Anger and the Believer

Thinking that Christ-followers are not allowed to get angry, or shouldn’t get angry is a fallacy. If we are what the Bible tells us, created in God’s image, then it is natural to see anger as part of our God given design. After all, there are plenty of instances throughout Scripture in which the Almighty gets angry.

The real problem is what we choose to do with that anger. If you succumb to the “natural man” aspect of your humanity it is quite possible that you will pursue vengeful and vindictive behavior. Perhaps you will contact David in order to purchase a new drone so that you can spy on your enemies, or drop little unwelcome presents in their general vicinity. Obviously, this would not bode well for anyone claiming to adhere to a Christ-like life.

So what constitutes a moment in which it is ok to be angry as a Christian? This is a valid question and one that should be carefully considered.

Anger and the Believer

When is it ok to be Angry?

Surely you have come across the verse that tells us to be angry but do not sin (Ephesians 4:26). Keep in mind that the verse permits the emotions associated with anger. What it does not do, is allow for unbiblical behaviors that might tempt you in the midst of those emotions. So when is it ok to be angry (so long as you don’t sin)? Read more.

We think that when you are trying to live a life that is modeled after the King of the Universe you should seek your answers from His Word. That means trying to unite your life and its choices with those things that are representative of His heart. If you want to ensure that you are only exhibiting righteous anger, then it is a good idea to understand what makes a righteous God angry. Here are two things we discovered:

  • Idolatry- If you have the Scriptural fortitude and ambition to begin researching the concept of anger as mentioned in the Bible, you will begin that quest understanding that the thing that makes God repeatedly angry is idolatry. He is not interested in sharing His children with any other thing that will take their focus and devotion away from Him. We were created in His image to serve and worship Him. When we allow other things to invade our time and lives, then we stir up His anger. This is because He knows that nothing else is as good for us as He is. Idolatry will bring us harm and as a loving Father, He does not want His children hurt by their separation from Him. Learn more.
  • Neglect– God gets angry when we neglect Him. Imagine how you feel when someone who claims to love you stops spending time with you. These are moments that can bring about legitimate anger. While people may not have chosen to place one specific thing in the throne He deserves, they are still choosing to ignore His existence and disrespect His commands. This makes Him angry. Those who choose to neglect God are destined for that wrath. Read these verses.

These two instances are the most common causes of God’s anger. What we need to see to answer the question previously mentioned, is that it is ok to get angry when you have been neglected or when something or someone else has been made more important. However, be careful what you choose to do because of it. Drones are certainly not necessary.

Tools You Need For Church Renovations

Some of the oldest churches that are still standing and operational today like the Mar Sarkis Monastery or the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion dates back from the 4th century.  These churches are only still standing and operational due to good care and frequent maintenance.  Our churches are the house of God and it is important to take good care of churches and to renovate them frequently so they too will stand the test of time and become historical buildings.  It is great fun to do church renovations because you can spend a lot of time in the house of God and you are giving just a little bit back to your creator who gives you so much.

Top tools to make renovations easy

Renovation work is hard work, especially if you don’t have the right tools.  The right tools will help you renovate much easier and will help you do much higher quality work.  You will also be able to do a lot more in less time if you just have the right tools.  Here are some great tools that are great for renovating old churches;

Tools You Need For Church Renovations

Grinder – With a good grinder you can remove excess material from any hard surface such as stone or metal.  Grinders works quickly and can get just about any tough buildup removed from surfaces so you can restore items and surfaces much better.  On top rated angle grinders you can have a look at some of the best angle grinders on the market and scout some of the best discounted deals.  The Tools Around the House site is also loaded with great reviews on other tools that can make renovations as easy as pie.

Drill – Power drills are great for renovating objects and will help you with redecorating when you need to hang some artworks or install new equipment in or around church.

Hammer – Hammers are the most basic but most useful tools for renovations because there is always something that needs to be hammered in or removed.

Measuring tape – Measuring tapes will help you hang objects at the right level and will help you take measurements when you need to order or build objects like shelves and more.

Paint brushes – They are basic tools but a must for repainting a room or window frames.

Paint sprayer – A paint sprayer will help you paint rooms or doors much smoother and quicker.

Jigsaw – Save a fortune by making your own shelves or doors with a jigsaw.

Sander – Sanders are great for renovating wood objects like furniture, doors and door frames.

