Is it okay for Christian women to wear make-up?

200334975-001Many young Christian women today will eventually ask themselves this question, “Is it okay in the eyes of God for me to wear make-up?” It is a tough question for Christian women. There are many verses in the Bible that strongly suggest women who cake on their make-up and wear flashy jewelry are promoting sin by encouraging lust. Though this is very true, the Bible also states that women should simply use moderation when they are adorning themselves, the Bible does not expressly forbid it! I am sure God wants you to feel good about yourself and to feel beautiful but the key is modesty.

Many young girls today are interested in learning to become a makeup artist, or study cosmetology, and they experience little to no discomfort over the matter, but for the devout Christian woman this can be a very difficult decision. If you wanted to pursue an education in fashion or cosmetology, just make sure that you go forth with Godliness and good intention in your heart and teach other young women how to enhance their beauty modestly and in a way that is not offensive to God. In fact, we need more women willing to light the way for young girls these days and show them that beauty isn’t always about sex or vanity, beauty is not just about your outer looks but it is in fact mostly if not entirely about your inner self. Go forth and teach young women how to respect themselves on the inside, and to express themselves modestly on the outside. This will no doubt please God, especially in today’s society where lust and vanity is everywhere we turn. It feels impossible to escape!

Remember, God knows your heart and he knows your true intentions. Pursue beauty not for lust or envy but with the intention of enhancing the softness of your personality and the love in your heart. Use modest natural colors to bring out the glow of your God given features, make yourself look more loving and approachable. Do not go forth with the intention of looking like a Jezebel!

Find a healthy way to express your beauty, without giving into vanity, lust or envy. To be envious of another woman’s beauty, say in a magazine or on television, can often make a young impressionable woman copy that style without considering what God thinks about the matter. Women also do their make-up often with the intention of sexually attracting a mate and this quite simply promotes lust which we must avoid. You should seek love, kindness and acceptance in a partner, and attract them with those qualities as well. Do not use your looks to manipulate a man into wanting to be your partner.

Vanity and pride can also be two very big motivating factors in why a woman would want to wear make-up so. Be very mindful of these things and always keep modesty in mind.

Always in your heart seek to please God first and foremost. You will not be led astray if your intentions are pure.

How to Keep a Clean Soul

RELIGION PHOTO is a site devoted to God, the church, and helping you feel closer to our lord. They have all different kinds of information and topics that they discuss openly. They try to help you to stay on the right path and ensure a meaningful existence and a relationship between you and God. Their goal is to make sure everyone who wants to be close to God can be and to help people live life in a way that God would approve of. No one is perfect but when it comes to religious dilemmas and questions about what is right you have a place to go to get some answers and some more information on what is right and where the lines are, which can be quite the tricky topic these days. It is getting harder and harder to know what is right and what is wrong.  Here they answer questions that may be a challenge for you in today’s new world.

In this modern world people are moving further and further from God. They don’t know if working out counts as vanity and if it is okay to do so on a Sunday, the day of rest. With all of these complex issues that are now less black and white than they once were there has to be a place to go and learn what is considered right these days and what is still against the rules. This site has all of that and more. They have the answers to these questions and they ensure that you know what you’re allowed to do and what is not allowed. This site helps to make things more clear and explains what is and is not acceptable, today and forever.

They talk about the environment and how the church is involved in its protection, the dilemmas that the church faces about getting involved in certain issues, the outcome of some of those struggles and even about grants for schools and how to apply for them. They discuss a myriad of topics that can help you with your journey to God and help you to live a life that is filled with his love and support. There are also things to do and places to go to feel closer to him. All of those secrets can be unlocked here. This site can help guide you through the world of sin that we live in today and keep you from falling off of the path to God.

It is not only important to be clean in the metaphorical sense either. You can be a man or woman of God and follow all of the rules and live life with a clean soul but what about your home. Living a clean life does not apply just to your everlasting soul but to all aspects of life. It is important to have an organized home as well. A chaotic environment makes it much more difficult to be clear headed and have an open heart.

