Helping others with Your Occupation

There are many of us that have been blessed with things that a lot of other people only dream about. Many want a good house, a car, and a family, while many others have already been blessed with them. Those that have been blessed should always thank the Lord for His gifts to them and they should be content with them. There are many others, on the other hand, that don’t even have something as simple as a roof over their heads, and for them, dreams as such as owning a house and a car are meaningless, and all that they really want is a roof over their heads and enough food and clothing to live another day. The people who are blessed should always look out for those that are less fortunate and should always try to help them out in whichever way possible.

Being a charitable person

It doesn’t matter what your occupation is, even contributing a little to the society and giving back to others what has been given to you all thanks to your Lord and Savior is enough. Give, not because you want to be praised for your good deeds by other people but because you actually genuinely want to help.

Helping others with Your Occupation

Even if you’re a small shop owner, for instance, you still have more food and privileges than the person who sleeps outside of your shop. Why not invite them over for a cup of warm tea on a snowy day, for example? Or if you don’t want to invite them over, then why not go to them, reach out to them and provide help? Look up some electric kettle reviews online and buy yourself one so that you can make a bug flask of it and give steaming hot tea to the people who are freezing cold in the winter. This is especially true in harsh conditions.

Another thing that you can do is donate clothes. If you have clothes that don’t fit you anymore or if they’re old and they have worn out a little, as long as they’re in a good enough condition to be worn by someone else, give them away. There’s no point in hoarding items when someone else who is living in a much worse condition can make better use of it. That stated, do ensure that the clothing aren’t too worn out and that they can still be used. Why give the needy something that even you can’t use?

Or better yet, buy cheap yet new clothing for the poor and donate them. You could also collect money from your friends and neighbors for your generous initiative and buy several different types of clothing to give away. Cooking them food is also another thing that you can do. If you have a restaurant and if there are leftovers, instead of throwing them out, give them to those that need it more and encourage your workers to do the same. Learn to be charitable and you will be rewarded by God in return.

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