How Churches Can Lure Their Flock Back To Church

Churches have started to suffer a lot due to the influences of technology.  Today everyone would much rather spend their Sunday mornings in front of their TV sets, on their gaming sets or in front of their computers than in a church.  Technology has helped us a lot in life but doesn’t do much for religion.  Even the religious messages that are shared are only for show and are hardly read. Our churches are becoming emptier and emptier and the jails are becoming fuller and fuller.  It is time for churches to take their luring skills to the next level so they can guide their flock back to church.

How Churches Can Lure Their Flock Back To Church

Why you need to promote your church

A church can almost be seen like a business.  You also have expenses to cover and you can only cover those expenses if people donate.  The less people who attend your church the less donations you have and the more your church will suffer when it comes to running cost.  If your church does not flourish then it cannot provide to those in need.

Give Bulk SMS a try

Bulk SMS or Business SMS is a must for churches.  You can send out important notifications to the entire congregation in just a few minutes.  Bulk messaging through TextPlode is super affordable and incredibly easy to use.  With this type of messaging you can lure your flock back to church by informing them of all of the major events that is happening in church and you can share information on all of the major changes around church.

Market on social media

Social media marketing is free and is a must for luring in new sheep to your church.  You can also inspire your flock on a daily basis by sharing some text verses on your church group or church page.  Beautiful Christian messages is always great for keeping people interested and your social page will enable everyone in that location to find your church and to find out about your church.

Make church positive instead of instructive

It is important to inform people when they are wrong but no one likes to attend church to be scolded each and every Sunday about their sins.  Your church should not just preach to the flock but it should also inspire the flock.  You can do this by improving sermons to be more interesting, engaging and to be more positive by sticking to positive messages in the Bible.

Make church fun

Fun activities after church are a great way to get people and especially youths to attend church.  Your church can start giving tea parties after church and for youths you can start doing something more fun and challenging by getting some of the musical youths to perform after church each Sunday.  You can keep the performances free and invite anyone to join in on the fun of the performances.  Your church can also start screening Christian movies, inspirational shows and Christian workshops during the week to make things more fun.

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