The phrase cleanliness is next to Godliness is said for a reason. Your life is reflected by your surrounds and vice versa . If you need a new vacuum than Jane’s Best Vacuum’s is the place to go to get a great one, especially if you are looking for the best vacuum for pet hair. Hardwood floors can be so hard to get clean. Sweeping never really gets the job done right. You always end up with that bit of dirt that won’t go into the dust pan. Jane’s also carries some of the best vacuums for hardwood floors.

What do you need to know about religion and how do you find out?

At the times when people have the choice to determine their lifestyle, their partner, their work, education and preferred activities, we are bound to have multiple choices of everything. We make the conscious decisions of what to believe and what to think, based on the research that we do on one topic or another, we can now even choose which religion we would like to follow. The religion is no longer defined as pure Catholic, or Christian, there are deeper differences between each and people feel that they have the right to study the religion that they would like to be part of, prior to converting. If you were born in a Catholic family, it no longer means that this religion is something that you have to believe in for the rest of your life, you could convert to Judaism or Buddhism, if you wish. The choice is really, up to you.


Choosing your religion is not a matter as simple as choosing what shoes you will wear today, although some women might argue that the latter is quite a difficult choice to make, but it requires much more attention and knowledge in order to determine what is it that you wish to believe in. There are certain aspects of each religion that you must first consider and ways in which you can find out about them, that will let you paint a clear picture of what is what.

First of all, you need to address the issue of the holy doctrine of each religion- be it The Holy Bible, or any other written documentation, outlining the main principles, beliefs, guidelines and other questions determining faith, that can help you understand the deeper meaning each religion has and what kind of a ‘refuge’ it offers for your mind and soul. You can do this by carrying out some research on the Internet, but it is best to order there holy books by yourself, in order to really study them in detail. You can order them online and choose your preferred courier transport method, which will deliver them to your door, so you can read them in private, and dedicate all the time that you need in order to be certain.


RELIGION PHOTOSecondly, it is important to see the temple of each church, be it a synagogue, or a Church, a Cathedral or any other kind of a religious temple, as this is where the services, religious ceremonies and practices are carried out. If possible, talk to the representatives of that religion, whether a priest, a monk or a rabbi. Make sure that you have a list of the questions that interest you most in that religion and ask them to those who know best. By visiting a religious temple, church or synagogue, you get to learn more about the history of each, try to really close your eyes and listen to your inner self and see how comfortable you feel in each place. Does it offer you the comfort that you need? Do you feel at peace there? It is very important. Some places are hard to get into if you are not of that religion, but you can walk around and see what people enter it and how they are behaving outside of that temple.

Overall, choosing which religious path to follow and which religion is right for you is not a process that should be rushed. Take you time, do your reading and ask others, that way you can form an overall picture of what your path in life is.

3 Ways to Invest in God Without Church

moneyedup this extensive listThe bible states that we should donate a portion of our income to the church in a form of tidings. But not every Christian feels the need to go to church. Many believers prefer to enjoy private, at-home devotions alone or surrounded by friends and family. How can you still pay your dues without actually going to church? The answer is easier than you might think. Here are three ways to invest in god without the hefty overhead.

Sponsor a Mission Trip

Maybe you dream of being able to spread the word of God to underdeveloped countries but you just can’t get the time off work or afford to cover the hefty travel and lodging expenses. Fear not, there is a better option for you. By sponsoring a mission trip through any local organization or church you are aiding in allowing one person or a group of people to do the work of God. Your money is going directly to a greater cause.

When you sponsor a mission trip you are investing in the future of religion and those ambassadors who will be spreading the good word. Missionaries choose to go to countries where the basic necessities such as clean drinking water and a sturdy shelter are hard to come by. These individuals need money to fund purchasing food in the area, equipment, toiletries and other basic necessities to survive and complete their work.

Join a Meditation Retreat

If money is tight then maybe you need to invest in yourself. Meditation retreats are popping up everywhere. You can check out this extensive list at to find some of the most popular options. During a spiritual meditation retreat you are encouraged to expel negativity and unhealthy habits from your life. There is often structured dietary plans and activities that you take part in. The experience is designed to help clear your mind of clutter and external poisons and bring your focus back to God.

A meditation retreat is typically completed in silence as well with the exception of devotional times. This allows your body to fully rest and your mind to contemplate and build on your relationship with God and your spirituality. Individuals who embark on meditation retreats report back that it was an uplifting and life changing experience that brought them closer to their savior.

