Help the Less Fortunate through Scrap Sewing Projects

Many of us would like more opportunities to help those who are less fortunate than us, but we may not have the funds to donate large amounts of cash, and may have limited availability outside of the home.  For those who already complete a variety of sewing projects at home, consider turning your scraps into items that can be used in various shelters in your area.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some ideas to get your started.

Start by Thinking Small

Many small projects can be completed even with a basic sewing machine for beginners.  This can allow those who are new to sewing to still produce helpful items with their scraps that can be very useful to those who are going through difficult times.

One simple project to start with is creating an item that is often used by mothers of infants on a daily basis; the baby bib.  Baby bibs are simple to design and a wide variety of fabrics are often appropriate.  If you don’t have enough of a single fabric to complete the piece, you can do some mixing and matching to create a fun and colorful piece.

Small toiletry bags can also be useful, especially if you take the time to fill them with sample sizes of various key personal care items like shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, and toothpaste.  This can allow a person who may be staying in a shelter an easy way to keep track of small personal care items, and can be seen as quite thoughtful when filled with basic necessities that may not be easy to come by otherwise.

Help the Less Fortunate through Scrap Sewing Projects

Combine Pieces for Larger Items

For those with a large number of scraps, and the experience and skills necessary for the project, creating blankets from scrap materials can also be a blessing to those who had to leave their homes and seek shelter elsewhere.  Blankets can be produced in any size, as there is certainly a use for smaller blankets as well as larger ones.

Certain clothing items can also be produced from scrap pieces, depending on the size.  Simple children’s shirts can be created by using various patterns that coordinate based on a particular color theme, as well as items like slippers.

Winter fabrics may be combined to create warm hats and scarves, as well as gloves or mittens.

Items for those with Unique Needs

Certain items may be especially desirable to those with certain health or physical difficulties.  For example, a walker caddie may help someone with mobility issues to keep various necessities nearby without having the carry a heavy bag.  Wheelchair totes and hospital bed saddlebags are also useful for similar reasons.

For those going through cancer treatments, a chemotherapy turban or wrap may be appreciated, especially in colder weather.

Items for Pet Shelters

Just as people appreciate the gift of something warm and soft, so would the animals at the local shelter.  Simple blankets can provide for a nice, soft, and warm place for an animal to sleep within a kennel.  Additionally, certain pet toys can also be made with scrap fabric, such as catnip mice or stuffed toys.

Looking for More Ideas?

If you are interested in finding more ways your fabric scraps can help the less fortunate, consider contacting local organizations and finding out if they have specific needs.  Not only can that help inspire your next project, but you will know that the items will definitely be appreciated.

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