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Great Games for Your Youth Group

Chasing after God, and learning to walk in His ways is certainly no game. In fact, He is a pretty serious entity, but not without a sense of humor. One would only have to look at a duck billed platypus, or a baboon’s painted rear, to know that God likes to amuse Himself.

It is rather unfortunate though, that a vast majority of today’s youth groups are spending far too much time playing games than they are studying the Bible. This is why the American church is in sharp decline, rapidly spiraling away from all that God would have us hold dear, namely His Word.

Perhaps more unfortunate, is the inclination by pastors and youth leaders to cater to the “entertain me” mentality of this generation. Somehow we have got to disciple these young people so that Christ can be glorified in them. He’s not their homeboy, and that is something that only a strong grounding in the Scriptures can reveal.

But, we live at a time in which we must mix fun with study in order to inspire further Spiritual investigation. That is why we have created this list of great games for your youth group. Perhaps you should utilize these as rewards for accurate adherence to, and knowledge of, the Scriptures. That might make the games more valuable in the eyes of God.

Great Games for Your Youth Group

5 Great Youth Group Games

Check out these exciting games to boost your youth group participation and Biblical studies enthusiasm:

  1. Seated Basketball- You won’t need an Easton S2 for this one. Especially since basketball doesn’t require youth baseball bats. But you will need a bucket and a ball. Players position their chairs at the beginning of the game and cannot move from that spot. They have to utilize team work to get the ball into a basket, or bucket, on a table.
  2. Real World Bible Drills- This will get them studying. The concept is to find verses in the Bible that will help them get through real world issues. If they are dealing with anger they would research the passages that include anger. If they are sad, then they might want verses that instill joy. The team with the most verses that are contextually applicable wins. Check out this site to help the students in topical searches.
  3. Bible Jeopardy- It’s Bible Jeopardy, but you can always throw in some non-Bible based questions.
  4. Name that Tune- This is one way to get the kids to listen to more Christian music. Play five seconds of a faith based song and has the kids guess what it is. You can have teams face off one at a time, or do it in group form. Here are some great tunes to use for this game.
  5. Tug of War- Everyone knows how to play this game. You can make it more fun by having students play against parents, boys against girls, or youth leaders versus youth. Or you could try putting a couple of strong people against a lot of weaker ones and see who prevails.

If these games do not strike your fancy, there are other options available. As we said previously, there are an infinite number of youth group games out there, since most people are more interested in playing around than in serving God. However, the real value in this life is found in obedience to Jesus Christ. You can learn more here.

Make an impact with art

If you are a spiritual person you would know that doing something good for someone that is less fortunate or going through a trying time in their lives. There is a great feeling of gratitude and fulfillment that comes with helping others. It is scientifically proven that art is a form of therapy and can help individuals, child or adult to feel better about themselves and perhaps for a few creative moments set their troubles aside. Read more about the healing power of art. If you haven’t been actively involved in any charity or community projects you might want to consider starting an art project that will help others by keeping them engaged in something creative and healing. You can go as far as getting your whole church involved and it will be a fun and religious experience in helping others. Here are a few art projects you might want to consider.

Make an impact with art


Beading is a lot of fun for everyone. This is a great way to get everyone entertained in no time at all. You don’t have to buy the most expensive beads. Perhaps settle with a few beautiful acrylic designs that are cheap and great fun to bead with. You can teach people to make jewelry or other beaded items. The amazing thing is that you will be teaching a trade to people which might enable them to sell their creations.

Adult coloring sessions

Adult coloring is on the rise and has become a great method for adults to relax and take time out. It would be a fantastic idea to visit a shelter with a couple of adult coloring sheets and click here for some great colored gel pens that will brighten anyone’s day. It is said that the patterns that are included in adult coloring books have a therapeutic result. The gel pens are great to color with and with the wide variety of color you will be spoilt for choice.


Music is just a fabulous form of art that can bring light to the darkest day. Get hold of a couple of instruments and perhaps ask the musicians of your church to come along. At first it might sound like an absolute cacophony but if everyone takes the time to learn a simple instrument you might have a lot of fun at the end of the day. It is just the idea of doing something creative and fun that will mean the world to the less fortunate. Read more about the therapeutic benefits offered by music.

