Celebrating the true nature of God’s creation

Sometimes it’s too easy to forget the wonders of the world that God gave us to enjoy and celebrate. People in this world take so much for granted and no longer relish in the beauty and awe around us.

We want to remind you of all the things God gave us. We should rejoice and cherish all these things every day and thank God that he blessed us with these wonders of the world.


Everywhere we look we can see the beauty that surrounds us. We have trees. Flowers. Wildlife, plants and life. When you wake up tomorrow morning and breather in the fresh air, say a thank you to God for giving it to you. Rejoice in the rain, the sun, the clouds and even the wind. Every time you breathe in fresh morning air or see dew on the ground take a few seconds to thank God that you are lucky enough to be here and rejoice in his creation.

The beauty of nature

The beauty of nature

Having children

One of God’s biggest wonders is giving us the ability to have children. Through procreation we are able to keep the human race in existence and teach God’s goodness to our offspring. Not only did God give us the amazing blessing of being able to create new life, he also gave us a way to feed our new-borns. Breast feeding is one of the most natural ways we can ensure our goodness and God’s goodness passes to our precious new life. However, some people have problems and are not able to feed their children naturally. If you are having problems feeding your child through the natural way, don’t despair. Simply visit this website and find other ways that you can pass on the goodness that God intended.

The joy of having a child

The joy of having a child

Our love

As followers of God we all have his love in our heart and we should share that love with others. Tell someone every day that you love them. This could be a family member, a friend or anyone else that is important to you. Show your love to those less fortunate than yourselves. Donate a few cents to charity, or help an elderly neighbour. Giving, sharing and loving is all part of God’s plan for us all and our love and kind heart is something God blessed us all with. Show him your gratitude that you have this love in your heart and spread the joy to others.

Our ability to speak the Lord’s word

God also saw fit to bless us with the power of speech, so use that power to tell others about the Lord’s wishes. Use your voice to communicate this message to others. You can recite parts of the bible, give out leaflets promoting your local church or simply tell your friends about the goodness in the world. Use your speech and your power of communication and communicate the Lord’s word so you can enrich someone else’s life as much as he has enriched yours since you let him into your heart.

Everyone should rejoice in the nature that god blessed us with and following these simple tips will tell God how grateful you are for the greatest gift of all. The gift of life.

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