller and more manageable, which lowers overall stress levels and increases feelings of contentment and satisfaction. It is easier to let go of frustration and tension, and you may even be less likely to anger than you were previously.

How to Gain the Benefits of Meditation

Adding meditation to your daily life is much simpler than many believe. You don’t have to start out sitting still for hours every day trying to reach some mystical place of enlightenment. Instead, you can start small. Set aside a few minutes a day and practice mindful meditation. Even five minutes, in the beginning, can help build the habit and begin providing benefits.

As you become more comfortable with the practice, you can extend the time. Don’t feel pressured to move quickly. Instead, shift from five minute daily meditations to 10 minute periods. Give yourself a chance to get comfortable with the longer sessions before adding another five minutes to the time.

There is no mandatory minimum for effective meditation. If you can’t spare more than 15 minutes a day, then stick with a 15-minute daily meditation. If you schedule allows, feel free to dedicate more time until you feel you have reached an ideal balance.

You also don’t have to meditate the same amount of time every day, though it is helpful to schedule a minimum amount of time. However, if you find yourself with an extra 10 minutes on the weekend, feel free to meditate 10 minutes longer on those days than you do on weekdays.

Meditation is a persona practice, so there are no set rules in place. Do what works best for you and see where the practice takes you. If you want more information, visit http://msia.org.au/ today.

Faith in Tragedy

The year was 2000. John was living with his sister. He had been kicked out by his parents and his sister came back from her home in South Florida to ensure that he could move out of his truck and into a home. She even bought a house after the initial apartment was simply too small for the two of them. That’s not to mention the fact the sink stopped working and they had to do the dishes in the bathtub. John had no idea that he was about to learn how to have faith in tragedy.

The car accident came at the worst time. Though, of course, car accidents are never welcome. Thankfully, he wasn’t hit by a semi, and in fact, there was no other car involved. It was just John, his ex-girlfriend and his soon-to-be-sorry-good-for-nothing BFF in the cab of the 1970 Chevy pickup truck. Shockingly, they had been sober. There was no car accident lawyer employed, though the blown-up tires surely warranted one.

Faith in Tragedy

The Accident

John was driving his beloved blue pickup down a straight away. All was going as it should when suddenly a tire blew. It was during that time in which there was a recall on tires, the kind he had on his truck, and he lost control. The truck slammed into an orange tree, sheared off the gas cap (which was located behind the driver’s door), and ignited. His BFF and ex climbed through the window leaving him in the car to burn. Learn more.

Praise God, there was a man who came to his rescue, pulling him out the shattered windshield by his belt. He lay burning on the ground, writhing in pain. The ambulance came, and his BFF called his sister. When she arrived at the hospital, she swears if she’d been asked to identify the body she would have been unable to. John was charred and swollen. He did not look like the brother she’d loved enough to move for.

The Hospital

John’s left arm was so burned it reminded her of the main character in the Tales from the Crypt show. They ultimately had to cut half of it off. His burns covered 50% of his body and those areas that had been untouched by the flames were marred by the surgeon’s knife, utilized as skin graft donor spots. Read more about skin grafts.

The coma lasted for months. His sister was not sure he would live and if he did, whether or not he would want to once he saw a mirror. This was a tragedy of the utmost proportion. But he did live, and when he awoke, he was a different man. The vanity that had often created arrogance in him was gone. One might have considered him a shell of his former self.

The Lesson

“John,” she asked him one day, as she held his hand, “are you ok?” The answer was obvious, but she needed to know how he saw things. “No,” he answered honestly, “but God didn’t let me die, so I must have a reason to be here.” A tear trickled down her cheek, it matched the one on his. “Yes,” she told him, with complete conviction, “He’s got a purpose for you. That’s why you’re still here.”

Since the accident, John has volunteered to help burned kids at summer camps. He has fathered a gorgeous blonde haired blue eyed little girl, and remains an inspiration to his family. There can be faith in tragedy, if you believe that God is always in control and He loves you! Click this for more information.

How to Be a Stylish Christian Motivational Speaker

People listen to people they look up to. If you want people to listen to you, you have to show them that you are worth listening to.  You have to prove to them that you are worth their time and efforts.  And you have to show them that you are also putting in a lot of effort.  You have to be someone that they want to become.  One of the best ways to be all this is to work on your personal appearance because let’s face it; no one wants to be a messy, greasy haired person.  If you look better, you will feel better and you will speak up more confidently.

