Combating Sleep Troubles of New Moms

The baby that you have carried with you for 9 months is now out in the world and you are excited and happy at the same time. The main advice that you will get is you should get your sleep when your baby sleeps. If there are some household chores that you need to do, you should forget about those chores first. The most important thing to do is sleep so that you will have the energy to take care of your baby and get to those household chores after some time.

A baby is a gift from God and a blessing. The first few months after you have given birth will be hard but you know that it will be worth it in the end. There is nothing like holding the baby in your arms and letting him/her fall asleep because of the lullabies that you sing.

Combating Sleep Troubles of New Moms

Surviving the time when you are still adjusting to your baby is quite hard but do not worry because here are a few tips that you can follow so that combating sleep troubles will be easier for you:

  1. Take turns with your partner.

It is unfair if you are going to take care of the baby on your own. There will be days when you also need to rest so make sure that your partner will be the one responsible for your baby while you sleep. This can help you have a better understanding of what each other are going through and at the same time, you will have equal opportunities to take care of your baby.

  1. Lie down whenever you get the chance.

There will be days when the moment that you lie down, you will fall asleep but there are also times when you will have restless nights and days. Whenever you get the chance, just lie down. It will help you greatly. You can put your feet up, just close your eyes and relax. It will help your body recuperate without doing much. If you need to have the best star projector that you can focus on to help you fall asleep then do it.

  1. Keep your baby close to you.

There are times when you would need to nurse your baby and in the process, you will both fall asleep or at least, your baby will fall asleep. At least when you are close, you can keep your baby near you as you nap. This will allow you to sleep well as long as your baby sleeps.

  1. Try to avoid caffeine.

Now is not the time for you to drink coffee because there will be times when you will find it hard to sleep. Although you need to be alert for your baby, there are other things that you can take that will help you stay focused without being too alert. If you want, you can take green tea instead.

  1. Remember that your sleepless nights will diminish.

You know that it will be hard to stop yourself from getting cranky especially if you have not gotten enough sleep yet but the time will come when your baby will grow older and will begin to sleep like you sleep. You may want to look back on the sleepless nights with a smile so just make the most out of it while you still can.

If in case some people would like to help you out, choose to meet up with guests whom you know can surely help. You do not want to end up entertaining guests when you barely have enough energy to function.

Great Games for Your Youth Group

Chasing after God, and learning to walk in His ways is certainly no game. In fact, He is a pretty serious entity, but not without a sense of humor. One would only have to look at a duck billed platypus, or a baboon’s painted rear, to know that God likes to amuse Himself.

It is rather unfortunate though, that a vast majority of today’s youth groups are spending far too much time playing games than they are studying the Bible. This is why the American church is in sharp decline, rapidly spiraling away from all that God would have us hold dear, namely His Word.

Perhaps more unfortunate, is the inclination by pastors and youth leaders to cater to the “entertain me” mentality of this generation. Somehow we have got to disciple these young people so that Christ can be glorified in them. He’s not their homeboy, and that is something that only a strong grounding in the Scriptures can reveal.

But, we live at a time in which we must mix fun with study in order to inspire further Spiritual investigation. That is why we have created this list of great games for your youth group. Perhaps you should utilize these as rewards for accurate adherence to, and knowledge of, the Scriptures. That might make the games more valuable in the eyes of God.

Great Games for Your Youth Group

5 Great Youth Group Games

Check out these exciting games to boost your youth group participation and Biblical studies enthusiasm:

  1. Seated Basketball- You won’t need an Easton S2 for this one. Especially since basketball doesn’t require youth baseball bats. But you will need a bucket and a ball. Players position their chairs at the beginning of the game and cannot move from that spot. They have to utilize team work to get the ball into a basket, or bucket, on a table.
  2. Real World Bible Drills- This will get them studying. The concept is to find verses in the Bible that will help them get through real world issues. If they are dealing with anger they would research the passages that include anger. If they are sad, then they might want verses that instill joy. The team with the most verses that are contextually applicable wins. Check out this site to help the students in topical searches.
  3. Bible Jeopardy- It’s Bible Jeopardy, but you can always throw in some non-Bible based questions.
  4. Name that Tune- This is one way to get the kids to listen to more Christian music. Play five seconds of a faith based song and has the kids guess what it is. You can have teams face off one at a time, or do it in group form. Here are some great tunes to use for this game.
  5. Tug of War- Everyone knows how to play this game. You can make it more fun by having students play against parents, boys against girls, or youth leaders versus youth. Or you could try putting a couple of strong people against a lot of weaker ones and see who prevails.