Work for charity with your tools

Charitable organizations run on donations and rely on the assistance of communities.  It is everyone’s responsibility to help these organizations so they can thrive and help those in need. Once you have these power tools you can renovate your church and help out other not-for-profit organizations.  You can do charity work in these firms and renovate, repair or help out with odd handy man jobs so these organizations can stay in good order for a long time to come.

Having faith at the worst times

It is sometimes hard to understand why difficulties come across our path and why we sometimes have to deal with obstacles when we try and live our lives as righteous as we possibly can. It is the very enlightening truth though that our faith needs to be at its strongest when we are facing battles in our daily lives. This is also usually the time where temptation sets in for us to do the wrong thing and even though we shouldn’t we sometimes submit. It is also known that tough times and trying situations usually come at a time of victory or happiness.

Everyone has experience trying times and sleepless nights while wondering how to deal with certain unplanned and unexpected situations. It almost feels like a battle. This is where we have to realize that even though we are at a crossroad we still need to select God and run to him with what we are dealing with. This can include illness, financial problems and just about anything that seems hard to deal with. Life is sometimes going to give us lemons. It is up to us to determine if we are strong enough to get through it and face another day.

Having faith at the worst times

We also sometimes need to remind ourselves that God is with us and not against us and that every new day delivers a bit of hope that can help us get through whatever we are dealing with. Usually if we just ask in prayer God will shower us with his love and understanding and we will not be forced to get through our trials and dark places alone. Click here to read scripture about this.

Keeping faith in hard times seems to be the most challenging thing for us to do. We cannot simply be in prayer and grateful when things are going well, we need to also use our gift of freewill and trust God when we are facing inner demons. If for example you are ill and you perhaps need surgery take a look at Surgeons In Beverly Hills for some fantastic surgeons that offer great outpatient surgery services. As you walk into that clinic you need to take God with you and actually believe that he has your back at all times.

We need to realize that without God we are nothing and even if it might seem like a humbling experience we need to learn from our mistakes and learn from bad experiences in how we react. God is always a prayer away and it is comforting to know that he is always with us. This is usually the time to keep still and do soul searching while spending time with God. Read more about quiet time with God. This is our time to stay strong in the word and read everything we can in the Bible that will reinforce us for what is coming. There is an answer to any question in there and it is up to us to find it.

4 Ways You Can Please God

A number of people end up exhausted from trying to please God through doing work that isn’t really necessary. While serving in church and reading the Bible are the habits of a good Christian, there’s a lot more that needs to be done when it comes to pleasing God.

4 Ways You Can Please God

In case you’re making a decent attempt to please God yet feel like you’re missing the mark regarding doing as such, it’s an ideal opportunity to find how genuinely simple it really is to please God.

  1. See your association with God the way He does. From God’s point of view, your association with Him depends on affection, not rules. Remember that God is your Father in paradise, so you can take a look at your human connections in families, (for example, with your parents or with your kids (if you have any) to help you comprehend what an adoring guardian’s desires resemble. While God calls you to continue developing in sacredness, He doesn’t dismiss you on the off chance that you neglect to experience the greater part of the tenets. Like a decent human parent, God urges you to experience your potential while likewise lenient you when you come up short, showing you profitable lessons, and engaging you to continue developing. You can assume that God has your best advantages on a fundamental level, since He cherishes you totally and completely.
  2. Concentrate on the main work God genuinely requires of you. All that is truly essential for you to do as a Christian is the work of confidence: having confidence in Jesus and believing Him in all aspects of your life. Each and every other great work that God drives you to do will spill out of the establishment of confidence, and just confidence is important for your salvation. While it can appear like confidence doesn’t include work, it really does, in light of the fact that you should attempt to surrender your own particular endeavors to control your life and place your trust completely in God to lead you to what’s ideal. God wants you to help His people. For example, if you come across someone who is undergoing money problems and needs to get the plumbing or heating fixed in his house, help him out. Get in touch with and hire them to fix whatever needs to be fixed. The best part is that they are licensed, bonded and insured. They have been in the business for 30 years and offer all heating and plumbing services at extremely affordable prices. So in case that’s how you want to help someone out, they will serve all your needs accordingly.
  3. Find the happiness behind God’s summons. Perceive that God has composed each of His charges to you for your advantage: to shield you from mischief and help you create happiness, paying little mind to what conditions you experience in this fallen world. When you remember that God has great purposes for calling you to act in certain ways, you can see that God’s orders aren’t weights, however endowments.
  4. Understand the limits that God has incorporated with His orders. At the point when God orders you to accomplish something, He makes it handy to satisfy those charges by building limits into them so they get to be quantifiable targets.