Support a Cause

It probably seems like every time you go to a store you are hit up for a donation to some charity. It’s impossible to not feel like you should donate to every cause that touches your heart. If you want to invest in God without the church then select a specific charity which you are most passionate about. A popular option for Christians is charities that help the homeless. You can invest your money to help them build shelters and grow their outreach efforts or you can invest your time helping to prepare meals or council those who are living on the streets.

Additionally, you could choose to support a cause that distribute bibles to wounded soldiers, helps single mothers or is geared towards bringing children closer to god.

Need a little more God in your life? Check out our list of the Top 20 Christian Sites.

5 things that the Church frowns upon, but what can we do?

Catholic-Church PhotoIn the world that we live in, there are many rules, beliefs, traditions, customs and religious guidance that we don’t particularly adhere to. We all want and try to be proper Christians, Protestants, Catholics, Mormons and so on, according to our religious belief, but when it comes to every day life, how easy is it to implement the things that the Church advocates and what are the things that simply cannot be done? Going to Church every Friday is compulsory and strict enough, but what about ‘sinful’ actions like gluttony, or having relationships without marriage, even worse, kids out of the wedlock, or what about stealing? Does stealing someone else’s idea to your own benefit count as a sin? Let’s look at the 5 common things that the Church would frown upon, but then again, we have to live our lives somehow, right?


While gluttony refers to the process of over-eating and usually associated hedonistic behavior, there are times when we perform that ‘sin’ without even realizing it. Think about Thanksgiving dinners, what about Christmas celebrations, and Birthday parties? We usually buy, cook and prepare food that could feed a small country, just for our families to eat during that day in the year when we celebrate one thing or another. When the tables are filled with roasted turkeys, salads, side dishes, desserts, pies, cookies, drinks, fruits and more, what do you call that? If that is not gluttony, then what is? And do we have to feel bad when we eat our Christmas dinner to celebrate that wonderful holiday?


Most religions advocate the importance of marriage, you have to meet the person you fall in love with, marry them, have many children, who will be taught to do the same. But the modern man doesn’t want to marry, or have children in their teens or even 20’s. The majority of the population is aging, whereas there are so few babies born, that it has created a demographic problem. If you would to improve these alarming statistics, you can try this out. We also have other issues, like people living together, in so-called ‘civil unions’, for several years, to see whether they are a good fit. Instead of increasing the divorce rates, which are already high in the country, people are finding new ways to meet each other, live together, find out what each other is really like, and then may be get married. Most of the younger population now treats marriage as a binding legal document, more than anything, they would rather concentrate on more pleasant parts of their union, like romance, love and intimacy, with websites showing people how to last longer in bed it is now easy to find ways to feel closer to your partner.


The Church says that we should not lie, but that is such a general term. People lie all the time, think about actors on TV, in fact, anyone in the Mass Media – they tell you the news, but are they telling the truth, or lying? What about those of us who work in the Sales and Marketing? Often enough we find ourselves making creative descriptions in order to boost sales that have nothing to do with reality. And how about the simplest of all – when someone asks you how you are doing, do you always tell them the truth? Of course no, so if everyone in the world just stopped lying, it is not certain that the world would miraculously become a better place.


Another very general guideline is about stealing. If it means stealing material possessions of others, it is reasonable, but it is such a general term that it can be applied in a number of ways. For example when we do research on the Internet, and we read something and then use it in our every day life, we don’t always remember to quote the source of that idea or innovation, is that considered stealing? Will we be punished in the afterlife for this, or is this ok?

Interfaith marriage

A question that has raised a lot of frowns is the provoking interfaith marriage, when people of different religions marry each other. First, people are supposed to marry, but then, the Church doesn’t let them marry the person they fall in love with, who may be their soulmate, but of another religion. In the modern society where a man has so much freedom of choice and endless possibilities to actually search the whole world to find their other half, such a strict moral is not something that sets you free, it is something that weighs you down and restricts you.

So are there really Christian Metalcore Bands out there or just Metalcore Bands made up of Christians?