If these games do not strike your fancy, there are other options available. As we said previously, there are an infinite number of youth group games out there, since most people are more interested in playing around than in serving God. However, the real value in this life is found in obedience to Jesus Christ. You can learn more here.

Music and Faith | A Match Made in Heaven

The idea that music and faith go hand-in-hand is not a new one.  Whether it is enjoying the choir at your local house of worship, singing along through select hymns, or enjoying your favorite faith-oriented bands on the radio, the joy of music and faith can help elevate your spirit to new heights, and may provide other benefits as well.

Both music and faith have been shown to provide a variety of benefits to people across all ages and walks of life.  If you were looking for a reason to bring more of each into your life, consider these points.

Music and Faith | A Match Made in Heaven

Benefits of Faith

Recent research has found that going to church may not only be beneficial for the soul, but can also be beneficial for the body.  Regularly attending religious services has been found to potentially boost the immune system, and can decrease blood pressure.  Some even say it may extend your life by up to three years.

The reasons for these benefits are not entirely known, in a scientific sense.  One source is the sense of support one feels from belonging to a connected community.  Not only can this help people feel more integrated with those in attendance, it can also provide benefits in knowing where to turn when you are experiencing times of stress or hardship.

Churchgoers are also less likely to participate in certain vices, such as drinking or smoking, when compared to the average population.  This can lead to a greater level of overall health, in comparison, as you may be less likely to take part in activities or habits that can put your health at risk.

Benefits of Music

Music has also been shown to have a positive effect on the body.  It can help ease pain, especially when faced with a physically challenging activity.  Those who listen to classical music while going to sleep may experience less insomnia, and soft music may even help you eat less by encouraging you to move more slowly.

Stress reduction is a widely researched benefit, and some may even use it to help induce a state of meditation or relieve symptoms of depression.  In fact, you can use music to elevate your mood and reduce your overall level of anxiety.  Some surgical centers even use music to help patients relax prior to their procedures.

Music has the ability to raise your spirits, energize you physically, and help you wind down, depending on what kind of music is chosen.  This can make it a very powerful addition to anyone’s life.

Bring the Benefits in Your Life

If you are looking to experience more of the benefits of your faith and music, consider giving yourself more opportunities to experience both.  A quality sound system from Stereochamp can help you bring high quality music into your home and vehicle.  By focusing your playlist on music with a positive message, including those focused on faith, you can bring the benefits of both into a single space.

You can even share the experience with other members of your family, as well as friends and members of your congregation.  Think of all of the places that could benefit from some background music with a message everyone can get behind, and see if you can bring it all together.  You may thank yourself for it in the end.

Save Money Daily to Increase Your Charitable Giving

Whether you want to increase the amount of your weekly tithe, or are just looking for ways to raise funds for those in needs, by making an effort to save money every day, you may find yourself with some extra money for giving.  If you want to see what little changes you can make that can result in large donations over the course of a year, consider the following options to free up some additional funds.

Lower the Cost of Your Utilities

A significantly portion of a household’s budget is directed towards the payment of utilities.  By making a series of small changes, you may be able to lower your utility costs and redirect those funds to doing some good in your community.

One of the easiest places to start is with your lightbulbs.  Whether you favor table lamps, pendant lights, or recessed can lighting, making sure you are running the most efficient lightbulbs can lead to significant savings over the long-term.  In fact, an LED light bulb can save a home over $100 over the course of its life.  Depending on how many lightbulbs you have in your home, the total can add up quickly.

Save Money Daily to Increase Your Charitable Giving

You can take steps to lower your water bill too.  If you own a washing machine and dishwasher, make sure you only run them when they have full loads.  This can help make sure you get the most out of every cycle.  You can also switch to low-flow toilets, or simply put a small water bottle filled with tap water in the tank.  By adding the water bottle, a small amount of water is displaced, leading you to use less water with every flush.

Save Money on Food and Household Goods

While many people shy away from using coupons, they can lead to real savings over time.  Not only that, but there are so many options beyond the standard coupons you find in the newspaper.  You can print coupons from home if you find them on different websites, load them on to apps to take to the store, or add them to a store loyalty card to be automatically applied when you check out.

Normally, you will see the total of your purchase before and after the coupons are applied.  Instead of just pocketing the difference, consider taking that savings and directing it towards a charitable effort right away.

You can do the same with savings from store sales, or the difference saved by switching from a name brand product to a generic or store brand version.  While this may take some extra effort on your part to calculate, it is time well spent when the proceeds go to an important cause.

