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Become a Christian Missionary So You Can Save People and See the World

People often wonder what their purpose in life is.  It is good to wonder what great purpose God had for your life because that is the only way you will ever learn what your true calling is.  Throughout the Bible God gives us plenty of references on what the life of a Christian should be.  You should abide by God’s rules.  You should try to help others and be there for those in need.  But one of the biggest instructions that God gives in the Bible is for you to go out and spread the word of God so others can also be saved.

Become a Christian Missionary So You Can Save People and See the World

Is there a need for Christian missionaries in modern life?

Technology has made it just about impossible for anyone to be ignorant about Christianity.  Throughout the world, there are very little people that have never heard of Christianity or about God simply because the Bible is available in all languages and in all forms including digital Bible form which anyone can easily access from anywhere.  But did you know that Christians are being prosecuted in countries like Syria to this very day?  In fact Christianity is being attached even by modern countries and God fearing countries like America by people who do not share the same values or the Bible or who only focus on certain destructive verses of the Bible.  Yes, you as a Christian can still make a huge difference in someone’s life to this very day and yes, missionaries are still in need to help spread the word even though everyone knows about God.

Top benefits of international missionary work

Missionary work does not have to be all about work and about spreading God’s work.  You are actually allowed to make much more out of your missionary work while you are trying to save soles.  You as a Christian can go and see the world, explore God’s creation in all of its wonders, see new horizons, try new things and learn from new cultures and new people.  You can have a blast on international travels, get all of your life’s toughest questions answered and explore people and horizons from all over all while doing God’s work.

Get cheap flights so you can travel more

There is different ways of doing missionary work.  You can choose to travel as far and wide as possible and try to get in touch with as many people as or you can stick to one location and help with the improvement and knowledge on Christianity and churches in one location.  Either way a good source of cheap flights is exactly what you need to get you there.  DiscountMyFlights is a terrific website where you can book cheap flights to any destination in the world and where you will find all of the best airlines to choose from for all of your flights.  With DiscountMyFlights you can enjoy a lot more trips to a lot more destinations and spread the word of God a lot further because you will be traveling much more affordably and you will be able to scout all of the best discounted deals and specials.

How Tough Times Change Our Lives

Life is not always fun and easy. There will be days when you cannot help but cry and feel sad because things are not happening your way. Whenever bad things happen, your initial reaction is sadness then you might start feeling angry because you do not understand why God allowed such thing to happen. You have to remember now that God always has plans for us. Also, we have to remember that we make our own decisions. The way that our life flows depend solely on the choices that we make.

Tough situations are always a part of life. Just think about it, if we would never experience hardship and pain, how will we appreciate the good things that are happening to us? How will we get to understand how God has truly helped us? We cannot expect God to be like carpet cleaners Escondido CA wherein they can just clean up the mess in our carpets whenever we need them to. God does not work that way. God will allow you to make mistakes so that we will learn to be stronger. When we become stronger, we realize that we can still make it, we can still stand up after you fall.

How Tough Times Change Our Lives

Remember that there are some things that we can learn through tough times such as the following:

  1. Purpose

Things happen in our lives for a reason. There is a purpose for the situation that we are in that may not be too evident in the beginning but will be clearer as days pass by. You may not know the reason why someone that you love passed away so suddenly but there is a reason for this. The void will never be replaced but you will learn to heal and to become more appreciative of the people that you love.

  1. Promise

God promises always that after every rough patch in our life, there is always something good that is bound to happen. These things may not always be connected to each other but having faith in God makes the promise alive. God does not break his promises.

  1. Pattern

You have to believe by now that God is trying to shape us into living like Jesus, His only son. Jesus became human in order to save us all and there will be moments when tough times are placed into our lives to help us realize that we need to change the way we think. We have to make some changes in our lives that will benefit us all.

  1. Grace

Even though bad things are happening, the grace of God is always there in order to guide you into the right path. During tough times, you may feel the need to become angry at God and stay away from God but being bombarded with negative things should make your faith stronger. Once you start believing again in the grace of God, you will start to feel better. Learn more about the grace of God here.

Do not become discouraged whenever you are faced with negative situations. Instead, take this as a sign that you have to make some positive changes in your life.

The Best Ways to Secure Your Goods for Shipping or Moving

Moving to a new home can be quite a blessing if your new home is a dream come true.  But it can also be a terrible nightmare when the moving process involves a lot of damage to your furniture and goods. Damage to your expensive gear is often the worst part about moving because it can take you years to recover financially or you could end up losing items that are rare and irreplaceable.  A great way to ensure that your furniture and goods are moved, stored or shipped safely is to get the best packaging for your valuable items.

The best packaging for moving

Korrvu Corrugated Packaging is the perfect solution for securing delicate items such as glassware because the packaging suspends products between corrugated layers.  Your delicates will be protected from shock, vibration and from impact so your glassware will reach the other side chip and scratch free.  The corrugated packaging comes in many shapes in sizes so you can find the perfect fit for any of your products or you could even invest in rolls and secure each delicate item in your home with a custom fit corrugated sleeve.

The Best Ways to Secure Your Goods for Shipping or Moving

The best packaging for shipping

When you are shipping or mailing goods to friends or family or perhaps even for business purposes, you sure don’t want the delicate items to arrive in poor condition.  There is nothing worse than opening a valuable gift from friends or family only to realize that the content have been smashed due to rough handling.  When you ship goods, you should invest in either corrugated boxes or mailing bags and mailing tubes because these are specially developed to keep your goods in perfect condition no matter how tough things get on the road.