Sell Blender Products at the Next Church Event

A lot of churches will try to do their best to help those in need.  They donate to charitable organizations such as senior homes, children’s homes and homes for the disabled.  There are also plenty of churches that run soup kitchens or house families in need. These churches mostly rely on donations to support these people in need but donations only go that far.  That is why more and more churches are starting to host church events where their members sell goods to raise funds for these not for profit activities.  The most commonly found goods at these events includes crochet items, cookies, cakes, meals and more that the public can buy and all of the profit goes to help those in need.  If you are looking for a terrific item to sell at the next big church event then you should get a blender.

Sell Blender Products at the Next Church Event

Why blender products are great for generating cash

You can create a great variety of healthy snacks with the use of a blender.  Blenders are super easy to use and will liquefy just about anything in just a minute or two which is perfect for serving your guests during rush hours.  You can simply stock your blender, crush away and serve.

Make delicious hot soups

With your blender you can create ready-made soups at home which you can simply heat up and serve to the public.  Soups are easy to make when you have a good quality blender and you can make delicious soups from few ingredients which means a greater profit for the church at little effort to you.

Give sorbets a try

Cold treats are always welcome on a hot day.  Sorbets can also be made at home and served during the event.  Children love sorbets and you can ensure the public that your sorbets only contain the healthiest ingredients.

Make yummy smoothies

Canned cool drinks are usually found in abundance during church events but no one ever thinks of making smoothies.  A smoothie is a filling drink and can almost be seen as a meal in a cup which is perfect for people who are dining on the go.  You are sure to make a killing by creating a great variety of flavors to choose from.

Where to find the best blenders

If you are selling goods to the public then you are probably going to be using your blender a lot.  You need a good quality blender that can withstand a lot of pressure, wear and tear.  It is always better to spend a bit more on a good quality blender than wasting your money on something that will only last a few spins.  On you can have a look at some terrific blenders that are currently on the market.  The website is loaded with all of the best high quality blenders and you can read up on comparisons between different types of blenders until you find a blender that is suitable for your needs and that has a price that suits your budget.

The healing power of prayer

It has been scientifically proven that prayer helps with healing. It is however purely faith that makes this possible. There are many healing methods in the spiritual world and in the Bible it is said that the Elders of your church should pray for you during illness. I truly believe that prayer heals the sick or simply helps to give that person hope in a hard and trying time. I used to admire the little prayer groups around patients every time I visited someone in hospital.  A person could clearly see the hopefulness builds up in that person and that they really appreciated being surrounded by the presence of God and his children.

We all know that God is compassionate and that he would heal us if that is His plan for us. It is said that those that have faith can move mountains. This means that by having faith that someone can be well again while we pray for them we are really making an impact. He stronger out faith the better the chances are that we can be healed. It is also very important to have a group of people with us when we pray for the ill. The power of having a fellowship of believers with you can only make the prayer stronger. Read more about prayer and healing.

The healing power of prayer

It is important to understand that there may not always be a successful healing in the pipeline. This does not mean that we should stop believing. The most common and somehow understandable thing that happens is that people tend to lose faith once they lose a loved one. It is important to note that God is powerful enough to heal anyone of any disease but sometimes the time is just right for that person to move on to the next part of their existence. During this time it is best to not be selfish and to let that person move on peacefully with good wishes. This will also be the time that we need God the most and that our faith needs to remain strong.

There are things to remember when someone close to you is suffering from a serious illness and that is that you need to be supportive and stay positive for that person. Make sure that your loved one is covered by a comprehensive health insurance policy because God’s healing power might display through a Doctor that manages to give the care your loved one needs. Take a look at Health insurance Florida for fantastic free quotes on healthcare. You will ultimately need to be that person’s pillar in a very difficult time and even though your heart might be breaking to see someone you love in such a fragile position it is important to understand that they are facing the fear of dying or getting sicker. It is also never a good thing to make an ill person feel like an inconvenience. Read more about keeping an ill family member or friend positive.

Smartphone Apps to Increase Your Faith

Sometimes it seems that technology is pulling us apart.  Families stare at screens instead of talking to each other, and faith takes a backseat to celebrity gossip.  But technology doesn’t have to only bring the negative into our lives.  In fact, some smartphone apps can even reinforce your faith, and bring families closer together.  If you want to find some apps to help bring you closer to God and each other, consider gathering your cell site tower supplies, visiting your app store of choice, and giving these a try.

