Personal Relaxation Rituals for a More Spiritual You

One of the facts of life is that some days are harder than others.  Whether it is mounting daily stresses, or an unexpected challenge, taking the time to relax and recharge can be the difference between finding your way forward and feeling trapped in the situation.

To help you find your spiritual center, allowing you to more easily do God’s work, consider these personal rituals as a form of salvation from the challenges of life.

Personal Relaxation Rituals for a More Spiritual You

Take Time to Pray

One of the most revitalizing and freeing experiences can be through a special prayer ritual.  This can include moments of quiet meditation to help you gather your thoughts, expressing thanks and gratitude for the blessings in your life, as well as asking for help, guidance, or protection in the days to come.

Many people find the act of sharing their thoughts to function as a way to lighten a sense of burden, as the concerns are no longer being suppressed within the mind.  It can also help you remember the things in your life that are positive, giving you a different perspective by focusing on the joys that you experience throughout the day.

If you don’t have the option to verbalize your thoughts, consider writing them down.  Whether you want to work with an official journal or a scrap piece of paper, writing your thoughts can be just as cathartic as saying them out loud, if not more so.  If you want to make sure the thoughts stay private, consider shredding the paper as soon as you are done with it and imagine your stressors being eliminated right along with the paper.

Pamper Yourself

While the idea of pampering often brings forth ideas of indulgence and excess, that does not have to be the case.  Taking the time to soak in a bath can be very therapeutic, or fixing a lovely cup of yin zhen tea to enjoy in peaceful silence can also do the trick.  The idea of pampering should be focused on an activity that leaves you feeling recharged and ready to move forward through the day.  Even listening to your favorite song while driving alone in the car can be a moving experience under the right circumstances.

Take a Laughter Break

The simple act of laughing helps lower stress levels within people.  If you want to try a little laughter therapy, consider taking a moment to celebrate some humor in the world.  Maybe you have a favorite funny movie that always tickles your funny bone, or a particular internet meme that you can’t help but smile at.  No matter the source, the important thing is to find inspiration for a good chuckle.

Positive Self Talk

Instead of letting your inner voice bring you down, use it to boost yourself up.  If you find you are telling yourself what you can’t do, or how you are not good enough, flip those around by being more supportive of your own efforts.  Remind yourself how you always do your best, or go through a list of the things at which you are good.

If you find it difficult to reprogram your thinking, considering writing down inspirational sayings or quotes that get you in a more positive mindset.  Place the messages throughout your home, car, or work area, so you will have a regular visual reminder of the things that make you a wonderful person.

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