How To Keep Your Loved Ones Safe From Firearm Accidents-Another Great Freedom

FIREARMSOne of the greatest freedoms in the American constitution is the freedom of religion. Another great freedom we have is the right to bear arms. As with all of our constitutional rights, these come with great responsibility. Firearm accidents take place across the United States of America every year, taking thousands from their loved ones and returning them to God long before their time.

In 2011 the U.S.A. suffered from over 11,000 gun homicides and over 850 unintentional shooting deaths across the country. This number is far too high and will continue to climb with the next report. Let’s start making our communities safer for those we love and those who may be lost as well.

Here are the top 5 ways you can increase firearm safety in your home and community:

 1) Guns should be emptied when not in use.

When you’re finished with your firearm and the day of hunting is over, unload your weapon. Don’t put all your trust in your firearm’s safety latch and go the extra step of emptying the cartridge when it’s time for storage. For added safety precaution, keep the bullets apart from the actual firearm. Especially in the case of those with curious children in the home, it can never hurt to be extra cautious.

 2) Keep your guns in a safe place.

Now that your gun has been emptied, store it away in a locked box or safe. There are gun safes for sale all over America and they are a worthy investment for the safety of your family. Be sure to keep the key in a safe place too. Perhaps somewhere that children can’t reach or in a private area of the house reserved for parents only.

 3) Don’t alter your gun.

Some firearm owners like to get creative with their guns. Being a gun owner is a life-long hobby and many are quite skilled at gun modifications. That being said, if you are not licensed to do so, it could be dangerous. Have your gun serviced by a professional to ensure you and your loved ones are not in danger of a faulty firearm.

 4) Use the right bullets for your firearm.

Each firearm is suited best for a certain type of ammunition. Changing the ammunition could alter how the gun loads and fires. This could lead to a serious accident if you haven’t gotten your ammunition approved for your firearm by a professional. Check out your local firearms retailer or hunting shop for the best advice.

 5) Be clear on your target.

This may sound like an obvious one, but that is often how accidental injuries occur. Make sure nothing is obstructing the barrel of your gun before pulling the trigger. Also survey the area around and behind your target. Make sure there is nothing else in the background that could alter the path of the bullet or cause it to ricochet in the wrong direction.


Everyday we live with faith in our hearts, so lets keep safety on our minds as well. Share these tips with friends at church, at the gun club or on your next hunting trip. You never know when your friendly reminder could save a life. We all need to participate in gun safety in our communities to ensure the future generations can enjoy the pleasure of responsible firearm ownership. It starts with you so spread the word! Be safe and have fun.

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