Church and the Community

CHURCH AND COMMUNITYThere are many faith based centers that help those in need. Some are food banks and some are clothing banks. If you’re thinking of opening your church up to the community and offering services a few things that you should include in your resources for the elderly are household goods and necessities such as toiletries and such. Here is a list of items that should be provided to the elderly in need.


Many elderly can’t afford basic needs so it’s helpful when someone can provide them with a few to help out. Churches offer food and clothing but not many offer toiletries. Toiletries such as adult diapers, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and other such things are very hard for the elderly to afford. These should be collected from the church community and given to the elderly that are needing assistance.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are something that the elderly and that the low income struggle to provide for themselves. Even though you have assistance for food, housing, and bills you may not have assistance with cleaning supplies. Many people are starting to make their own cleaning supplies like back in the day but not everyone can afford the materials that are needed to make their own and not many people can just walk into a store and buy common supplies like bleach, laundry detergent, dish soap, and cleaners. These would be very helpful for those people that can’t afford them. Taking collections from the church community can build a supply to offer to the needy pretty quickly.


Many elderly and low income families can’t afford to go out and buy a blanket or sheets when they need them. Many of these people live in houses that are very drafty or have no heating or air. Some just simply can’t afford the higher bill so they just don’t use it. This is a big problem in today society. One way to help these situations would be to collect blankets and sheets that are no longer in use and still very useable. Most people have blankets that they never use anymore or that their kids grew out of the theme. These would be excellent items to donate to the church for distribution to the elderly and low income families in the community.

Kitchen necessities

Everyone has a few dishes that they can spare. Especially around holidays when you get that new pots and pans set or new set of plates and silverware, why not donate the ones you don’t use to a church for distribution to these families. Every family needs to cook and eat on plates with silverware and not many families have the necessities to work with in the kitchen. So donating these items can help the community and helps recycle things that are still useable.

Many people will donate these things to a retail donation store to re-sell but not even the elderly or low income families can afford some of these places. Yes you get a tax right off when donating to these places but you can also right off the taxes on the donation to the church and the church doesn’t charge for the items they receive which is more appropriate for donated items. To truly help the community offering things to those who need them for free is good for the soul and spiritually right.

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