Trim Down Gluttony: Getting Healthy the Christian Way

GETTING HEALTHYThe Bible says gluttony is a sin as much as the next one. Whether you’re a real couch potato, or could just do with shedding a few pounds, getting in shape is something all Christians should look to do. Your body is a temple after all, and it isn’t right to let it go to waste. If you’re thinking of getting healthy, then you need to look into the Vitamix Creations Elite blender. Blending your food is a great way to get healthy, and here we outline just a few of the ways the Vitamix Creations Elite will help get you there.

–       Light and Durable

The Creations Elite weight just over eleven pounds, which is light enough for you to move it with ease but not light enough that the blades will knock it over. The base is smaller than some other models which allows for easier storage, and the cord to plug it in is over six foot long, which means it can reach most sockets. And all this comes with a warranty, which you can extend for up to three years.

–       Powerful

This blender has a motor with 2.2 horsepower capabilities. This means the internal blades whirl at over 270 miles per hour, or 28,000 revolutions a minute. That’s an incredible speed. If you’re used to blenders sticking on the juice or getting caught up with bits and tendrils then this is the blender you need. At that speed, no foodstuff can overcome your machine.

–       High Capacity

Because this blender has such a powerful motor, it uses a large chamber of forty eight ounces which you can throw loads of healthy food into at once. You don’t need to be cautious, you can be bold and get that healthy food into you.

–       Easy to Clean

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, that’s what they say, and this blender can be cleaned in a cinch. The best way of cleaning it is to fill it half way with some soapy water and turn it on as though you were blending it. Easy peasy. With this blender you can get healthy life off to a great start. So look after that God-given body and get in shape. Start eating right, and start it with the Creations Elite blender

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