Bible Quiz

The Bible Quiz app helps players learn more about the scripture while having a good time.  Details about Bible lessons are explored, and you have the opportunity to learn from the questions you miss.  Consider having a family game, even if you just have a few spare minutes.  Or use the questions to start fun dinner conversations.  If you have a few minutes on your own, consider opening the app for some on the go entertainment with meaning.

Smartphone Apps to Increase Your Faith

Daily Bible Inspirations

If you are looking for a daily pick-me-up, the Daily Bible Inspirations app may be the ideal choice.  Inspiring photography is mixed with Bible verses, allowing you to find a point to focus on when challenges arrive.  Images can be shared over social media, allowing you to send them to friends and family who may also appreciate a lift.

Prayer Notes

For those focusing on mindfulness, Prayer Notes allows you to record information about your prayers, including new thoughts that may occur during the day.  You can note your prayers once you made them, and acknowledge each one that is granted.  It can also help you reinforce your prayer routine by providing a reminder at specific times that you set.


K-LOVE lets you bring some of your favorite Christian music with you no matter where you go.  A mixture of uplifting, mainstream Christian music and positive commentary, you can find the inspiration you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can use the built in alarm to let the music wake you every morning, and can adjust your bandwidth settings based on your available amount of data.  View lyrics through the app, and easily purchase your favorite songs too.  If you are looking for some background music to a family dinner, consider K-LOVE to help keep spirits high.


For those who follow the Catholic faith, Missio provides access to new and information of importance to Catholics across the globe.  News is gathered from a range of reputable sources, and even Pope Francis has given the app his blessing.  Choose from news articles and videos, allowing you to get the kind of news you want, the way you want it.


Sometimes it is comforting to know that you always have the Bible by your side.  With the Bible app, you can carry one with you wherever you take your phone.  This can be ideal for squeezing in some additional study while on the go, waiting for an appointment, or between classes.  Topical reading plans are even included, allowing you to focus you studies on a particular area over the course of a few days to a few weeks.  Consider using the plans to guide your studies as a family, and to spur discussion about the topics being reviewed.

How to Make Decisions with God By Your Side

There are a lot of things that we have to decide on every day. The small decisions that we make are usually so natural that we do not notice that we are making a lot of decisions already. There are also some major decisions that you have to make when it comes to your business and your career.

Are you contemplating about changing your career but you do not know what to do about it? You know that the change you are going to do may have some advantages and disadvantages but you are torn whether you are going to continue with it or not. Remember that you are not alone. A lot of people all over the world are also experiencing the same situation. The choices you may have are different from theirs but the feeling may be the same.

The career that you have right now lets you spend more time with your family and the new one will take a few more hours of your time. You may fear that you will not be able to monitor them and what they are doing anymore but the use of the right tools can help you. The Refog Keylogger Software will ultimately help you in monitoring your children’s Internet activities.

How to Make Decisions with God By Your Side

If in case you do not know what you are supposed to do anymore, you can turn to God in order to help you in making decisions. There are some things that you ought to do and remember in order to make the right choices:

  • God will not force you to have a career that you do not want. The career that you are going to have will depend entirely on you. You are not being forced to become an accountant or a banker unless this is the type of profession that you want.
  • God will remind you that with all the choices that you are going to make, you need to choose something that is moral and will not degrade you and the people around you in any way. The career that you choose should have a good effect in society in general. You are working not only to earn money but to offer the type of help other people need.
  • God will allow you to take risks. You have to remember that you are created by God in his own image and likeness which means that you will be able to take it if in case you experience failure. When you take more risks, there is a possibility of having better returns. You will reap more benefits in the long run.
  • God knows how much you need your career in order to live your mortal life well but the center of your life should still be God. You should develop an intimate relationship with Him so that you will be properly guided with the other decisions you are going to make.

Remember that you can always follow God and you can always take him into consideration when you are making career decisions.

Increase Your Income to Increase Your Tithing without Changing Jobs

Many people believe in tithing.  Not only can this support your church, it can also support any charitable activities they would like to participate in.  If you want to increase the amount of money you have available to donate to these causes, finding a way to raise your income is a great place to start.

If you are looking to increase your income, you may not have to seek new or additional employment.  For those who would like to find an alternative to traditional employment in order to increase their tithe, consider the following ways to increase your income.