Keep Fuel Costs Low

Paying for gas for a vehicle can be a big hit to one’s budget, especially if you have to pay an additional fee for using a credit or debit card over cash.  If you are looking for an alternative that lets you pay at the pump while also getting a lower price, consider purchasing prepaid gas cards as part of your grocery trip.  Not only can you receive rewards points from the grocery store, you can also get the cash discounted price for fuel while still being able to pay at the pump.  Since you are at the grocery store anyway, it can be a pretty convenient switch that leads to respectable savings.

Bringing God into your relationship

As a person that is very religious and that believes your relationship was sealed in the presence of Christ you will easily notice when you aren’t sharing the values of God as much as you used to. It really is okay because the pressures of daily life sometimes causes us to move further away from the core values that we need to keep our relationship spiritual and in tune with God. It is sad to see that couples are no longer attending church together and that there are so many divorces happening today. How do we avoid it?  There are a few ways to renew your relationship in Christ which will give you a strong and present foundation to keep things going.

Remember that the ultimate love is God

Your love for your partner will grow stronger once the both of you realize that God is love and that first and foremost your love should be for him. This will allow your relationship and the love you have for each other to get stronger. Loving with a Christian heart means loving completely and going back to those values will make your love humble and selfless again. In sharing your love with God, your partner and your children you will feel the warmth and coziness that comes with loving and inner peace.

Bringing God into your relationship

Go to church and mingle with other likeminded couples

There is nothing better than being with individuals or couples that feel as strongly as you do about their religion. You will sometimes see what is missing from your relationship by looking at other couples which will give you time to discuss your shortcomings with your partner and in turn listen to theirs. Have fun excursions with your religious friends and enjoy worshipping God together.  Click here to find out why it is good for couples to go to church.

Make special dates

Life is incredibly busy and we tend to forget to take a few hours out of our schedules to spend special and quality time together. Make at least one date with your partner a month. This must be a night or day where it is just the two of you. There must not be any distractions and it should be special for the both of you. Take a look at for some great dating tips. It is important to spend a lot of time with your children but as a couple you need the adult time for reflecting on your lives and just falling in love all over again.

Pray together

Instead of rushing your morning prayer and quiet time while you get ready for work take the time with your partner in the mornings or evenings and say a prayer together. This is a great way to bond with each other and with God. This is also wonderful to air all your dirty laundry and ask for the help you need with the problems that you are experiencing in your relationship.  Click here for some great prayer inspiration.

Gifts from God to His Children

God has blessed His children with endless gifts. Whether or not you can see these gifts, they are there. You can feel their presence through every step of life. Here are just five out of the countless gifts that God has blessed us with:

Gifts from God to His Children


A mother watching her daughter dance on the stage enjoys the unity, magnificence and co-ordination of every sway and every move. While each girl is different than the other one, each one is equally dear and equally charming. That’s what God looks like at each of us, His children. Each one is cherished, one of a kind, delightful, commendable. Each person is the most delightful thing God could think of.


All of us can love powerfully; so to inspire, nourish, and fortify others, and make delightful commitments of companionship and consideration. We can love, regardless of how lost and befuddled we feel, and paying little mind to our life circumstance.

Since God gave us His cherishing heart, we feel a significant feeling of consideration and commitment toward others. Delicate respect. Genuine dedication. Notwithstanding when we’re cold, the Divine Heart of Love talks in us, questioning. To hurt somebody makes us miserable, to love makes us upbeat. The affection we have in our heart is our best guide. It whispers to us, gives indications. It feels. It wants to think about it. It’s you. Listen to your heart.


We’ve all accomplished the truth behind the saying, “Knock and it shall be opened.” How frequently have you contemplated an inquiry or issue, and later cheerfully said, “It came to me! It occurred to me!” God would not have us wonder uselessly. Comprehension is constantly accessible to you, noticeable all around, in the heart of God, in the profundities of your spirit. You can get to it just by tuning in, focusing, requiring and needing to know.

  1. HEART

Heart is the internal compass that aides us in good and bad, love and hate. Like: You want to take your sister’s piece of cake, however your still, small voice says no. You say something brutal, and your still, small voice says, “Do a reversal and apologize.” And in case you’re carrying on with a shallow, cold life, again your inner voice gripes.

Be that as it may, heart doesn’t simply give us uneasiness with wrongdoing; it gives delight and fulfillment when we’ve done well, given excellence, adored well. Soul helps us live wonderfully: make euphoria and goodness, and abstain from making hurt. Say thanks to God for soul!


