Christmas pictures for Christian families




Every year we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day. It is a special occasion and a great opportunity to take a family portrait to send to all our friends, and family. This is also a great time to teach your kids about the act of giving, the reason for the season, and the benefits of being a Christian.

There are many options for taking pictures for your Christian Christmas card. When taking pictures ask around to family and friends that share your same morals and values for some family picture ideas. Suggest that you want to incorporate the church into your family pictures. Talk with the preacher about using the sanctuary as a background for your family pictures or take the pictures on the steps of the church. Maybe the church has a magnificent tree that they will allow the parishioners to use for family photo opportunities. This would be a great way to incorporate Jesus into your family photos. Showing your family and friends that you truly believe in the birth of Jesus Christ and the meaning behind the Christmas season is a great way to celebrate this season. Send along a scripture that represents your family’s favorite moto from the bible or something that you think will help them along their journey to be truly better Christians. These are all great ideas for your next Christmas card.

Instead of presents ask that everyone donate an hour of their time to the less fortunate for your children’s or families gifts from family. This will show your kids that donating to the less fortunate and volunteering on holiday’s shows the world that they truly care about it and wish the very best for those people on this glorious holiday season.

Start now preparing for your next holiday gift family photo by picking out a great photographer that shares your values and morals so they can be more acquainted with the image that you would like portrayed in your family photo. Get some practice photos done so that you know you’re going to like the work that this photographer produces. Make sure you have all your arrangements made and have scheduled time with the preacher to talk about using the sanctuary or churches Christmas tree for your photos background. Line up the color scheme you want to use in your photos and if you’re using handmade clothes make sure you have purchased the fabric and start working on the outfits so that they are ready. You can make the boys ties and the girls matching dresses to coordinate the family together.

Even though this is July Christmas sneaks up on us and sometimes we get so busy with the holiday season that we can’t get everything done the way we want to so planning in advance is the best way to guarantee that it will be all set and scheduled for you when the time comes.

Christmas time is the best time of the year and a family portrait is the best gift to give to a Mother in Law or Grandma.

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