Documentaries that Shine a Light on the World of Investment Banking

Investing for Income

When most people think of investing, they tend to focus on their retirement accounts.  While investing for retirement is important, you can also invest in order to increase your income today.  Whether you want to manage your investments yourself, or prefer to use a service, like the Forex Manage Account Services offered by some businesses, creating a suitable portfolio can allow you to generate more income for use throughout your life.

An easy way to begin is to simply consider investing in stocks or bonds.  You can choose to use a website that allows you to choose to make trades when and how you prefer, or you can work with an advisor to help determine a plan based on your personal goals.  While no investment is truly a guarantee, you can make decisions based on the amount of risk you are comfortable with.  If you feel unprepared to invest in individual stocks or bonds, then choosing a mutual fund can help you diversify without having to make individual investment choices on your own.

Rental Income

If you have the ability to purchase additional real estate property, you may be able to earn income by renting the properties out.  This can allow you to earn income through the rental payments, while maintaining the property as an asset.  You can choose to manage the properties personally, or hire a company to handle the day-to-day in exchange for a portion of the rental fees.

If this is your preferred way to increase your income, make sure to keep a sufficient amount of funds available to make any necessary repairs that may be required, as well as manage any property taxes that will come due.  You will also need to maintain insurance on all of your properties.

Stock Photography

If you consider yourself a photographer, you may be able to earn income from your photos.  Stock photography sites are often considered a way to earn passive income, as you can earn money from the use of your photos multiple times.

While it does require some upfront investment in regards to time, both for taking the photos and to complete some post-processing, once the photos are on the site, no other real maintenance is required.  This can make it ideal for someone who enjoys taking photographs on their own, as it can allow a hobby to turn into a source of income.

Consider Your Other Hobbies

If you participate in a hobby that results in an item that could be sold, then you can continue doing an activity you already do, but do it for profit.  Many websites exist that allow people to sell homemade goods to customers across the country, or even the world.

Dealing with Idolatry

This is an interesting topic to delve into because so many “Christians” are misinformed. They have this notion that idols are golden calves and Asherah poles. There’s a belief that manmade gods are only those that are fashioned out of wood and metal and then bowed before. Sadly, this deception has led many believers to ignore the true idols in their lives.

It is time we opened our eyes to the reality of the idols of today. If you find yourself in need of a Los Angeles drug possession lawyer it is because you have allowed drugs to become your idol, your god. You have bowed down to their control over your life and their ability to lead you deeper into sin. An idol will surpass all other things of import in your life. And, if you are in need of a lawyer to defend you for drug possession, it is obvious that you are dealing with idolatry.

drug possession lawyer

Idols of Today

It is really easy to negate all that God has said about His position on idolatry if we choose to ignore the idols of today. Unfortunately, our desire to feign ignorance will not eradicate our guilt before a Holy God.  Therefore, it is important to consider the following idols of today:

  • Addiction– As stated previously, addictive behaviors have a tendency to push themselves to the forefront of behavior. They are perhaps the most prideful, self-centered, arrogant sins of all. These actions show loved ones and peers that there is nothing more important than the time spent actively engaged in addiction. Certainly more time is spent in that endeavor than is spent in prayer and Bible reading. Keep reading.
  • Money– This is an issue from long ago. The Bible tells us that money is the root of all kinds of evil. People are consumed by the “almighty dollar.” That title in itself should reveal the level of value and surpassing greatness attached to it. People willingly sin to achieve more and bow down their lives for the purpose of continued gain.
  • Technology– This is an all-consuming force in modern times. Consider how much time you invest in technology. This includes TV, computers, tablets, video games, text messaging, social media, etc. The majority of your non-working (and sometimes working) hours are spent engaged in one of these endeavors if you are like a large percentage of Americans. Screens have become bigger than God in our lives; read this.
  • Sports– Perhaps this is only a seasonal idol for you but it is an idol nonetheless. We cheer louder for our favorite sports teams than we would ever do in praise and worship of the King of the Universe. This shows us how horribly skewed our belief systems are. We are willing to fork out large amounts of time and money to attend games, but most of us won’t even consider the fact that God expects us to tithe.
  • Entertainment in General– Here we can add all the other things we spend time and energy and money doing. Whether it is fishing, hunting, painting, running, or traveling, doesn’t matter. Anything that achieves a higher level of significance and drive in your life than God does is an idol.

Are we prepared to step away from our idols? Probably not, but God is jealous and He will not share you with anything else. This is why He tells us to choose this day who we will serve. Learn more.

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