CHRISTIAN METAL PHOTOChristian metal music has come a long way since the 80’s.  Bands like Stryper had stepped on the scene in those days as well as some others.  It was heavy metal, not metal core and the lyrics were focused on God and all aspects of Christianity.  It was the first time the two had mixed that being Christians and heavy metal music.  The lyrics were heavily laced with love and preaching about God and the bible and didn’t go over big with church elders.  Most of the kids back then really got into it at first, but so much pressure was put on them from their communities it just faded to the background.  They were told that it was wrong.  It was like the Footloose movie with Kevin Bacon in it where dancing was wrong, except in this case, it was the music that was wrong.  Heavy metal Christian music wasn’t able to get a foothold in the industry for a while because of the church elders and bylaws and overall, older people who were in charge saying it was wrong.  Pretty soon listening to that type of music became wrong and eventually obsolete.

Here we are in 2014 now and there’s been a resurgence of Christian metal music.  It’s considered to be more Metalcore which is a heavier deeper type of metal music than was popular back in the 80’s.  Metalcore doesn’t just apply to Christian music, but all types of bands and lyrics that play music of that type fall into that category.  It seems to be different this time too.  Be it whether the elders of the churches just are worn out, or now the teens of the 80’s are the older leaders of the church communities now and want to give their support, it’s more acceptable.

Are the lyrics praising God, or just positive messages with Christian values?

Christian Metalcore bands such as Norma Jean are popular among the teenage crowd.  It’s the music they love first it seems however, and then the lyrics follow second.  The lyrics are something to be mentioned however as they seem different, yes, they are Christian and about God, but more subtle than the “in your face” lyrics of days past.  Therefore there are a lot of crossover bands.  They are picking up fans that are not only Christians, but just average teenagers who really dig on metal music.  The lyrics are positive ones with a positive message, but not so much preaching and focused on God per say, they are focused on the Christian lifestyle and have a way of meaning whatever you want them to mean and stand up for.  It’s for that reason bands Christian Metalcore Bands are pulling in all types of different people, Christians and non-alike, of different ages but mostly teenagers.

The music is just as heavy as the non-Christian Metalcore bands, just with more positive lyrics based on a lifestyle of Christian beliefs of helping your fellow man and whatnot.  However the lyrics really don’t seem to speak volumes of praising God as should be and as was in the 80’s.  It’s almost as if these new strings of Christian bands don’t want to push their luck so they try to be subtle and almost embed the praise of God by making the lyrics speak of it without actually saying anything.

Such as P.O.D. a band that had a crossover crowd and got radio play and fans of all races, and creeds.  In such songs as Alive, and Youth of a Nation,  which made it big but were of a positive nature and they were considered a Christian band yet their songs, even the hits didn’t seem to put God out there and the lyrics could fit any theme you wanted them to.  So are there really Christian Metalcore Bands out there or just Metalcore Bands made up of Christians?  That my friend is the question.

Spinning – the new fitness philosophy

Spinning Exercise

This new fitness craze that has taken over most of the world because of its outstanding results was developed and created by a famous fitness instructor, Johnny D. Spinning. The program involves a cardio workout that uses a stationery bicycle found at the gym, these lessons are great for beginners, and trained athletes and last up to 60 minutes. The spinning class uses varied rhythm, pressure and intervals to train various muscles in the body. At the moment, almost every gym has special studio, for spinning lessons, that has multiple bicycles, where some of the newer models have the option to adjust the height of the steering wheel, the seat and the elevation. Not only are the spinning classes a lot of fun, because they anything but monotonous, they are also great in developing muscle endurance, coordination and willpower. It is believed that spinning classes are some one of the most energy-intensive classes, and it has been estimated that during one 60-minute session, it is possible to burn more than 600 calories, while boosting your metabolism and strengthening your cardiovascular system.

The positive effects of spinning classes are endless and while your main purpose might be to burn fat, in time you will see a general improvement in your overall health and wellbeing. For this class, it is important to wear fit clothes that are not loose and will not cause you any discomfort. Furthermore, as it usually gets extremely hot during the class, be prepared to have the A/C full blast, so do keep in mind that it is advised to wear a T-shirt and pants to this class, as well as have a bottle of water, usually 0.5 liters, as this is the recommended amount, and definitely a towel. It is best to wear cycling shorts or leggings with extra thick material in the groin area and on the bum, as you will be sitting on the bike seat; cycling gloves, to prevent your hands from slipping off the wheel, and proper footwear.