Sewing and embroidery

There is a great way to get people involved in a large project and all it would require is material scraps. Get a group of people involved in making a quilt with patchwork. Sewing is a great trade to learn and it will be a fun activity to watch the quilts getting completed with all the different block of material that will turn it into a colorful work of art.

How to Be Travel Ready for Christian Missionary Work

As a dedicated Christian you never know when God or your church will be in need of your services.  Missionary work is one of the most important instructions that God gives in the Bible and needs to be taken seriously.  Despite all the technological devices and the internet there are still a lot of people out there who hardly know the Bible or what Christianity is which means there are still a lot of people in need of your services.  God also instructs us to care for those in need and what better way to do that than through missionary work?  If you are travel ready or have travel ready habits then you can be there for your Church and for that in need at the exact moment when you are needed.

How to Be Travel Ready for Christian Missionary Work

Learn to pack light

Traveling is terrific, adventurous and fun if you pack light.  But hauling a lot of baggage around the world can become quite tedious and will definitely affect your flexibility, mobility and comfort on a journey.  It is time to learn how to travel light and get along with minimal bagging so you can enjoy your trips more and be there for those in need  much quicker and more comfortably.

Put away some money

Traveling is and will always be expensive.  You live in a world where resources are becoming scarcer and where people have to work a lot harder to make a living.  Having a bit of money stored away for missionary work can help you be on your journey a lot faster and will also help you help those in need a lot easier when you have a little something to donate or when you can at least cover your own living cost during the missionary trips.

Service your car properly

Vehicle maintenance is an absolute must for all vehicle owners and especially for those who are planning on going on a major missionary trip.   You should get your vehicle serviced so your engine can be in good shape and you should also get your air conditioner repaired, filled and serviced so you can save on fuel and enjoy the long journey without breaking a sweat.  A service and check on all of your vehicle’s auto electrics is also an absolute must that most car repair companies will never check.  Electrical flaws in your vehicle can lead to a breakdown or a lot of unnecessary fuel consumption. Find out more here and get your auto electrics and air conditioner sorted out easily and affordably.

Keep your passport updated

You can get a temporary passport relatively quickly but the process is still quite tedious.  If you want to be ultimately travel ready then you should have a passport ready at all times so you can go on abroad missionary trips much quicker.  If your passport is ready at all times you will never be held back or miss out on the missionary trip of a lifetime and you can enjoy even the most unplanned of trips.

Help the Less Fortunate through Scrap Sewing Projects

Many of us would like more opportunities to help those who are less fortunate than us, but we may not have the funds to donate large amounts of cash, and may have limited availability outside of the home.  For those who already complete a variety of sewing projects at home, consider turning your scraps into items that can be used in various shelters in your area.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some ideas to get your started.

Start by Thinking Small

Many small projects can be completed even with a basic sewing machine for beginners.  This can allow those who are new to sewing to still produce helpful items with their scraps that can be very useful to those who are going through difficult times.

One simple project to start with is creating an item that is often used by mothers of infants on a daily basis; the baby bib.  Baby bibs are simple to design and a wide variety of fabrics are often appropriate.  If you don’t have enough of a single fabric to complete the piece, you can do some mixing and matching to create a fun and colorful piece.

Small toiletry bags can also be useful, especially if you take the time to fill them with sample sizes of various key personal care items like shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, and toothpaste.  This can allow a person who may be staying in a shelter an easy way to keep track of small personal care items, and can be seen as quite thoughtful when filled with basic necessities that may not be easy to come by otherwise.

Help the Less Fortunate through Scrap Sewing Projects

Combine Pieces for Larger Items

For those with a large number of scraps, and the experience and skills necessary for the project, creating blankets from scrap materials can also be a blessing to those who had to leave their homes and seek shelter elsewhere.  Blankets can be produced in any size, as there is certainly a use for smaller blankets as well as larger ones.

