Great Games for Your Youth Group

Chasing after God, and learning to walk in His ways is certainly no game. In fact, He is a pretty serious entity, but not without a sense of humor. One would only have to look at a duck billed platypus, or a baboon’s painted rear, to know that God likes to amuse Himself.

It is rather unfortunate though, that a vast majority of today’s youth groups are spending far too much time playing games than they are studying the Bible. This is why the American church is in sharp decline, rapidly spiraling away from all that God would have us hold dear, namely His Word.

Perhaps more unfortunate, is the inclination by pastors and youth leaders to cater to the “entertain me” mentality of this generation. Somehow we have got to disciple these young people so that Christ can be glorified in them. He’s not their homeboy, and that is something that only a strong grounding in the Scriptures can reveal.

But, we live at a time in which we must mix fun with study in order to inspire further Spiritual investigation. That is why we have created this list of great games for your youth group. Perhaps you should utilize these as rewards for accurate adherence to, and knowledge of, the Scriptures. That might make the games more valuable in the eyes of God.

Great Games for Your Youth Group

5 Great Youth Group Games

Check out these exciting games to boost your youth group participation and Biblical studies enthusiasm:

  1. Seated Basketball- You won’t need an Easton S2 for this one. Especially since basketball doesn’t require youth baseball bats. But you will need a bucket and a ball. Players position their chairs at the beginning of the game and cannot move from that spot. They have to utilize team work to get the ball into a basket, or bucket, on a table.
  2. Real World Bible Drills- This will get them studying. The concept is to find verses in the Bible that will help them get through real world issues. If they are dealing with anger they would research the passages that include anger. If they are sad, then they might want verses that instill joy. The team with the most verses that are contextually applicable wins. Check out this site to help the students in topical searches.
  3. Bible Jeopardy- It’s Bible Jeopardy, but you can always throw in some non-Bible based questions.
  4. Name that Tune- This is one way to get the kids to listen to more Christian music. Play five seconds of a faith based song and has the kids guess what it is. You can have teams face off one at a time, or do it in group form. Here are some great tunes to use for this game.
  5. Tug of War- Everyone knows how to play this game. You can make it more fun by having students play against parents, boys against girls, or youth leaders versus youth. Or you could try putting a couple of strong people against a lot of weaker ones and see who prevails.

If these games do not strike your fancy, there are other options available. As we said previously, there are an infinite number of youth group games out there, since most people are more interested in playing around than in serving God. However, the real value in this life is found in obedience to Jesus Christ. You can learn more here.

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