How to Be a Stylish Christian Motivational Speaker

Start traveling in style

Don’t have a fancy car? Then it is time to contact the nearest car service to LAX.  The LAX Car Service is a unique transportation company that you can use for any travels in major areas like Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Orange County, Las Vegas and more.  This car service has a great variety of luxury vehicles like the 2015 Tesla, 2015 Cadillac Escalade or even a H2 Hummer Limousine that you can choose from that will allow you to travel in style.  You will also be supplied with a professional and experienced driver that will keep you safe and ensure you arrive on time.  Traveling with a chauffeur is always the best when you are going to do motivational speaking because you can relax on the way and practice your speeches while someone else does all the driving.

Be punctual

It’s always bad manners to be late for a meeting or major event.  But it is completely unacceptable for a motivational speaker to be late for a speaking.  Some of the people who attend your speeches went through a lot of trouble to be there and they might even have traveled far to get there.  Being punctual is a must if you want to be respected by the public.

Mind your personal appearance

A good appearance is a must.  If you show that you work hard on your looks, people will also believe that you worked hard on your work.  You should adopt a good and professional wardrobe for your speeches and you should mind your hair and grooming before each speech.  If you are speaking in front of lots of people or if someone is planning on filming you then you should consider a professional makeup artist so you will look fantastic.

Always have something fresh to say

Your words have to be inspiring, fresh and new each and every day.  The bible has 66 books, 1189 chapters and 31173 verses.  Each of these verses has something in them that are interesting.  Yet reverends and preachers will constantly stick to popular biblical tales in their sermons, which is why so many people sleep in church.  You should look beyond these regular biblical tales to some of the tales that have not been told quite as much.  That way you can captivate people, inspire them and teach them something new and refreshing each time they come to your speeches.

How You Can Grow Closer to God as a Family

A family that prays together stays together. Do you want to come closer to God as a family? As a parent, do you want your children to follow the word of Bible in their everyday lives? Before you come close to God as a family, it is important to be close to each other as a family. Whether you go on picnics together as a family or use the best nerf guns to engage in nerf gun wars as a family; every activity counts. Giving nerf guns to your children as Christmas gifts can also increase association and love (making sure you choose it according to type of ammunition the gun takes, size, battery and accuracy of gun).

How You Can Grow Closer to God as a Family

Once you have united as a family, here’s how you can get closer to God as one.

  1. Be Determined

We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments. 5 We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ. 2 CORINTHIANS 10:4-5 NLT

At the point when confronted with a troublesome circumstance, be resolved to pray and search for answers in God’s Word. Prayer takes our focus off of our troublesome circumstance and helps us concentrate on God. There is no circumstance excessively troublesome for God and his energy. God can likewise give us the answers and bits of knowledge into what moves we have to make.

Thus, the Bible will give us experiences into our heart condition and the zones we have to change keeping in mind the end goal to lead our family.

The Bible says that supplication and submission to the Bible are capable. What “fortifications” do you find in your family? Do you utilize the Bible and prayer to overcome these or do you tend to utilize your own particular human wisdom? Discover a sacred text that helps you with an area you have been attempting to lead your family and you’ll start to see God’s energy change your family in ways you can’t.

  1. Be an Example for Your Family

Then they said to Jeremiah, “May the LORD your God be a faithful witness against us if we refuse to obey whatever he tells us to do! 6 Whether we like it or not, we will obey the LORD our God to whom we are sending you with our plea. For if we obey him, everything will turn out well for us.” JEREMIAH 42:5-6

This sacred text guarantees that God will make everything turn out well as we lead through dutifulness to the Bible. The Bible says to do this in any case. This way to we have to oppose taking after our sentiments or assessments. You may not generally prefer taking after the Bible, but rather do you do it at any rate?

Feelings change constantly, and tailing them will prompt to fatigue for us as fathers and disarray for our family. Each family needs to figure out how to submit feelings to the Bible. As fathers, our illustration will motivate our families to trust God’s Word themselves. God can work with a family that trusts and complies with his Word.

One basic choice to make in the event that you need to lead by your illustration is to read the Bible consistently. It is fundamental to read the Word of God day by day so as to obey it. It is equally important to follow the words of Bible as well.