Certain clothing items can also be produced from scrap pieces, depending on the size.  Simple children’s shirts can be created by using various patterns that coordinate based on a particular color theme, as well as items like slippers.

Winter fabrics may be combined to create warm hats and scarves, as well as gloves or mittens.

Items for those with Unique Needs

Certain items may be especially desirable to those with certain health or physical difficulties.  For example, a walker caddie may help someone with mobility issues to keep various necessities nearby without having the carry a heavy bag.  Wheelchair totes and hospital bed saddlebags are also useful for similar reasons.

For those going through cancer treatments, a chemotherapy turban or wrap may be appreciated, especially in colder weather.

Items for Pet Shelters

Just as people appreciate the gift of something warm and soft, so would the animals at the local shelter.  Simple blankets can provide for a nice, soft, and warm place for an animal to sleep within a kennel.  Additionally, certain pet toys can also be made with scrap fabric, such as catnip mice or stuffed toys.

Looking for More Ideas?

If you are interested in finding more ways your fabric scraps can help the less fortunate, consider contacting local organizations and finding out if they have specific needs.  Not only can that help inspire your next project, but you will know that the items will definitely be appreciated.

How Spiritual Side Sleepers Can Get a Better Nights Rest

Getting plenty of rest and the quality of your naptime can affect a lot in your life.  When you sleep better at night you think more logical, you have more patience with people and with your surroundings, you remember better, you have more energy and you are a better person in general.  People who struggle with sleeping disorders are often a lot moodier, more distracted, stressed out, ill and they can even find it hard to cope with work.  Sleeping well can also greatly affect your relationship with God because when you relax better you deal better with all the difficulties in life and the difficulties regarding religion, family and people.  If you are a side sleeper then it is time to improve your quality of sleep time with these simple steps.

Get the right mattress for side sleepers

Side sleeping is one of the best positions for a better night’s rest because the position eases conditions such as heartburn, acid reflux and it is much easier for couples to bond and share beds.  But if you are a side sleeper you should get the right quality mattress that will support your sleeping position the most. The best mattress for side sleepers will provide better support for your back than other mattresses.  They also have the right firming levels to cater for the weight of your body in different areas and will limit motion transfers so you and a partner won’t disturb one another as much. With the right mattress you will sleep much better so you will be more relaxed and ache free in the mornings.

How Spiritual Slide Sleepers Can Get a Better Nights Rest

Get the right pillow for side sleepers

Side sleepers need a much higher pillow than back sleepers to prevent a crochet neck and to help with airflow.  You should definitely pay better attention to your pillow if you are struggling to sleep because your pillow thickness can also greatly affect your body posture and with a thicker pillow you can get much better sleep and you will be completely pain free during the day.

Enjoy routine bible study before bedtime

Doing Bible study or Bible reading before bed time is a terrific way to get your body to get ready for bed and it is a terrific way for your mind to deal with problems and issues before you go to sleep because you can give all of your worries over to God.

Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks during evenings

Sugar and caffeine can leave you lying awake for hours because these traces will spike your energy and alertness levels.  If you want to sleep better then you should quit drinking any energy, sugar or caffeine loaded drinks at least four hours before bedtime.

Drink water before bedtime

Drinking water before bedtime can actually help you sleep much better since your body is a lot healthier, more hydrated and can remove toxins much easier.  There are plenty of benefits to drinking water before bedtime that you simply must learn about if you want to get the most out of each nights nap.

Live Closer to God by Taking up Gardening as a Hobby

Garden work is terrific for your spiritual and physical wellbeing. When you enjoy regular garden work sessions you stimulate your creative side and you quickly learn how noble work can have fantastic results. Gardening is great exercise for your bod. There are few hobbies that have as many benefits as garden work and garden keeping has because a garden is something that the entire family, all your friends and all of your guests simply love to enjoy.

Live Closer to God by Taking up Gardening as a Hobby

Spiritual benefits of gardening

Gardening is one of the best hobbies for Christians because it is noble work that becomes quite rewarding when you see how you create beauty. The top spiritual benefits of gardening are;

  • Gardening brings you much closer to nature so you can marvel at God’s handiwork.
  • Gardening gives you a good workout so you will be healthier and fitter.
  • When you spend time in the garden you can fight back a lot of stress and reduce the effects of depression.
  • Garden work keeps your hands occupied but gives you the freedom to work through a lot of tough thoughts and decisions in life so you can make the best possible choices and do the best possible things.

