How to Clean Your Garage in a Way that Keeps it Nice and Organized in the Long Run

When it comes to the garage, it can often be a place where things go to be stored, often being dumped unceremoniously into a corner or some shelf where they will be forgotten. Over time, all of this stuff will accumulate and before long you will be barely able to move around the garage or find something that you need. As they are big and open spaces, they are appealing for storage, but it can become a problem after a while if it is not addressed and a proper system is not put in place.

The easiest way to clean up and organize the garage is to hold a yard sale and just get rid of a lot of the junk that is taking up space in the garage. Chances are that you don’t use these things that often, so you might as well get them out of your hair once and for all.

Alternatively, you can clean things up and create a system of organization for where things should be stored. If you have epoxy flooring ma, there will be plenty of things you can do with the floor space. Here is some advice to keep in mind the next time that you are cleaning and organizing your garage.

Utilize as much of the ceiling and wall space as possible

When it comes to storing things, people often forget about the wall space and the ceiling as an area of storage, most things tend to get pile dup on the floor. If you are storing and parking a car in the garage, this is even more important, as you need enough space to manoeuvre and to avoid damaging your vehicle in any shape or form. By hanging up racks and even putting nails into the walls, you will have many convenient places to store your tools and other similar equipment. This also makes it a lot easier when you are trying to look for something, as everything is out in the open in front of you.

To keep things in good order, you should give the garage a weekly once over to ensure that everything is hung up properly and is not piling up on the floor.

Organize Garage

Make the tough decisions

When you’re getting your garage whipped into shape, you need to make decisions on whether you want to keep, throw away or donate certain items. A lot of the things that are stored in your garage most likely haven’t been used in years and are just sitting there gathering dust in the chance to you may need to use it in the distant future.

There are a few different questions that you need to ask yourself when deciding which items to keep and not to keep. These include; do you love it? Do you need it? When did you last use it? If you donated it somewhere, could the recipient use it in a safe fashion?

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