Save Money Daily to Increase Your Charitable Giving

Whether you want to increase the amount of your weekly tithe, or are just looking for ways to raise funds for those in needs, by making an effort to save money every day, you may find yourself with some extra money for giving.  If you want to see what little changes you can make that can result in large donations over the course of a year, consider the following options to free up some additional funds.

Lower the Cost of Your Utilities

A significantly portion of a household’s budget is directed towards the payment of utilities.  By making a series of small changes, you may be able to lower your utility costs and redirect those funds to doing some good in your community.

One of the easiest places to start is with your lightbulbs.  Whether you favor table lamps, pendant lights, or recessed can lighting, making sure you are running the most efficient lightbulbs can lead to significant savings over the long-term.  In fact, an LED light bulb can save a home over $100 over the course of its life.  Depending on how many lightbulbs you have in your home, the total can add up quickly.

Save Money Daily to Increase Your Charitable Giving

You can take steps to lower your water bill too.  If you own a washing machine and dishwasher, make sure you only run them when they have full loads.  This can help make sure you get the most out of every cycle.  You can also switch to low-flow toilets, or simply put a small water bottle filled with tap water in the tank.  By adding the water bottle, a small amount of water is displaced, leading you to use less water with every flush.

Save Money on Food and Household Goods

While many people shy away from using coupons, they can lead to real savings over time.  Not only that, but there are so many options beyond the standard coupons you find in the newspaper.  You can print coupons from home if you find them on different websites, load them on to apps to take to the store, or add them to a store loyalty card to be automatically applied when you check out.

Normally, you will see the total of your purchase before and after the coupons are applied.  Instead of just pocketing the difference, consider taking that savings and directing it towards a charitable effort right away.

You can do the same with savings from store sales, or the difference saved by switching from a name brand product to a generic or store brand version.  While this may take some extra effort on your part to calculate, it is time well spent when the proceeds go to an important cause.

Keep Fuel Costs Low

Paying for gas for a vehicle can be a big hit to one’s budget, especially if you have to pay an additional fee for using a credit or debit card over cash.  If you are looking for an alternative that lets you pay at the pump while also getting a lower price, consider purchasing prepaid gas cards as part of your grocery trip.  Not only can you receive rewards points from the grocery store, you can also get the cash discounted price for fuel while still being able to pay at the pump.  Since you are at the grocery store anyway, it can be a pretty convenient switch that leads to respectable savings.

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