Ideas for Sunday Gatherings That Does Not Involve Cake

Sunday gatherings are always great for your mental health.  You get to know your fellow churchgoer better, meet new people and you can get out of your normal routine for a bit of spiritual friendship.  When you interact with other Christians you can also give those with struggle a bit of emotional support and they can in return support you when you are facing certain difficulties in life.  The traditional snack during most church gatherings is usually something sweet like cake or cookies.  While these tasty treats are always yummy they welcome, they aren’t exactly great for your health.  If you want to contribute to these fun gatherings but don’t want to give what most people give then you should have a look at some of the following tasty and healthy alternatives that you can make all by yourself.

Make your own cheeses

Cheeses are an ultimate luxury.  You have an entire meal if you have just a few different flavors of cheese, a few biscuits and a bit of fruit.  If you really want to impress others at church then it is time to start making your very own cheese by investing in one or two cheese making kits.  At Cheese Links there is quite a large variety of cheese making kits to choose from which you can use for different types of cheeses.  When you make your own cheeses you can explore different recipes and make your own unique flavors that everyone at church would love to give a try.

Ideas for Sunday Gatherings That Does Not Involve Cake

Mix your own unique health teas

Do you have good taste when it comes to tea?  With Matcha Powder you can start making your very own health teas that all of your church friends would love to try.  Matcha Powder comes from green tea leaves and has plenty of health benefits such as improved metabolism which promotes weight loss, a better digestive system, boosted energy levels and much more.  When you give a health tea you aren’t just giving a snack or beverage, you are giving the gift of improved health.

Mini Kabobs

Mini kabobs are always great for breaking the sweet a bit.  Your mini kabobs can contain a variety of healthy veggies such as gherkins, your own handmade cheeses, tomatoes, mini onions and hams.  They are super easy to make and you can add any ingredient that you like to your mini kabobs.

Veggie bites

Veggie bites are the ultimate healthy snack and is great for adding color to your snacks.  You can add some cocktail tomatoes, cucumber rings and red or yellow pepper strips to any plain meal and make it look a lot yummier.  Cutting veggies into strips and serving them with a tasty dip is also a great alternative and a terrific snack for extremely hot days.

Ginger beer

If you are attending church on a hot summer day then giving ginger beer is a terrific idea.  Ginger beer is easy to make and it is a lot more affordable than most beverages that can be made at home.

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