The ‘Good’ Christian’s Wedding

CHRISTIAN WEDDINGAs a Christian you want to be Christ-like in all areas of your life. You want to be the Good Samaritan. You want to be as open as the Tax Collector or as sincere as the woman at the well. But what examples do we have of how to throw a Good Christian Wedding?

In the Old Testament many couples got married, and in the New Testament Jesus himself went to a few. Man of the older Biblical traditions have died away, for example we no longer arraign children to each other for when they are of age. However, one thing that hasn’t changed much is the Wedding Celebration. Although two thousand years ago a Wedding Celebration could last up to seven days, now we pack all of that into one amazing night.

Modern Wedding Celebrations typically occur just after the Ceremony. There’s lot of good food and drink and merriment, but one of the pivot points is, of course, that first dance. Nobody wants to get up in front of a room full of friends and family and fumble awkwardly around the dance floor for three minutes slowly going bright red and stepping on your partner’s toes.

A quick and easy way to fight that fear is to check out The great thing about lessons is that you can focus yourself on a style, say the Waltz which would be quite common. Or, you can pick out your wedding song, whatever it may be, and ask your teacher to show you the best moves to go with that song. If you’re really committed, you can learn a range of dance moves so you can party on the whole night long and impress your attendees.

You can pay per lesson and there are no contracts or stipulations. If you feel you got the hang of it after one lesson then you simply take the one. If you’re struggling, do a few more. When it comes to the wedding you should have everything perfect, and your dancing is a big part of that.

If you are the nervous type, take some lessons on your own. You don’t have to involve your partner at the early stage. Get a few practice lessons in and then invite him or her to join you. Or, if you’re a bit more outgoing and creative, invite a group along, let’s say the bridal party or the groomsmen, and figure out a group dance you can all do to start the night rolling.

When it comes to a Wedding you really can pull out all the stops. Biblically, if you don’t have an amazing night that you’ll never forget, you’re doing it wrong. This is the most important day of your life so you want to celebrate it in the same way. Getting your dance on is a big part of that celebration, so don’t let yourself down. Get some lessons and get dancing.

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