Should the Church be Involved in the Fracking Discussion

Mining of natural gas has not just become a political concern, but also a major religious discussion. In the national discussions with respect to natural gas, the Catholic voices have raised their concern and strong guts towards the emerging social, political and now a religious issue of mining natural gas and its environmental impact observed. Catholic voices have been raising significant questions which are moral off course and very impartial to all. This article is not just a discussion about should the church get involved in discussing this issue on fracking but also a brief debate to express our opinion on this subject matter.

Fracking Protest

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General facts

This discussion about natural gas and mining are ongoing and seems like never ending. The church network and catholic community have been raising voices to address the significant moral questions which are not necessarily taking any side in particular. From East USA to West USA, from the organizations having many bishops to umbrella, the contributions offered by the catholic brotherhood about the discussions on shale gas and oil in the church teachings have significantly pointed out the facts that creating, protecting and promoting this concept is for the common good.


Protect the environment

Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, John Paul II and many others have been trying to address the environmental issues and striving hard to enforce rules to protect the environment. They are supporting to a great extent as they are more concerned about the health of the earth and the living beings within it as they do not intend to sacrifice them while they are pursuing the short term economic growth. Hence, church definitely would involve in discussing the fracking issue for the betterment of the environment. Also the moral principles of US Bishop’s committee as well as the domestic Justice Human development organization including the church authorities consider extracting energy in this form can be hazardous to living beings. Hence these declarations will rise important ample numbers of questions which can be applied to the energy generating companies for extracting natural gas from either rocks or deep underground with the help of techniques like hydraulic fracking. The demand for fracking and frac sand has grown by 10x over the last 10 years and the demand for frac sand is expected to stay high according to Tim at Frac Sand Source.


Catholic conferences

Technological advances have helped in pinpointing the horizontal drilling of natural and shale gas and this practice has been used worldwide. On the negative side, there comes a series of destruction such as diseases, air, water pollution, loss of life, blackened ground, etc. Fracking is the hot topic of discussion in most of the State catholic conferences held in Pennsylvania, Texas and Colorado. However, they have not been issued formal statements on the issue – fracking from the conferences’ executive directors and board of directors. However, all these issues are closely monitored and they are working towards a permanent solution to end this havoc. While this is the case, some church authorities have against the ban on fracking; however, they would definitely want to support environmentally safe methods of extracting shale gas and oil.


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