We need both of these things to survive. These things might be taken for granted but these are one of the biggest blessings and gifts from God to the mankind. Make use of God’s gift in a proper manner; do not waste it. Use devices like water cleaners and water softeners to improve the quality of water as well the quality of life as God wants you to have the best and do the best. You can Read about Water Softener Reviews and Comparisons on

Achieving Nearness to God

In the event that you feel as a Christian that you could be nearer to God, here are a few thoughts and exercises to help you celebrate God and be nearer to God. God cherishes you more than any other thing in the world. He made you and by doing the following, you are draw yourself closer to God.

Achieving Nearness to God

  1. On the off chance that you are not very familiar to God and don’t have any acquaintance with Him extremely well (ie: ambiguously by name) then maybe you ought to begin by simply securing yourself your room. This will help you to feel that you are presently alone and only in the presence of Sustainer.
  1. Take a deep breath and attempt to clear your mind of everything that bothers you. At that point, say out loud, “Hello, God. I spared this time for You. Will You please come and converse with me?” This may feel crazy at first however realize that God genuinely listens and minds. Keep in mind, “Ask and you might get.” There is nothing wrong with requesting God to converse with you.
  1. At that point, as you would address a companion or somebody you truly trust, loosen your tongue and tell God about everyone and everything that troubles you. On the other hand, let him know something extraordinary that just recently happened to you (ie: your group simply won a competition, somebody you like asked you out, or you made another companion). God listens and comprehends – dependably – so you won’t need to feel senseless.
  1. Try not to attempt to be boastful/proud, or pray anything extravagant: simply attempt to address everything huge in your life – however nothing is too little to approach about or for help and intelligence. Prayer ought not to be egotistical.
  1. Keep in mind that God has his own particular reasons, for His timetable, thus believe Him in that. You may not get precisely what you need precisely when you need it, however He does everything which is as it should be.
  1. Admit your wrongdoings to Him. Appeal to God for every one of your issues throughout your life at this moment, and other stuff that is truly critical to you. You can attempt at making a prayer diary, in the event that you aren’t happy with asking, or you might want to record your prayers and their outcomes.
  1. Watch movies or documentaries that bring you closer to God. You can watch movies that discuss God’s miracles and blessings – such movies can be easily found on ShowBox for Android.
  1. Pray regularly. Despite the fact that this may appear glaringly evident, pray twice or at least once a day to God. Ensure the words originate from your heart Imagine yourself preceding him and seeing his superbness as you ask. Love his grandness! However, He needs to be your closest companion who is more than just and right, Holy God, The Judge, for He is perfect in every aspect.

Ideas for Sunday Gatherings That Does Not Involve Cake

Sunday gatherings are always great for your mental health.  You get to know your fellow churchgoer better, meet new people and you can get out of your normal routine for a bit of spiritual friendship.  When you interact with other Christians you can also give those with struggle a bit of emotional support and they can in return support you when you are facing certain difficulties in life.  The traditional snack during most church gatherings is usually something sweet like cake or cookies.  While these tasty treats are always yummy they welcome, they aren’t exactly great for your health.  If you want to contribute to these fun gatherings but don’t want to give what most people give then you should have a look at some of the following tasty and healthy alternatives that you can make all by yourself.

Make your own cheeses

Cheeses are an ultimate luxury.  You have an entire meal if you have just a few different flavors of cheese, a few biscuits and a bit of fruit.  If you really want to impress others at church then it is time to start making your very own cheese by investing in one or two cheese making kits.  At Cheese Links there is quite a large variety of cheese making kits to choose from which you can use for different types of cheeses.  When you make your own cheeses you can explore different recipes and make your own unique flavors that everyone at church would love to give a try.

Ideas for Sunday Gatherings That Does Not Involve Cake

Mix your own unique health teas

Do you have good taste when it comes to tea?  With Matcha Powder you can start making your very own health teas that all of your church friends would love to try.  Matcha Powder comes from green tea leaves and has plenty of health benefits such as improved metabolism which promotes weight loss, a better digestive system, boosted energy levels and much more.  When you give a health tea you aren’t just giving a snack or beverage, you are giving the gift of improved health.

Mini Kabobs

Mini kabobs are always great for breaking the sweet a bit.  Your mini kabobs can contain a variety of healthy veggies such as gherkins, your own handmade cheeses, tomatoes, mini onions and hams.  They are super easy to make and you can add any ingredient that you like to your mini kabobs.

