Help Your Child Stay Close to God during College or University Life

It is scary when your child moves out of the house when they start their studies.  There are so many distractions, people and bad influences that can easily remove your child from the Christian path and there is not much you as a parent can do to keep these influences from affecting your child.  But it is important for your child to get a good education and it is just as important to trust them with their own lives.  The best any Christian parent can do is to keep their child informed on what is right and what is wrong, to never focus too much on mistakes and to give your child a way to reach out to God whenever they need to.

Get your child an own apartment

Sororities, hostels, boardinghouses and dorms are terrific for saving a lot of money but should be avoided at best if you are afraid that other’s influences may be affecting your child.  When your child shares a room or an apartment with others they often feel shy about their activities, they cannot do what they want and they can easily be teased and mocked for bible study.  It is much better for your child to have his or her own apartment so he or she can be safer, influence free and so your child can practice Christianity and do studying without any noisy interruptions.  There are plenty of properties for lease in UT Austin that is affordable, close enough to everything your child will need and completely safe.

Help Your Child Stay Close to God during College or University Life

Top Christian apps for your child’s phone

Technology is taking over the world but luckily there are plenty of Christians who saw opportunity in technological devices.  Today you can practice Christianity from anywhere in the world at any moment you like by simply installing an app on your phone.  There are terrific apps like the Touch Bible, Prayer Notebook, and Questions to God and the Christian Memory Game that will keep your child close to God and help them reach out whenever they need to.

Give a study bible going away gift

Study bibles, Christian journaling or bible journaling is a great hobby that releases a lot of stress.  A journal bible is the perfect going away present for your child because he or she can doodle, make notes and practice creativity while staying up to date with the word of God.

Seek out student churches and Christian groups

There are thousands of students near campuses, universities and colleges.  With thousands of people grouped together in the same place you are sure to find some Christian groups, churches and events that your child can attend to help them realize that being a Christian in modern life is completely acceptable.  Visit some of these groups that are close to your child’s apartment and see if you could get them interested in some of the events.  When your child enjoys the company of other Christian younglings they are sure to build a much deeper affection for the Christian way.

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