Ways to enjoy God’s creation

Every day is a blessing and God wants us to enjoy every bit of the creation that he has given us. It is time to take time out of your busy schedule to go outside and appreciate your surroundings. Even if you don’t really like the outdoors getting some sun will do you well and also give you and your loved ones the ideal excuse to spend quality time together. In this article we will be looking at a few fantastic ways to enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

If your garden is looking a bit under the weather you should take the time to get a bit dirty and feel and enjoy the creation in your own backyard. You can plant flowers or vegetables. Gardening is a fantastic way to relax and will give you the peace of mind you need to do a little bit of meditation with God. You might not know it but you might have green fingers. Colorful and beautiful blossoms will just bring you closer to God.

Ways to enjoy God’s creation

A family picnic is also a fantastic way to spend time together in the presence of God while surrounded by nature and the beauty the world has to offer. Make it a budget option by making snacks together. The green grass, the light breeze and the ambience in nature will absolutely bring you and your loved ones as close to God as possible. Click here for awesome picnic ideas.

The simplest and easiest way to enjoy nature and God’s creation is to take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule and going for a walk. Notice the trees in your area, listen to the birds and feel the warm sun in your face. Take a look at the Canon eos 6d to get hold of one of the best cameras to capture every miracle that you see. These photos will keep you grounded and assure that you will always have those memories to look at.

Camping and fishing is also another fantastic way to wake up in nature and fall asleep under the stars. This will give you the ultimate closeness with God because you will get a 360 degree view of the creation. We really don’t spend enough time admiring the Milky Way on a riverbank with a bonfire cracking in the background. This is a great way to bond with family and friends once again in the presence of God. This form of relaxation is for the adventurous at heart and is also not the priciest option if you need to get away for a couple of days. If you plan a camping trip you can also include fellow Christians to accompany you and turn it into a spiritual weekend. This will be a great way to praise and worship while in the presence of God and enjoying his creation. We spend too much time indoors and it is important to take a breath of fresh air now and then. Click here for some fantastic camping ideas.

How You Can Trust God Again

You grew up thinking that God will make sure that everything will go according to what you want but you will realize as you experience different things in your life that things do not always work this way. When something bad happens to you, you cannot help but feel disappointed about life in general.

Disappointment is a hard emotion to feel. You cannot do anything about it but you cannot stop yourself from feeling disappointed. When you become disappointed, this means that you were not able to measure up to what you are feeling. Sometimes disappointment will make you feel like a failure.

How You Can Trust God Again

There are times when disappointment will turn inward. This means that you will begin to hate yourself. There are also times when disappointment will turn outward. This means that you do not want to be with other people. You would rather browse through Netflix Australia and check everything that it has to offer. Instead of going out with your friends, you would rather watch the different shows that are available there. You would like to see different movies and hard to find television series. Whenever there are new releases, you will forget about your meetings. You just want to be alone because you are feeling disappointed.

It is also likely that you are going to start feeling disappointed with God. This is the hardest thing that you are going to experience because you will feel that you cannot trust God anymore and the things that he can do for you. Once you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, you will begin to trust God again but it will not be easy. Here are some things that you can do:

  1. Make sure that you will tell God the whole truth about what you are feeling. If you are feeling bad, then tell God about it. Once you have surrendered it to God, you will start to feel better.
  2. Start thinking of ways on how you can improve your present situation. You can ask God to guide you about the things that you are going to do and you will be guided accordingly.
  3. Count your blessings. You may be feeling disappointed because of the things that you have experienced without realizing that you are still more blessed than other people. Think about people who have problems that are far worse than you.

Remember that when you are feeling pain, the enemy would like you to believe that God has forgotten and abandoned you. You may have negative feelings because of what is currently happening to you but you should resist succumbing to this. This is not true at all. God will never abandon you. You need to have faith in God’s word. When everything else is lost, you can hold on to your faith and you will begin to feel God’s love and care. You will realize that even with all of the things that are happening, the love of God for us is never waning.

How to Become More Spiritual

There are a lot of people who consider themselves very religious people. They are very strict and precise about the things that they consider to be good and bad. Some believe that they should not get a tattoo because according to their belief, this is not allowed.

