How To Throw A Great Wholesome Party

church_christmas_party_s1In our modern lives, it can often feel like it’s getting harder to have some good clean fun. If you’re looking to plan an event with your church or community members and would like to keep the Holy spirit in mind, here are some tips on how to throw a great party while still keeping the faith.



Backyard Parties

A party in someone’s backyard is always fun because it adds that safe, homey touch to the event where everyone feels embraced and loved. It can be the backyard of a community member’s home or perhaps the backyard of your church or community center. Depending on your yard space, you may even have the luxury of a pool being there too. Pools are instant fun and a great way to stay cool in the summer heat. The trees of backyards provide much-needed shade and there is always a kitchen to use which makes food preparation and delivery much easier.


Trampolines are fun for the whole family. Now that you’re in that backyard, let’s get some fun fitness happening. With a trampoline, you get a work-out and most times, it doesn’t even feel like you’re trying! Often we hear about trampoline accidents but if you secure your trampoline properly there is virtually no risk at all. The key is to keep it away from outdoor furniture or walls. Be sure to place the trampoline on a surface that won’t be too slippery and to cover the hard parts (like the springs) with shock-absorbing material. Once you’re set up, you’re ready to jump. If you’ve got the room in the backyard and are considering buying or renting a trampoline for the family, there are bigger trampolines you can buy that are made specifically for outdoor use. The outdoor styles have more varieties to choose from and often offer more safety features like netted walls, no-spring designs and methods for securing the legs into the ground. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive trampoline on the market, but if you’re thinking of buying one then take the time to consider your options.


Potluck parties are when everyone agrees to bring one item of food to the event and between all the partygoers, all the food will get made you get to enjoy the cooking talents of your fellow believers. Usually two families or more will agree to cook the main dish, as in a roasted chicken, turkey or perhaps some honey glazed ham or a roast. Once the main dishes are sorted, the others attending will often offer to bring something complementary to the main dish, like a freshly made coleslaw or potato salad. The party doesn’t have to fancy either. Hamburgers and hotdogs are always fun and if one person brings the patties, another can supply the buns. Another will secure the ketchup and mustard and the list goes on. You’ll often find that people are extremely generous and will bring hand-cut fruits and veggies for appetizers, along with home made dips that taste of gourmet calibre. There will often be a bunch of food left over after the party and if everyone has had their fill, the food can always be packed up and sent to some families who may be less fortunate or who couldn’t make it over. This kind of good clean fun mixed with team effort and communal spirit will ensure your party is a popular one.

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