Spinning ClassWhile for other fitness exercises you might need soft, flexible shoes, for spinning, it is essential to wear sneakers with a thick, stiff sole, that firmly fix the foot, otherwise the foot can be over-bent and may cause severe pain. While some use advanced technology, adapted to the Shimano Pedaling Dynamics, used in stationery bicycles, and provide support as well as balance out the pressure your foot gets, others are designed in a way that are shock- absorbent and will protect your feet from external vibrations. The shoes must be breathable and light, because after 45 minutes of an intensive training, you are bound to sweat. To ensure the best hygiene of your feet and odorless shoes, do pay attention to the material from which the shoes are made. While all these have their advantages and issues to consider, trying on all of the available spinning shoes is simply impossible, we did the research for you, please see our top 10 picks here. From Sidi, to Wilson, and Sonoma, we have created a list with the best shoes for men and women, especially for spinning.

While cycling around in a beautiful park is absolutely amazing and healthy, but truth be told, not many of us have the available time or the proper bike to do that, further to that, many of us live in places where this is not possible due to weather conditions, or due to the fact that we live in a busy city. Spinning allows you to have a fun workout, while cycling indoors, regardless of the weather, that will have amazing results on your body, health and attitude!

Should the Church be Involved in the Fracking Discussion

Mining of natural gas has not just become a political concern, but also a major religious discussion. In the national discussions with respect to natural gas, the Catholic voices have raised their concern and strong guts towards the emerging social, political and now a religious issue of mining natural gas and its environmental impact observed. Catholic voices have been raising significant questions which are moral off course and very impartial to all. This article is not just a discussion about should the church get involved in discussing this issue on fracking but also a brief debate to express our opinion on this subject matter.

Fracking Protest

Photo Credit

General facts

This discussion about natural gas and mining are ongoing and seems like never ending. The church network and catholic community have been raising voices to address the significant moral questions which are not necessarily taking any side in particular. From East USA to West USA, from the organizations having many bishops to umbrella, the contributions offered by the catholic brotherhood about the discussions on shale gas and oil in the church teachings have significantly pointed out the facts that creating, protecting and promoting this concept is for the common good.


Protect the environment

Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, John Paul II and many others have been trying to address the environmental issues and striving hard to enforce rules to protect the environment. They are supporting to a great extent as they are more concerned about the health of the earth and the living beings within it as they do not intend to sacrifice them while they are pursuing the short term economic growth. Hence, church definitely would involve in discussing the fracking issue for the betterment of the environment. Also the moral principles of US Bishop’s committee as well as the domestic Justice Human development organization including the church authorities consider extracting energy in this form can be hazardous to living beings. Hence these declarations will rise important ample numbers of questions which can be applied to the energy generating companies for extracting natural gas from either rocks or deep underground with the help of techniques like hydraulic fracking. The demand for fracking and frac sand has grown by 10x over the last 10 years and the demand for frac sand is expected to stay high according to Tim at Frac Sand Source.


Catholic conferences

Technological advances have helped in pinpointing the horizontal drilling of natural and shale gas and this practice has been used worldwide. On the negative side, there comes a series of destruction such as diseases, air, water pollution, loss of life, blackened ground, etc. Fracking is the hot topic of discussion in most of the State catholic conferences held in Pennsylvania, Texas and Colorado. However, they have not been issued formal statements on the issue – fracking from the conferences’ executive directors and board of directors. However, all these issues are closely monitored and they are working towards a permanent solution to end this havoc. While this is the case, some church authorities have against the ban on fracking; however, they would definitely want to support environmentally safe methods of extracting shale gas and oil.


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Working Out on Sunday – Is it Allowed?

Although most people do not believe that working out on Sundays is a good thing to do, it is important to understand the benefits that it can bring. In fact there is nothing wrong with working out on Sundays! It is completely understandable that some people believe that the day is a day to rest and meditate, giving your heart and soul to God so you can get filled with good energies to start a brand new week again with the batteries recharged. Of course each person has the right to believe in whatever he or she would like, however this article aims at showing the true benefits that working out on Sunday can provide.

