Where does technology fit in with religion?

RELIGION AND TECHWhere do gadgets fit in with religion, and church? This is a question that deserves a lot of thought. Religion started in a time when there was no technology. The most technological thing they were doing in Jesus’ time was building structures and keeping track of time through a sun dial. But as centuries passed the scientists developed more and more advancements to help improve our lives. Some of these advancements have improved upon the Churches way of getting the message out, such as cameras, websites, and network broadcasting. Some churches don’t believe in broadcasting on live television but a lot of churches do. Over the years there have been many public figures that represent religion have fallen from the graces by acting in unbecoming manners and they were on national television, this has given churches a bad opinion of being on television. But every church is different and some do not see this as a problem. With all the technological advancements that have made it easier for churches prosper they are making strides at bringing religion to the masses. I found this hot gadget site and on this particular site it has so many new gadgets that are inspired by life.

Some of these new gadgets will help preachers and parishioners with their relationship with the bible. There are many apps that can be purchased on your phone that are religious based, such as the bible apps and the word apps for writing your sermons. There are many more people that work in a church than the preacher, there are grounds people, and administrative people. These positions require constant communication with each other throughout the day and a great tool to use for this is an intercom system, but what if they are not at the church? Then you are going to need to have some way to communicate with the other employees while working, one way to do that is to provide smart watches to everyone so they can contact each other with ease. Another way is to provide a smart phone that has many features that can be used for the running of the church.

Many churches are now converting their sermons to DVD for at home viewing, this is a great service to offer for those elderly that can’t get to the sermon. Some people are home bound but enjoy a great church service, the best way to get a great sermon and not have to leave their house would be to purchase the complete season of sermons so that they can have church service whenever they need to. This can be very profitable for churches. It will help supplement when the tithes are not enough to cover the cost of running the church. Many smaller churches are starting to offer this service for the elderly and home bound.

Lots of churches are also broadcasting live on their websites. They can reach more people all over the world by doing this, making the preacher more known across the world. Some third world countries have recruited preachers to come and help them build their church by locating a great preacher online. You can find many great sermons online by using simple keywords. These are all great options for adding technology to your church to further your religious message.




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