There are some people who are still very old school in their ways. They would rather not try wealthy affiliate scam review because in their belief, it would not be a good way to start their online business. They would rather stick to tried and tested ways even if something better is being offered to them. Being stuck in the old times is not necessarily bad but when an opportunity like Wealthy Affiliate is given, should this be ignored?

How to Become More Spiritual

The rigid moral codes that some people still strictly believe in can sometimes cause disruption with the world. There are a lot of people who kill each other because of their different beliefs. Some people always assume that they are right even when they are not. You have to remember that spirituality without religion is still possible if you know what to do.

  1. You have to learn how to meditate.

When you meditate, you are taking time alone in order to clear out your thoughts and your plans. Sometimes, the things that you hear can cloud your judgment. Meditating will allow you to focus again and listen to what you believe is right. Aside from being in touch with your spiritual self, meditating will give some physical health benefits.

  1. You can try to take time alone.

Are you the type of person who is always surrounded by your friends, family and loved ones? There are times when you also need to spend time alone. You get the opportunity to make your own decisions. You get the chance to do whatever you want without thinking about how the other people you are with will react because you are alone. The best place to be alone is within nature so you can bond with your surroundings.

  1. Read about the lives of other people.

You may sometimes be shallow because you only consider what you want and what will be beneficial for you. There are times when you also need to read about the lives of the people that you admire the most. You will see that like you, they have also encountered situations wherein they struggled and failed. You will feel better about the shortcomings that you are experiencing at present time.

  1. Be a big help to other people.

Do you know that when you help other people, you have the opportunity to touch their lives? When you do this, it is your spiritual self-tapping to their very own spiritual selves. You can help other people by volunteering to do good work. You will realize that after some good deeds, your quality of life will change and you will begin to feel better about how you are living your life so far.

With all of these things in mind, your stress levels will decrease and you will be more in touch with your spiritual self.

Anger and the Believer

Thinking that Christ-followers are not allowed to get angry, or shouldn’t get angry is a fallacy. If we are what the Bible tells us, created in God’s image, then it is natural to see anger as part of our God given design. After all, there are plenty of instances throughout Scripture in which the Almighty gets angry.

The real problem is what we choose to do with that anger. If you succumb to the “natural man” aspect of your humanity it is quite possible that you will pursue vengeful and vindictive behavior. Perhaps you will contact David in order to purchase a new drone so that you can spy on your enemies, or drop little unwelcome presents in their general vicinity. Obviously, this would not bode well for anyone claiming to adhere to a Christ-like life.

So what constitutes a moment in which it is ok to be angry as a Christian? This is a valid question and one that should be carefully considered.

Anger and the Believer

When is it ok to be Angry?

Surely you have come across the verse that tells us to be angry but do not sin (Ephesians 4:26). Keep in mind that the verse permits the emotions associated with anger. What it does not do, is allow for unbiblical behaviors that might tempt you in the midst of those emotions. So when is it ok to be angry (so long as you don’t sin)? Read more.

We think that when you are trying to live a life that is modeled after the King of the Universe you should seek your answers from His Word. That means trying to unite your life and its choices with those things that are representative of His heart. If you want to ensure that you are only exhibiting righteous anger, then it is a good idea to understand what makes a righteous God angry. Here are two things we discovered:

  • Idolatry- If you have the Scriptural fortitude and ambition to begin researching the concept of anger as mentioned in the Bible, you will begin that quest understanding that the thing that makes God repeatedly angry is idolatry. He is not interested in sharing His children with any other thing that will take their focus and devotion away from Him. We were created in His image to serve and worship Him. When we allow other things to invade our time and lives, then we stir up His anger. This is because He knows that nothing else is as good for us as He is. Idolatry will bring us harm and as a loving Father, He does not want His children hurt by their separation from Him. Learn more.
  • Neglect– God gets angry when we neglect Him. Imagine how you feel when someone who claims to love you stops spending time with you. These are moments that can bring about legitimate anger. While people may not have chosen to place one specific thing in the throne He deserves, they are still choosing to ignore His existence and disrespect His commands. This makes Him angry. Those who choose to neglect God are destined for that wrath. Read these verses.

These two instances are the most common causes of God’s anger. What we need to see to answer the question previously mentioned, is that it is ok to get angry when you have been neglected or when something or someone else has been made more important. However, be careful what you choose to do because of it. Drones are certainly not necessary.