Make your own compost for easier gardening

Compost can do a lot for your garden. Potted plants flourish when they are planted in compost and your garden plants become much more lively and greener when you feed them good compost. By making your own compost you will have an unlimited supply of compost, you can save a lot of money on your garden and you can recycle garden and table scraps into something useful.

Find the best compost maker

DIY compost barrels and compost heaps are completely doable but it is incredibly hard to get the right compost ratio when you use these techniques because it is so hard to mix your compost. The compost heaps also always looks messy in your garden. A compost tumbler makes compost making super easy and these units allows you to add and remove compost at the same time. You have much more control over the quality of your compost and the units look completely tidy and odor free in your garden. You can visit compostbinhq.com to find the best compost tumbler for your home.

Keep a garden journal

While you are enjoying your garden you should also try to keep a garden journal. Garden journals are much the same as keeping any type of journal accept that the focus is on your garden time, thoughts, feelings and garden experiences. You can document your garden as it develops and store away useful tips such as the best ingredients for the best compost and you can take note of all of the beautiful creatures in your garden. You can document thoughts, feelings and you can use your garden journal to create wonderful works of art while you try to copy all the wonderful flowers, sprouts and insects that you come across. A garden journal can help you relax more and you can one day look back on your terrific and colorful garden journal and see how you developed spiritually.

Looking After Your Skin

Everything that you have is a gift from God. Your owe your entire being to Him, which is why you need to look after it and yourself as a whole, since you only have one life and that is the only way of thanking God for all that He has given you. You need to love yourself and look after yourself in a form of thanks to God for having given you this life. Life is beautiful and you should cherish it. It is too short and precious to be neglected, which is why you need to look after yourself, if not for your benefit, then for His.

Looking After Your Skin

Skin treatments

Although there is nothing wrong with a little pampering and day at the spa, do keep in mind that such regular actions will do more harm than good to your skin in the long run. It has been found that super-facials have done more harm than good to many women in the long run. For instance, a common skin care treatment known as microdermabrasion causes the skin to thin unnaturally and to turn black, which is the total opposite of the effect that it claims to have.

Another common treatment that produces instant baby soft skin but is extremely harmful in the long run is glycolic, which, just like microdermabrasion, takes off the top layer of the skin to expose the bottom layers, which gives the illusion of younger looking and cleaner skin.

Many women believe that home remedies are better and more effective than the chemical-packed treatments that you can purchase in salons, which is why many opt to apply facial peels at home and also exfoliate their skin regularly. Although it is true that these remedies are a lot more convenient and perhaps cheaper than the ones that you can buy in the salons, it does not necessarily mean that they’re safer.

On the contrary, such treatments in extremes are just as bad as the ones that you try out in salons, if not worse, because unlike a salon treatment, an inexperienced person would not know the right amount of product to apply or use, which could easily result in over application, making things much worse than they would have been if they had gone to a salon professional.

No matter what remedy women choose to use to look after their skin, one thing is clear, in extreme doses, they’re both harmful and will do you no good. If you really want to properly care for your god given skin and body, you might want to opt for a simple facial cleanser and other herbal remedies instead of facials, as they would be much better alternatives.

That said, there is nothing wrong with a little pampering at the salon or even at home if done in moderation. Dermatologists suggest that such things should be kept at a minimum of once a month treatments, as that would be better for you in the long run. To learn more about it, read http://www.wellandgood.com/good-looks/are-facial-extractions-good-or-bad/

Everything you need to know about tactical chest rigs that our great soldiers use to protect us

It was only during the Vietnam War that these types of rigs became popular. These allow troops to carry all of the necessary equipment that is vital for modern warfare. They are extremely convenient and are designed with the soldier’s needs in mind. They want to be able to carry as much gear as possible while still ensuring that they are still entirely functional and able to move and round without being restricted.

