How to protect your home and family when you pass on

life insurance and religionWhen you meet your spouse and get married, you have children, and buy a house. These are the steps of adulthood. As many people know as long as your right with Jesus you will go to heaven and meet your maker but the ones left behind are the ones that suffer financially, emotionally, and spiritually sometimes. They lose their way wandering why this happened to their loved one? What could they have done to prevent this tragedy? Sometimes prayer is the best option to finding these answers. But one thing you can be sure of when you die is that as long as you left them with mortgage insurance coverage and life insurance for the funeral and bills then you have done your part in taking care of your loved ones after your gone.

So what do you do when you want to protect your home in the event of your death? Mortgage life insurance will protect your home in the event of your death. Mortgage life insurance is a term policy that will pay your mortgage off when you or your spouse or both of you pass on. This will protect your children from losing their home and being left with the mortgage. They also offer critical illness coverage that will protect your mortgage in the case of a critical illness. These are great options to help protect your mortgage. Check with your insurance broker for the latest plans and to get critical illness explained.

There are many forms of critical illness here is a list of just a few that can be covered.

  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Coronary bypass
  • Kidney failure
  • And some types of cancer

These are all considered critical illness under the critical illness rider in an insurance policy. Many insurance policies carry critical illness riders for a little extra a month. With critical illness riders they pay a portion of your benefits in advance once diagnosed with a critical illness, this portion is based on the illness and will go to help you pay for treatments, take your kids on one last vacation, pay your bills, and help you get your debt under control before you pass. Remember though for critical illness insurance to pay out you must be considered critical or life threatened by your illness.

God is there to protect the spiritual wellbeing of your loved ones once you’re gone. He will lay his hands upon them and take in their pain and suffering and make things better. It will be rough for them emotionally for a little while but as long as they are true believers and lay their problems in his hands he will provide a way to see them through this struggle. Knowing that you are up there looking down on them and protecting them from harm will God is blessing their lives will make the transition much easier for them. Prayer will help and visiting the local Christian grief counselor will help your spouse and children work through their feelings. Grief is difficult but with the right church behind you can move through it and come out on the other side whole again.



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