Live Closer to God by Taking up Gardening as a Hobby

Garden work is terrific for your spiritual and physical wellbeing. When you enjoy regular garden work sessions you stimulate your creative side and you quickly learn how noble work can have fantastic results. Gardening is great exercise for your bod. There are few hobbies that have as many benefits as garden work and garden keeping has because a garden is something that the entire family, all your friends and all of your guests simply love to enjoy.

Live Closer to God by Taking up Gardening as a Hobby

Spiritual benefits of gardening

Gardening is one of the best hobbies for Christians because it is noble work that becomes quite rewarding when you see how you create beauty. The top spiritual benefits of gardening are;

  • Gardening brings you much closer to nature so you can marvel at God’s handiwork.
  • Gardening gives you a good workout so you will be healthier and fitter.
  • When you spend time in the garden you can fight back a lot of stress and reduce the effects of depression.
  • Garden work keeps your hands occupied but gives you the freedom to work through a lot of tough thoughts and decisions in life so you can make the best possible choices and do the best possible things.

Make your own compost for easier gardening

Compost can do a lot for your garden. Potted plants flourish when they are planted in compost and your garden plants become much more lively and greener when you feed them good compost. By making your own compost you will have an unlimited supply of compost, you can save a lot of money on your garden and you can recycle garden and table scraps into something useful.

Find the best compost maker

DIY compost barrels and compost heaps are completely doable but it is incredibly hard to get the right compost ratio when you use these techniques because it is so hard to mix your compost. The compost heaps also always looks messy in your garden. A compost tumbler makes compost making super easy and these units allows you to add and remove compost at the same time. You have much more control over the quality of your compost and the units look completely tidy and odor free in your garden. You can visit to find the best compost tumbler for your home.

Keep a garden journal

While you are enjoying your garden you should also try to keep a garden journal. Garden journals are much the same as keeping any type of journal accept that the focus is on your garden time, thoughts, feelings and garden experiences. You can document your garden as it develops and store away useful tips such as the best ingredients for the best compost and you can take note of all of the beautiful creatures in your garden. You can document thoughts, feelings and you can use your garden journal to create wonderful works of art while you try to copy all the wonderful flowers, sprouts and insects that you come across. A garden journal can help you relax more and you can one day look back on your terrific and colorful garden journal and see how you developed spiritually.

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