Helping Your Community is Doing God’s Work




The saying that when you do good for people, you’re doing god’s work is really true. And when you hear doing good, don’t just think of charity, donations and giving money away. If you want to reach to wider groups of people and to really make an impact the way to do so is to teach people things. Nowadays if you want to make someone a real favor, the best way to do it isn’t by throwing money at them and although money could help, they could also destroy someone. Giving money to poor people would only throw them deeper into the emotional hole they’re already in. There have been studies that people that beg for money will grow accustomed to this way of living and never make anything out of themselves.
There have been some really inspiring stories though of people that have taught others how to earn their money in a legal way which has lead to an amazing turn into the lives of these people who had no other hope before.


For instance, I recently read here about about a young guy who taught a homeless person how to code and create web applications. He even gave him a laptop for free just to restore our faith in humanity. The story from what I remember started with the boy asking the homeless person when he saw him begging for money whether he’d like to get 100$ right now, or get a thousand dollars worth of courses for free from him along with a free laptop. Although most homeless people that you have seen would probably go for the 100$ bill, this person called Leo Grand was the exception of the rule. The young coder who saw his potential’s name was Patrick and although I don’t recall of his last name, I do know that this person is someone, that all of us should take example of. He was definitely doing god’s work by our standards and there have been some other amazing examples on how a man’s life could be turned upside-down in a really short time.


I recently stumbled upon another story of a war veteran who became homeless, but after a makeover he became the face of a suit manufacturing business, as he had a great posture and after the makeover looked like a million dollars.  Although this was more of an experiment on how a makeover could change someone’s appearance, the fact is that this homeless person’s life was turned around and he’s now living a better life.


And such stories are also coming from other parts of the world as well. An article that I recently read was about a person from the United Kingdom who had taken an approach similar to the one of the programmer Patrick. He decided to give people who had lost their jobs recently the chance to become property developers or work as consultants for people who were looking to get into this industry. He did an open event where such people could attend for free and showed everyone how to be a professional property developer. This gave these people a chance to turn their lives just like the other stories I told you about. Most of the times, giving the gift of knowledge is far more precious than giving someone money.


But there are other ways to contribute to your community too. If you’ve had a big family dinner, but you’ve made too much food, go and give it to an elderly neighbour or someone who hasn’t anything to eat. Feeding the people in need is definitely something that could be considered as God’s work. The overall idea which I have in mind is that giving is great, but sometimes you do have to think of what you’re giving as some gifts are more precious than others.


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