If it wasn’t “one nation under God,” then who else would you want it to be under? 

ONE NATIONWould it have to be changed to “one nation under Congress” or “one nation under the President of the United States?” to reinstate the Pledge of Allegiance before class each school day?  It used to be said in what was a correct way being that we are one nation under God as that is how we were founded.  If we have to spend every morning before school saying the Pledge of Allegiance the way it was in the past when it was allowed and part of the pledge to say that we are a nation under God, well, who else does one want to be under?

It was powerful to speak the pledge the way it was meant to be spoken.  It showed strength, pride, and belief in ourselves and our country that we had God looking out after us.  It was how our country was founded.  This debate has been going on for so long.  It was much simpler to just say it.  You can appreciate that everyone is entitled to worship who they want and believe in whatever it is they choose to believe in, but coming together each morning and acknowledging one of the core beliefs this country was founded under brought a sense of unity.

Is it a bad thing to not believe in God and to say that you live in a nation that was said to be built under His grace?  It’s part of what made you an American.  Well, this is your nation and by the grace of God is how it was founded.  Understand that America has always been about having been founded under God from the very beginning as that is the belief that bound us together. It’s carved in our history.  No matter what, it happened even if you skip over those parts in history class.

Our money even reflects America’s stand as a nation founded under God by saying ‘In God We Trust’ upon our currency.  If you choose not to believe that is up to you, but you can’t erase from the past history of this country the way in which it was founded.  There was no complaining about it then.  It was part of being an American.  Get on your computers and research it.  NO technology can refute the past. Not even top of the line NTP Server Windows or mega databases full of information will tell you anything different.  What’s written is written.  It’s called history.

It’s just those who remember standing and reciting it with their fellow classmates can tell you it was the one part of the day when we all came together as one.  After the pledge we all did our own thing and went our own separate ways.  Be it with God or not, we had that one moment where we stood for our country under something greater than ourselves.  So say it or don’t say it, but don’t dismiss God as a strong base of where this country came together from and the bond we had when we did form this great nation.  For, or against, it’s part of our American history.

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