Dealing with Idolatry

This is an interesting topic to delve into because so many “Christians” are misinformed. They have this notion that idols are golden calves and Asherah poles. There’s a belief that manmade gods are only those that are fashioned out of wood and metal and then bowed before. Sadly, this deception has led many believers to ignore the true idols in their lives.

It is time we opened our eyes to the reality of the idols of today. If you find yourself in need of a Los Angeles drug possession lawyer it is because you have allowed drugs to become your idol, your god. You have bowed down to their control over your life and their ability to lead you deeper into sin. An idol will surpass all other things of import in your life. And, if you are in need of a lawyer to defend you for drug possession, it is obvious that you are dealing with idolatry.

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Idols of Today

It is really easy to negate all that God has said about His position on idolatry if we choose to ignore the idols of today. Unfortunately, our desire to feign ignorance will not eradicate our guilt before a Holy God.  Therefore, it is important to consider the following idols of today:

  • Addiction– As stated previously, addictive behaviors have a tendency to push themselves to the forefront of behavior. They are perhaps the most prideful, self-centered, arrogant sins of all. These actions show loved ones and peers that there is nothing more important than the time spent actively engaged in addiction. Certainly more time is spent in that endeavor than is spent in prayer and Bible reading. Keep reading.
  • Money– This is an issue from long ago. The Bible tells us that money is the root of all kinds of evil. People are consumed by the “almighty dollar.” That title in itself should reveal the level of value and surpassing greatness attached to it. People willingly sin to achieve more and bow down their lives for the purpose of continued gain.
  • Technology– This is an all-consuming force in modern times. Consider how much time you invest in technology. This includes TV, computers, tablets, video games, text messaging, social media, etc. The majority of your non-working (and sometimes working) hours are spent engaged in one of these endeavors if you are like a large percentage of Americans. Screens have become bigger than God in our lives; read this.
  • Sports– Perhaps this is only a seasonal idol for you but it is an idol nonetheless. We cheer louder for our favorite sports teams than we would ever do in praise and worship of the King of the Universe. This shows us how horribly skewed our belief systems are. We are willing to fork out large amounts of time and money to attend games, but most of us won’t even consider the fact that God expects us to tithe.
  • Entertainment in General– Here we can add all the other things we spend time and energy and money doing. Whether it is fishing, hunting, painting, running, or traveling, doesn’t matter. Anything that achieves a higher level of significance and drive in your life than God does is an idol.

Are we prepared to step away from our idols? Probably not, but God is jealous and He will not share you with anything else. This is why He tells us to choose this day who we will serve. Learn more.

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