Is it allowed to work out on Sundays?

Yes it is, there is nothing that says otherwise. Working out on Sundays is not taking your meditation day out of your schedule, it is actually adding some meaning to it. It is possible to dedicate a few hours of your free day to God, in an alternative and very useful way. It is possible to feel healthier and also to connect with God. There are different equipment and resources that will help you make the best out of your exercising schedule. If you do not know much about the subject, or even if you would like to get some extra details regarding the subject then make sure you check the following website

What is the best ways to exercise on Sundays?

It is impossible to determine the best way, since it is a personal matter. Instead, it is possible to give some ideas that will help you find the best way for you to exercise on your day off. It is possible to ride a bike, to enjoy a long and calm walk and it is also possible to job. Although these are the most common exercising methods, there are other options such as skating, using your roller blades or even riding a horse. The more connected you are with God and nature the best!

How can working out connect you to God?

This is the most enigmatic question of all, there are no doubts regarding the fact that exercising can connect you with God in the deepest ways possible. It is essential that we understand that when we are exercising we are in direct connection with nature and with our true selves. We are using our bodies to achieve a sense of concentration and balance that helps us directly meet with or Creator.


If you are taking a walk down the park you will definitely feel the breeze, see the chirp of the birds and also feel how light your body will suddenly become. When you realize it you will be connected with God, enjoying the natural resources He made and left for us. Make sure you keep that in mind the next time you have a Sunday off. There is nothing better than to spend some hours connecting your heart and souled with God, our Creator.

Top 20 Christian Sites

There are wonderful Christian sites that help Christians build their faith on a daily basis. If you would like to spread the beauty and love that Christians have, as well as get new inspiration and insights then make sure you check the top 20 Christian sites below.

Daily Devotions – A Few Moments With God

Biblical devotions that come in a daily basis. They are intelligent, funny and most of the time quite useful for our daily lives.

Heavens Inspirations

Christian Worship Songs for Church and poetry makes this site quite an interesting source of material. The site is very organized and has everything to please!

Inspirational Messages,Poems, Stories, Humor, Quotes, Cartoons

With more than 5,000 Christian and Inspirational web pages that include wonderful Poems, Messages, Stories, Quotes, Humor, and Cartoons.New content on a daily basis.

Audio Bible Online

Audio Bibles in the most famous voices including the voice of as Alexander Scourby.

Junkyard Jokes

Although the site’s title seems quite strange for a Christian site, there is nothing to fear. This site has funny jokes, inspirational stories and much more.

God’s Little Acre

This beautiful site has , spiritual growth poems and stories, Christian humor, words of wisdom, prayer suggestions and much more.

Annie’s Home Page

With pages that were written from a Christian Perspective, this site has a little bit of everything: from helpful words to beautiful testimonials. This is the right place to get a word from God.

A great plan that helps people read the complete Bible in 52 days! Very interesting for those who seek to be in contact with God on a daily basis.

Peggie’s Place!

Christian resource for those who want music, stories and beautiful testimonials. Perfect for everyone!

Me amas?

A great Christian resource for the Spanish speaking.

The Back Pew

A Christian Cartoon Place, filled with high quality cartoons, jokes, humor.

All Christians Should Die at Least Twice

Let this site help you overcome the fears of death and understand why it is needed.

Barbara’s Entourage

God, Family & Friends inspired Christian website with thousands of very interesting website links.

Bible Teachings

Teachings from the Bible and beautiful poems.

Focus on Jerusalem

News related to the new prophecies and much more.

Cherbear’s Den

Christian children’s book author and illustrator shares his knowledge on the subject. Amazing source for those who would like to show children the wonders of God.

In the Light of Angels

Submit prayers requests, read testimonials and find a whole community dedicated to the cause.


La Pagina de la Bendicion

A beautiful source of inspiration texts, stories, testimonials and so on. This is dedicated to the Spanish Speakers.

EZ Read Bible

You can read several different Bible versions on this flexible and very interesting site.

God’s Mercy and Grace

A wonderful site that aims at spreading the Word of God, preach the Gospel message, offer teaching on various biblical subjects and offer other biblical resources for people of all ages and nationalities.
If you would like to read more about the nicest Christian sites available on the web today make sure you check the following link

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