Three Things to Take to a Potluck at Church

CHURCH POTLUCKChurches are notorious for having potlucks. Especially around special holidays such as Easter and Homecoming. Homecoming is a special event where Baptists celebrate the new beginnings and the past happenings. It’s a great time for a potluck. When going to a potluck it’s customary to bring a great dish. There are many great dishes that you can bring but here are three that will make a big impact on fellow parishioners. Pasta is a great option. Pasta is a very good option for a potluck. There are many different ways to make pasta. The most economical way to make pasta is to purchase noodles already made at the grocery store. This eliminates the need of a pasta maker. You can find many different types of noodles for pasta at the grocery store. There are spiral noodles, long noodles, penne noodles, and many more.

You can even get noodles made from vegetables and noodles with fun colors. Whether you’re making a pasta salad or a pasta with sauce you will need a few other ingredients. Some of the ingredients you will need for a pasta with sauce is the noodles of your choice, the sauce, and the meat. This is just the basics. If you would like to add bell peppers or onions you can, it adds to the taste and can be very flavorful. There are all different types of sauce that you can use to make pasta with sauce. Some of them are cheese based, some are tomato based, and some are herb based. The most popular sauce is a tomato base. Tomato based sauces can have different herbs and flavors added to make it unique. Make sure you pick the one that is right for the type of pasta you are making. You can’t go wrong with pasta and sauce. Cucumber salad is also a great choice. Cucumber salad is a very easy dish to make and only takes a few ingredients to make it.


For an authentic cucumber salad you will need Italian salad dressing, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes if you like them in your cucumber salad. If you don’t like Italian salad dressing you can always use olive oil and red wine vinegar. Either way you fix it, it will always be a crowd pleaser. Summer time is the best time to make this delicious salad since its crisp and airy and kept cool for optimal taste. Pigs in a blanket is always any potlucks favorite. Everyone loves pigs in a blanket and the best way to make them is to buy those little cocktail wieners that you can get like 20-30 to a pack and wrap them in crescent rolls from Pillsbury. The recipe is a classic and everyone loves them, especially kids. They don’t take long to make and the cooking time is a snap. You can whip a ton of these little snacks up in one afternoon and be ready for the potluck the next morning. While you’re making them why don’t you do a google search for variations on the traditional pigs in a blanket and try some of those out as well. You can never go wrong with a cocktail wiener and crescent roll. Now that you have a few ideas of what to bring to the next potluck at your local church you are sure to please everyone with your potluck offerings.

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