Having faith at the worst times

It is sometimes hard to understand why difficulties come across our path and why we sometimes have to deal with obstacles when we try and live our lives as righteous as we possibly can. It is the very enlightening truth though that our faith needs to be at its strongest when we are facing battles in our daily lives. This is also usually the time where temptation sets in for us to do the wrong thing and even though we shouldn’t we sometimes submit. It is also known that tough times and trying situations usually come at a time of victory or happiness.

Everyone has experience trying times and sleepless nights while wondering how to deal with certain unplanned and unexpected situations. It almost feels like a battle. This is where we have to realize that even though we are at a crossroad we still need to select God and run to him with what we are dealing with. This can include illness, financial problems and just about anything that seems hard to deal with. Life is sometimes going to give us lemons. It is up to us to determine if we are strong enough to get through it and face another day.

Having faith at the worst times

We also sometimes need to remind ourselves that God is with us and not against us and that every new day delivers a bit of hope that can help us get through whatever we are dealing with. Usually if we just ask in prayer God will shower us with his love and understanding and we will not be forced to get through our trials and dark places alone. Click here to read scripture about this.

Keeping faith in hard times seems to be the most challenging thing for us to do. We cannot simply be in prayer and grateful when things are going well, we need to also use our gift of freewill and trust God when we are facing inner demons. If for example you are ill and you perhaps need surgery take a look at Surgeons In Beverly Hills for some fantastic surgeons that offer great outpatient surgery services. As you walk into that clinic you need to take God with you and actually believe that he has your back at all times.

We need to realize that without God we are nothing and even if it might seem like a humbling experience we need to learn from our mistakes and learn from bad experiences in how we react. God is always a prayer away and it is comforting to know that he is always with us. This is usually the time to keep still and do soul searching while spending time with God. Read more about quiet time with God. This is our time to stay strong in the word and read everything we can in the Bible that will reinforce us for what is coming. There is an answer to any question in there and it is up to us to find it.

4 Ways You Can Please God

A number of people end up exhausted from trying to please God through doing work that isn’t really necessary. While serving in church and reading the Bible are the habits of a good Christian, there’s a lot more that needs to be done when it comes to pleasing God.

4 Ways You Can Please God

In case you’re making a decent attempt to please God yet feel like you’re missing the mark regarding doing as such, it’s an ideal opportunity to find how genuinely simple it really is to please God.

  1. See your association with God the way He does. From God’s point of view, your association with Him depends on affection, not rules. Remember that God is your Father in paradise, so you can take a look at your human connections in families, (for example, with your parents or with your kids (if you have any) to help you comprehend what an adoring guardian’s desires resemble. While God calls you to continue developing in sacredness, He doesn’t dismiss you on the off chance that you neglect to experience the greater part of the tenets. Like a decent human parent, God urges you to experience your potential while likewise lenient you when you come up short, showing you profitable lessons, and engaging you to continue developing. You can assume that God has your best advantages on a fundamental level, since He cherishes you totally and completely.
  2. Concentrate on the main work God genuinely requires of you. All that is truly essential for you to do as a Christian is the work of confidence: having confidence in Jesus and believing Him in all aspects of your life. Each and every other great work that God drives you to do will spill out of the establishment of confidence, and just confidence is important for your salvation. While it can appear like confidence doesn’t include work, it really does, in light of the fact that you should attempt to surrender your own particular endeavors to control your life and place your trust completely in God to lead you to what’s ideal. God wants you to help His people. For example, if you come across someone who is undergoing money problems and needs to get the plumbing or heating fixed in his house, help him out. Get in touch with atozplumbingheating.com and hire them to fix whatever needs to be fixed. The best part is that they are licensed, bonded and insured. They have been in the business for 30 years and offer all heating and plumbing services at extremely affordable prices. So in case that’s how you want to help someone out, they will serve all your needs accordingly.
  3. Find the happiness behind God’s summons. Perceive that God has composed each of His charges to you for your advantage: to shield you from mischief and help you create happiness, paying little mind to what conditions you experience in this fallen world. When you remember that God has great purposes for calling you to act in certain ways, you can see that God’s orders aren’t weights, however endowments.
  4. Understand the limits that God has incorporated with His orders. At the point when God orders you to accomplish something, He makes it handy to satisfy those charges by building limits into them so they get to be quantifiable targets.

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