So are there really Christian Metalcore Bands out there or just Metalcore Bands made up of Christians?

CHRISTIAN METAL PHOTOChristian metal music has come a long way since the 80’s.  Bands like Stryper had stepped on the scene in those days as well as some others.  It was heavy metal, not metal core and the lyrics were focused on God and all aspects of Christianity.  It was the first time the two had mixed that being Christians and heavy metal music.  The lyrics were heavily laced with love and preaching about God and the bible and didn’t go over big with church elders.  Most of the kids back then really got into it at first, but so much pressure was put on them from their communities it just faded to the background.  They were told that it was wrong.  It was like the Footloose movie with Kevin Bacon in it where dancing was wrong, except in this case, it was the music that was wrong.  Heavy metal Christian music wasn’t able to get a foothold in the industry for a while because of the church elders and bylaws and overall, older people who were in charge saying it was wrong.  Pretty soon listening to that type of music became wrong and eventually obsolete.

Here we are in 2014 now and there’s been a resurgence of Christian metal music.  It’s considered to be more Metalcore which is a heavier deeper type of metal music than was popular back in the 80’s.  Metalcore doesn’t just apply to Christian music, but all types of bands and lyrics that play music of that type fall into that category.  It seems to be different this time too.  Be it whether the elders of the churches just are worn out, or now the teens of the 80’s are the older leaders of the church communities now and want to give their support, it’s more acceptable.

Are the lyrics praising God, or just positive messages with Christian values?

Christian Metalcore bands such as Norma Jean are popular among the teenage crowd.  It’s the music they love first it seems however, and then the lyrics follow second.  The lyrics are something to be mentioned however as they seem different, yes, they are Christian and about God, but more subtle than the “in your face” lyrics of days past.  Therefore there are a lot of crossover bands.  They are picking up fans that are not only Christians, but just average teenagers who really dig on metal music.  The lyrics are positive ones with a positive message, but not so much preaching and focused on God per say, they are focused on the Christian lifestyle and have a way of meaning whatever you want them to mean and stand up for.  It’s for that reason bands Christian Metalcore Bands are pulling in all types of different people, Christians and non-alike, of different ages but mostly teenagers.

The music is just as heavy as the non-Christian Metalcore bands, just with more positive lyrics based on a lifestyle of Christian beliefs of helping your fellow man and whatnot.  However the lyrics really don’t seem to speak volumes of praising God as should be and as was in the 80’s.  It’s almost as if these new strings of Christian bands don’t want to push their luck so they try to be subtle and almost embed the praise of God by making the lyrics speak of it without actually saying anything.

Such as P.O.D. a band that had a crossover crowd and got radio play and fans of all races, and creeds.  In such songs as Alive, and Youth of a Nation,  which made it big but were of a positive nature and they were considered a Christian band yet their songs, even the hits didn’t seem to put God out there and the lyrics could fit any theme you wanted them to.  So are there really Christian Metalcore Bands out there or just Metalcore Bands made up of Christians?  That my friend is the question.

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