Most chest rigs will be very versatile and are going to be both light and efficient. This means that you can access pieces of equipment quickly without any problems. In life or death situations, you don’t want to be rooting through many different compartments trying to find the piece of equipment that you need. It is often a much better option when compared to carrying a heavy weight carrier.

When it comes to determining which are the best tactical chest rigs for your needs, it can often be a stressful and overwhelming decision as there are many different variables that you need to take into consideration. These variables include the design; feel and fit of the carrier. Here is some advice that will help you through the process.

Everything you need to know about tactical chest rigs that our great soldiers use to protect us

Benefits of using tactical chest rigs

These rigs allow you to increase the functionality when you are in warfare. They are very light and carry out all of the necessary functions without being restrictive. They are compact and have many different features that are exclusive to this type of product. It can be a hard balance to find equipment that has the best blend of being durable when used in brutal conditions and having as much comfort as possible.

There are so many different models and designs available; you really are spoilt for choice. There is always going to be a model that will suit you specific needs, you just need to identify what your needs are in advance.

Models are different when it comes to the safety, construction, durability and weight. This means that you have to be clear about your needs when you are conducting your research.

Who uses these types of chest rigs usually?

Many different types of people use these chest rigs in their daily lives. Full time soldiers, emergency personal and rescue and search people all utilize these chest carriers to great effect. When you are relying on just pockets, you will not be able to be as well organized as you would with a chest carrier. You are able to carry a lot more equipment while still maintaining comfort levels.

How can you use them?

These types of products are extremely straightforward to use, you will have no problems. They have been designed to give great coverage to areas such as the torso, lower back and the shoulders. There are high tech release mechanisms that allow the wearer to quickly remove the rig in the case of an emergency or someone has gotten injured.

Finding the Best Home for your New Hamster

If you are a divine nature and animal lover, then you would want your beloved hamster to have a comfortable home. In order to find comfortable home for your hamster, we need to look at some cool hamster cages among which one might become the home that your hamster will graciously love. You can go for a small cage or you could think and buy a big one with lots of decorations and little touches of love and appreciation you can put up on your own for your hamster at a later time.

Rosewood Pico Hamster Home – This is a very gorgeous looking cage with a catching color combination to compliment its flexible design. The advantage of this cage is that the bed is attached to the top of the cage, making it easier for your hamster to move in and out with quite the ease.


  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish cage
  • Sturdy construction


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Small Doors

Lazy Bones Hamster Cage – This three-storied cage will bring excitement and joy to your hamster as it is ultra durable and suitable for small animals like the hamsters as well as rats, mice, and small gerbils. Wire bars are attached to every door in the cage in every floor so you can touch and pet your cute hamster from all sides of the cage. Having two wheels and tunnels will keep your energized hamster thoroughly entertained. The cage is also very affordable in terms of price range.



  • Colorful Cage
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for small animals
  • Entertaining Playground
  • Durable


  • Slightly difficult to assemble

Habitrail Cristal Hamster Habitat – It is a small, orange, and white colored plastic hamster cage that comes with its own accessories namely chew-proof water bottle, a wheel, food dish, a loft and a ladder. The floor space is a bit smaller than other cages due to the cage’s dimensions but because is modular and flexible, you can expand it with tubes and tunnels of your own liking. You can also connect a second cage adjacent to it for freer roaming for your hamster. However, the plastic latch can be a weak point and so beware of your hamster craving for a serving himself to a healthy dose of plastic material!


  • Best Ventilation and Attractive Design
  • Basic Accessories Included
  • Expansion is possible due to its modular design
  • Suitable for Syrian, Chinese, Russian Campbell’s and Winter White Hamsters


  • Small floor space prevents the cage from using it as a standalone cage
  • Vulnerable Plastic Latch
  • May not be suitable for smaller hamsters due to the large gap size between the metal bars

Remember, showing love and kindness to any creature, whether it is your pet or a stray animal, is something that our Lord and savior would approve of. Spread love and kindness to each and every living being around you, which is why it is important to ensure that your hamster’s new home is as comfortable as is possible.

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