Veggie bites

Veggie bites are the ultimate healthy snack and is great for adding color to your snacks.  You can add some cocktail tomatoes, cucumber rings and red or yellow pepper strips to any plain meal and make it look a lot yummier.  Cutting veggies into strips and serving them with a tasty dip is also a great alternative and a terrific snack for extremely hot days.

Ginger beer

If you are attending church on a hot summer day then giving ginger beer is a terrific idea.  Ginger beer is easy to make and it is a lot more affordable than most beverages that can be made at home.

Make an impact with art

If you are a spiritual person you would know that doing something good for someone that is less fortunate or going through a trying time in their lives. There is a great feeling of gratitude and fulfillment that comes with helping others. It is scientifically proven that art is a form of therapy and can help individuals, child or adult to feel better about themselves and perhaps for a few creative moments set their troubles aside. Read more about the healing power of art. If you haven’t been actively involved in any charity or community projects you might want to consider starting an art project that will help others by keeping them engaged in something creative and healing. You can go as far as getting your whole church involved and it will be a fun and religious experience in helping others. Here are a few art projects you might want to consider.

Make an impact with art


Beading is a lot of fun for everyone. This is a great way to get everyone entertained in no time at all. You don’t have to buy the most expensive beads. Perhaps settle with a few beautiful acrylic designs that are cheap and great fun to bead with. You can teach people to make jewelry or other beaded items. The amazing thing is that you will be teaching a trade to people which might enable them to sell their creations.

Adult coloring sessions

Adult coloring is on the rise and has become a great method for adults to relax and take time out. It would be a fantastic idea to visit a shelter with a couple of adult coloring sheets and click here for some great colored gel pens that will brighten anyone’s day. It is said that the patterns that are included in adult coloring books have a therapeutic result. The gel pens are great to color with and with the wide variety of color you will be spoilt for choice.


Music is just a fabulous form of art that can bring light to the darkest day. Get hold of a couple of instruments and perhaps ask the musicians of your church to come along. At first it might sound like an absolute cacophony but if everyone takes the time to learn a simple instrument you might have a lot of fun at the end of the day. It is just the idea of doing something creative and fun that will mean the world to the less fortunate. Read more about the therapeutic benefits offered by music.

Sewing and embroidery

There is a great way to get people involved in a large project and all it would require is material scraps. Get a group of people involved in making a quilt with patchwork. Sewing is a great trade to learn and it will be a fun activity to watch the quilts getting completed with all the different block of material that will turn it into a colorful work of art.

How to Be Travel Ready for Christian Missionary Work

As a dedicated Christian you never know when God or your church will be in need of your services.  Missionary work is one of the most important instructions that God gives in the Bible and needs to be taken seriously.  Despite all the technological devices and the internet there are still a lot of people out there who hardly know the Bible or what Christianity is which means there are still a lot of people in need of your services.  God also instructs us to care for those in need and what better way to do that than through missionary work?  If you are travel ready or have travel ready habits then you can be there for your Church and for that in need at the exact moment when you are needed.

How to Be Travel Ready for Christian Missionary Work

Learn to pack light

Traveling is terrific, adventurous and fun if you pack light.  But hauling a lot of baggage around the world can become quite tedious and will definitely affect your flexibility, mobility and comfort on a journey.  It is time to learn how to travel light and get along with minimal bagging so you can enjoy your trips more and be there for those in need  much quicker and more comfortably.

Put away some money

Traveling is and will always be expensive.  You live in a world where resources are becoming scarcer and where people have to work a lot harder to make a living.  Having a bit of money stored away for missionary work can help you be on your journey a lot faster and will also help you help those in need a lot easier when you have a little something to donate or when you can at least cover your own living cost during the missionary trips.

Service your car properly

Vehicle maintenance is an absolute must for all vehicle owners and especially for those who are planning on going on a major missionary trip.   You should get your vehicle serviced so your engine can be in good shape and you should also get your air conditioner repaired, filled and serviced so you can save on fuel and enjoy the long journey without breaking a sweat.  A service and check on all of your vehicle’s auto electrics is also an absolute must that most car repair companies will never check.  Electrical flaws in your vehicle can lead to a breakdown or a lot of unnecessary fuel consumption. Find out more here and get your auto electrics and air conditioner sorted out easily and affordably.

Keep your passport updated

You can get a temporary passport relatively quickly but the process is still quite tedious.  If you want to be ultimately travel ready then you should have a passport ready at all times so you can go on abroad missionary trips much quicker.  If your passport is ready at all times you will never be held back or miss out on the missionary trip of a lifetime and you can enjoy even the most unplanned of trips.

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