Outsourcing your churches maintenance needs.

CHRISTIAN AWARENESSChurches are filled with people every Sunday morning and night and Wednesday evenings. This can provide a lot of wear and tear on the church building. Some churches are housed in older facilities that haven’t had many updates to the electrical and plumbing. Although churches receive tithes from the parishioners it doesn’t always cover the cost of these repairs and upkeep. Many churches that are large have onsite maintenance that can repair something when it goes wrong. But smaller churches rely on kindness and tithes to supplement the cost of repairs. How do you find the right repair man for the job at hand without going over budget? Sometimes it’s as simple as talking to one of your disciples. Lots of people go to church and some of them may even be able to do maintenance for you as volunteer work. But if that isn’t the case you may be able to get a discount for being a church when you call local businesses.

Another way is to look online, click here and you can get a great company to help you with your plumbing needs. Maybe you need a grounds keeper or electrician, these are all things that can be found online or in the yellow pages. Some companies offer a discount to non-profit organizations such as churches or preachers so be sure to check that out when you contact them. Lots of times with smaller churches you just don’t have the funds or volunteers to work on the maintenance so you have to do it yourself. Good ways to do this is to research how to books or websites. Some of it is self-explanatory while some of it may require a little bit more technical knowledge. Whatever the maintenance need is you’re sure to find great help if you just look hard enough. Maybe hold a fundraiser or potluck for the community so you can earn the funds you need to hire that professional needed. You can hold a car wash and raise funds. Or you can simply ask for volunteers from the parishioners. The best way to get help with your needs is to pray upon the right answer.

OUTSOURCING   God will direct you in the way you need to go and provide for you the means to get there. Every now and then the government has grants to help churches and schools provide necessary maintenance to their structures and update their buildings. These are not done often and can take time but it is one way of getting the funds you may need. The least likeable option is to approach a bank or investor for a loan. This can be more trouble than it’s worth in the long run. Loans are something that has to be paid back with interest over a certain amount of time and even churches are not exempt from having to pay them back making it the least likable decision. Raising awareness in your community and doing some community outreach is probably going to be your best bet to ensure that the maintenance is done and show the community that they are helping revitalize the area.

Three Things to Take to a Potluck at Church

CHURCH POTLUCKChurches are notorious for having potlucks. Especially around special holidays such as Easter and Homecoming. Homecoming is a special event where Baptists celebrate the new beginnings and the past happenings. It’s a great time for a potluck. When going to a potluck it’s customary to bring a great dish. There are many great dishes that you can bring but here are three that will make a big impact on fellow parishioners. Pasta is a great option. Pasta is a very good option for a potluck. There are many different ways to make pasta. The most economical way to make pasta is to purchase noodles already made at the grocery store. This eliminates the need of a pasta maker. You can find many different types of noodles for pasta at the grocery store. There are spiral noodles, long noodles, penne noodles, and many more.

You can even get noodles made from vegetables and noodles with fun colors. Whether you’re making a pasta salad or a pasta with sauce you will need a few other ingredients. Some of the ingredients you will need for a pasta with sauce is the noodles of your choice, the sauce, and the meat. This is just the basics. If you would like to add bell peppers or onions you can, it adds to the taste and can be very flavorful. There are all different types of sauce that you can use to make pasta with sauce. Some of them are cheese based, some are tomato based, and some are herb based. The most popular sauce is a tomato base. Tomato based sauces can have different herbs and flavors added to make it unique. Make sure you pick the one that is right for the type of pasta you are making. You can’t go wrong with pasta and sauce. Cucumber salad is also a great choice. Cucumber salad is a very easy dish to make and only takes a few ingredients to make it.


For an authentic cucumber salad you will need Italian salad dressing, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes if you like them in your cucumber salad. If you don’t like Italian salad dressing you can always use olive oil and red wine vinegar. Either way you fix it, it will always be a crowd pleaser. Summer time is the best time to make this delicious salad since its crisp and airy and kept cool for optimal taste. Pigs in a blanket is always any potlucks favorite. Everyone loves pigs in a blanket and the best way to make them is to buy those little cocktail wieners that you can get like 20-30 to a pack and wrap them in crescent rolls from Pillsbury. The recipe is a classic and everyone loves them, especially kids. They don’t take long to make and the cooking time is a snap. You can whip a ton of these little snacks up in one afternoon and be ready for the potluck the next morning. While you’re making them why don’t you do a google search for variations on the traditional pigs in a blanket and try some of those out as well. You can never go wrong with a cocktail wiener and crescent roll. Now that you have a few ideas of what to bring to the next potluck at your local church you are sure to please everyone with your potluck offerings.

Is it okay for Christian women to wear make-up?

200334975-001Many young Christian women today will eventually ask themselves this question, “Is it okay in the eyes of God for me to wear make-up?” It is a tough question for Christian women. There are many verses in the Bible that strongly suggest women who cake on their make-up and wear flashy jewelry are promoting sin by encouraging lust. Though this is very true, the Bible also states that women should simply use moderation when they are adorning themselves, the Bible does not expressly forbid it! I am sure God wants you to feel good about yourself and to feel beautiful but the key is modesty.

Many young girls today are interested in learning to become a makeup artist, or study cosmetology, and they experience little to no discomfort over the matter, but for the devout Christian woman this can be a very difficult decision. If you wanted to pursue an education in fashion or cosmetology, just make sure that you go forth with Godliness and good intention in your heart and teach other young women how to enhance their beauty modestly and in a way that is not offensive to God. In fact, we need more women willing to light the way for young girls these days and show them that beauty isn’t always about sex or vanity, beauty is not just about your outer looks but it is in fact mostly if not entirely about your inner self. Go forth and teach young women how to respect themselves on the inside, and to express themselves modestly on the outside. This will no doubt please God, especially in today’s society where lust and vanity is everywhere we turn. It feels impossible to escape!

Remember, God knows your heart and he knows your true intentions. Pursue beauty not for lust or envy but with the intention of enhancing the softness of your personality and the love in your heart. Use modest natural colors to bring out the glow of your God given features, make yourself look more loving and approachable. Do not go forth with the intention of looking like a Jezebel!

Find a healthy way to express your beauty, without giving into vanity, lust or envy. To be envious of another woman’s beauty, say in a magazine or on television, can often make a young impressionable woman copy that style without considering what God thinks about the matter. Women also do their make-up often with the intention of sexually attracting a mate and this quite simply promotes lust which we must avoid. You should seek love, kindness and acceptance in a partner, and attract them with those qualities as well. Do not use your looks to manipulate a man into wanting to be your partner.

Vanity and pride can also be two very big motivating factors in why a woman would want to wear make-up so. Be very mindful of these things and always keep modesty in mind.

Always in your heart seek to please God first and foremost. You will not be led astray if your intentions are pure.

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