The best packaging for storage

There is plenty of stuff in each and every home that the owners would love to store away for future use or perhaps even for future generations.  When you are storing away items, you can easily forget your goods or they can easily get damaged over the years through vibration or dust.  Corrugated boxes and packaging is the best way to secure your goods for a long time to come because the boxes are durable enough to last for many years in your attic and they will keep your valuable and delicate items clean and dust free.  Even your most delicate vintage photos or paperwork can be stored securely for many years if you invest in high quality storage file boxes.  There is also an unlimited supply of various shapes, sizes and functional boxes that you can choose from to get the best possible solution for your home.

The best way to ensure that your goods, delicate home equipment and paperwork is as safe as possible for any journey or storage duration is to invest in the best gear.  With the right gear, you can save a lot of money and keep priceless items in mint condition for the rest of your life.

6 Amazing Pointers for Good Story Writing

Are you stuck at some point in your story writing? Do you need some tips to get those creative juices flowing? Fear not! We are here with some amazing tips for you!

  1. Write In One Sitting

Compose the principal draft of your story in as short a period as could be expected under the circumstances. In case you’re composing a short story, attempt to compose it in one sitting. In case you’re composing a novel, attempt to compose it in one season (three months).

Try not to stress a lot over plotting or delineating already. You can do that once you know you have a story to tell in any case. Your first draft is a disclosure procedure. You resemble an excavator uncovering an antiquated city from underneath the dirt. You may have a couple pieces of information about where your city is covered in advance, however you don’t comprehend what it will look like until it’s uncovered.

  1. Build up Your Protagonist

Stories are about heroes, and on the off chance that you don’t have a decent hero, you won’t have a decent story. The vital element for each hero is that they should decide. Victor Frankl said, “A person is a choosing being.” Your hero must settle on a choice to get herself into whatever chaos she gets into in your story, and moreover, she should choose to get herself out of the wreckage.

To assist build up your hero, use other character paradigms like the reprobate, the hero’s inverse, or the simpleton, a sidekick character that uncovers the hero’s gentler side. Try and dig into some less discovered or less covered niches. You could try and write some mystery or horror stories as well!

6 Amazing Pointers for Good Story Writing

  1. Make Suspense and Drama

To make anticipation, set up an emotional inquiry. An emotional inquiry is something like, “Would he say he is going to make it?” or, “Would she say she is going to get the man she had always wanted?” By putting your hero’s destiny in uncertainty, you make the reader ask, What happens next?

  1. Appear, Don’t Tell

Truly, the maxim “appear, don’t tell” is abused. Nonetheless, when set beside the progression above, it turns out to be exceptionally successful.

At the point when something intriguing happens in your story that progressions the destiny of your character, don’t let us know about it. Demonstrate the scene! Your readers have a right or see the best parts of the story play out before them. Demonstrate the intriguing parts of your story, and tell the rest.

  1. Compose Good Dialog

Great discourse originates from two things: cozy information of your characters and loads of modifying.

Every character must have an interesting voice, and to ensure your characters all stable diverse, read every character’s discourse and ask yourself, “Does this sound like my character?” If your answer is no, then you make them revise to do. Click here for some more tips on good story writing.

  1. Share Your Work

You compose better when you know somebody will soon be reading what you’ve composed. On the off chance that you write oblivious, nobody will know whether you aren’t giving your written work all that you have. Be that as it may, when you share your written work, you confront the likelihood of disappointment. This will drive you to compose the best story you can.

Abuse of Domestic Workers in Dubai

God is all powerful and all knowing, and although He is always there to protect us, many cases of violence and hate still occur all around the world. There is a reason that such things happen, for God has a plan for all. Perhaps, it is to test the faith of a certain person, or maybe it is to test the faith of humanity in general. We can’t ever know for sure, since we don’t know what God’s plans for us may be. That said, we only need to have faith and to keep praying.

Treatment of domestic workers in Dubai

If you’re someone who lives in Dubai, then you most probably have heard of all the negative things about how many rich people around the country and the Middle East in general treat their domestic workers. We’re sure that you’re aware of all of this, and you know that although nothing seems wrong on the surface, it is all an illusion.

That stated, not all the people living in the Middle East are violent or abusive towards their workers, and not all of them mistreat them, so all hope is not lost. However, we still should not turn our backs to the fact that negative cases as such do happen, and that in this day and age, people are still treated like slaves.

In many cases, the workers’ passports are taken away as soon as they enter the country. They’re then mistreated by their bosses and they’re not paid for their services, or if they’re “lucky”, they get paid very little. The workers mainly come to the Middle East in search for a better life and better pay so that they’re able to send money to their families back home. However, with their escape route blocked off and in a foreign land where they probably don’t even speak the local dialect, they’re trapped and their owners treat them like slaves, in many cases beating them and even going as far as raping them.



As gruesome as this might sound, it does happen, and it is happening now as we speak in some part of the world. As someone living in Dubai, you can always spread awareness about such a situation and make way for domestic workers to approach you or a support group that would be able to rescue them from such an atrocious situation.

Another thing that you can also do is hire a person for housekeeping Dubai yourself so that you can teach others through your example to treat the workers correctly and with respect as they rightfully deserve to be treated. Always remember that God is watching, and despite the resistance that you may face on your journey to doing the right thing, God will reward you in one way or another. You will be saving the lives of many, just like Christ saved ours.

Keep in mind that it is all about the intention. Always intend to do well and to help those in need, God will show you the way. If you want to learn more about the abuse on domestic helpers, click

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