Fitness and church bring families together.

faith-and-fitnessMany people are looking for an easier way to exercise around their schedules. With work, getting children off to school, and your church obligations how are you supposed to fit in your exercise time? This is a tricky question for some people. Finding the time to fit it all in can be easier than you think. Equipment for exercise at home is getting cheaper and easier to pay for with payment plans and lower price equipment options. There are many options to choose from so do your research.

Churches are starting to offer gyms for their parishioners to exercise in. Some gyms are simply a basketball court, but some are adding home exercise equipment for the parishioners to come and exercise on their own time. There are many churches offering this service and it’s becoming a very popular trend in churches across the world.

With this new trend there are many options in exercise equipment that can be affordable and offer maximum cardio for the participants. Here is a short list of some that would be suitable for churches gyms.


Treadmills are a great way to get cardio in and can be bought pretty reasonable. They come in many different styles that range from the super technological to the basic brand. They offer hours of running and walking time which can benefit the younger and older generations.

Stationary bikes

Stationary bikes are a very healthy way to exercise and work those leg muscles. The options that are out now for stationary bikes range from ones with handle bars and ones without. There are even some that are portable so they can be put away at night when no one is in the gym or moved to a more appropriate spot.

Yoga and Pilates

Adding yoga mats and Pilates equipment is very affordable for a gym since they can be as little as $10 an item. Many women do yoga and Pilates and having a gym area to go to with the necessary equipment at their church is a bonus. There are mats and balls that can be purchased. You can also purchase some stretching tools and stepping blocks for step exercises. These are things that can be stored away nicely and taken out when needed.

Make sure if you are adding a gym to your church grounds that you have antibacterial wipes for people to use to clean the equipment after and before use of the equipment. This will help keep down on germs and sickness being transmitted between the participants.

With many churches becoming the epicenter of family life it only makes since to add a gym to the church grounds for the families to have exercise and activities to do with other church goers. Adding a gym and maybe some soccer and baseball fields would really benefit the families that put their time into the church and also help benefit the workers of the church in their fitness routines.

Making a church feel like a family environment is the goal for all preachers. They want families to feel welcome to use their services and participate in church events. One way of doing that is by making it easier for families to pray and play together.

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