Religion and Health

RELIGION AND HEALTHWe can service God and our fellow man kind in many ways. God placed in submission under Adam all the vegetation, all the fishes and all the animals. When we partake of a food of the earth, we partake of one of the foods which God provided for us.

It’s generally acknowledged that a vegetarian diet would be most healthful for many people, but it just so happens that meat is the only true source of the complete Amino Acids, Vitamin B Complex, and Proteins.

We have a wide variety of meats available to us. Some recommended ones are chicken breast, 95% lean beef, wild salmon, egg whites, whole eggs, roasted peanuts, canned tuna, Tilapia, Turkey Breast, and flank Steak, among many more selections.

These meats selections can provide a variety of menus in many different delicious recipes. The Lord is Truly Good!!! And we are prosperous!!! Jehovah Jira!

Mention of the importance of the balance between eating and fasting is riddled throughout the Bible. From the many feasts that are mentioned in the Old Testament to the First Communion.

I mentioned Amino Acids earlier. What you should look for in Amino Acids is Branch Amino Acids or BCAA’s. BCAA’s rebuild muscles after your workout. They include three essential amino acids: valine, leucine, and isoleucine. Our bodies are unable to produce these amino acids, so it is necessary to go out and buy them.

The Bible has several different stories about meat. The first is the famous story of when Cain slew Able because one brother, Caine was a farmer and Able was a Hunter. God said he like to smell the sweet savor of meat when it is cooking in the Holy Temple. The Bible says “…meats for the belly…”. It’s as if The Bible were guiding us toward meats. Could it be that the Bible was directing us toward the ingestion of Amino Acids for our strength and health? Amino Acids help to build muscle.

Here are some suggestions on the top BCAA’s supplements on the market:

  1. Optimum Nutrition BCAA Powder

Quality ingredients

Mixes well with other pre/post supplements.

  1. Muscle Pharm   BCAA 3:2:1

This indicates that it’s mixed 3parts l-leucine, 2 parts isoleucine, and one part valine.

It is reputed to be one of the best products.

  1. USP Labs BCAA powder

Great Product

These are just a few suggestions to stock your shelves with a healthy supplement that can give you energy, support your immune system, support muscle recovery, make sure we’ve got all our Amino Acids, and promote and maintain lean muscle mass. These products are particularly helpful with teens and young adults and for exercise. They induce protein synthesis, reduce muscle loss, help build muscle mass despite your age, increase the ability to burn fat. Helps balance hormones. Helps develop muscle strength. Speeds up muscle recovery. They improve muscle endurance. With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why we are constantly being escorted over to the meat section to make a delicious selection!

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