How to Be Travel Ready for Christian Missionary Work

As a dedicated Christian you never know when God or your church will be in need of your services.  Missionary work is one of the most important instructions that God gives in the Bible and needs to be taken seriously.  Despite all the technological devices and the internet there are still a lot of people out there who hardly know the Bible or what Christianity is which means there are still a lot of people in need of your services.  God also instructs us to care for those in need and what better way to do that than through missionary work?  If you are travel ready or have travel ready habits then you can be there for your Church and for that in need at the exact moment when you are needed.

How to Be Travel Ready for Christian Missionary Work

Learn to pack light

Traveling is terrific, adventurous and fun if you pack light.  But hauling a lot of baggage around the world can become quite tedious and will definitely affect your flexibility, mobility and comfort on a journey.  It is time to learn how to travel light and get along with minimal bagging so you can enjoy your trips more and be there for those in need  much quicker and more comfortably.

Put away some money

Traveling is and will always be expensive.  You live in a world where resources are becoming scarcer and where people have to work a lot harder to make a living.  Having a bit of money stored away for missionary work can help you be on your journey a lot faster and will also help you help those in need a lot easier when you have a little something to donate or when you can at least cover your own living cost during the missionary trips.

Service your car properly

Vehicle maintenance is an absolute must for all vehicle owners and especially for those who are planning on going on a major missionary trip.   You should get your vehicle serviced so your engine can be in good shape and you should also get your air conditioner repaired, filled and serviced so you can save on fuel and enjoy the long journey without breaking a sweat.  A service and check on all of your vehicle’s auto electrics is also an absolute must that most car repair companies will never check.  Electrical flaws in your vehicle can lead to a breakdown or a lot of unnecessary fuel consumption. Find out more here and get your auto electrics and air conditioner sorted out easily and affordably.

Keep your passport updated

You can get a temporary passport relatively quickly but the process is still quite tedious.  If you want to be ultimately travel ready then you should have a passport ready at all times so you can go on abroad missionary trips much quicker.  If your passport is ready at all times you will never be held back or miss out on the missionary trip of a lifetime and you can enjoy even the most unplanned of trips.

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