Spinning – the new fitness philosophy

Spinning Exercise

This new fitness craze that has taken over most of the world because of its outstanding results was developed and created by a famous fitness instructor, Johnny D. Spinning. The program involves a cardio workout that uses a stationery bicycle found at the gym, these lessons are great for beginners, and trained athletes and last up to 60 minutes. The spinning class uses varied rhythm, pressure and intervals to train various muscles in the body. At the moment, almost every gym has special studio, for spinning lessons, that has multiple bicycles, where some of the newer models have the option to adjust the height of the steering wheel, the seat and the elevation. Not only are the spinning classes a lot of fun, because they anything but monotonous, they are also great in developing muscle endurance, coordination and willpower. It is believed that spinning classes are some one of the most energy-intensive classes, and it has been estimated that during one 60-minute session, it is possible to burn more than 600 calories, while boosting your metabolism and strengthening your cardiovascular system.

The positive effects of spinning classes are endless and while your main purpose might be to burn fat, in time you will see a general improvement in your overall health and wellbeing. For this class, it is important to wear fit clothes that are not loose and will not cause you any discomfort. Furthermore, as it usually gets extremely hot during the class, be prepared to have the A/C full blast, so do keep in mind that it is advised to wear a T-shirt and pants to this class, as well as have a bottle of water, usually 0.5 liters, as this is the recommended amount, and definitely a towel. It is best to wear cycling shorts or leggings with extra thick material in the groin area and on the bum, as you will be sitting on the bike seat; cycling gloves, to prevent your hands from slipping off the wheel, and proper footwear.

Spinning ClassWhile for other fitness exercises you might need soft, flexible shoes, for spinning, it is essential to wear sneakers with a thick, stiff sole, that firmly fix the foot, otherwise the foot can be over-bent and may cause severe pain. While some use advanced technology, adapted to the Shimano Pedaling Dynamics, used in stationery bicycles, and provide support as well as balance out the pressure your foot gets, others are designed in a way that are shock- absorbent and will protect your feet from external vibrations. The shoes must be breathable and light, because after 45 minutes of an intensive training, you are bound to sweat. To ensure the best hygiene of your feet and odorless shoes, do pay attention to the material from which the shoes are made. While all these have their advantages and issues to consider, trying on all of the available spinning shoes is simply impossible, we did the research for you, please see our top 10 picks here. From Sidi, to Wilson, and Sonoma, we have created a list with the best shoes for men and women, especially for spinning.

While cycling around in a beautiful park is absolutely amazing and healthy, but truth be told, not many of us have the available time or the proper bike to do that, further to that, many of us live in places where this is not possible due to weather conditions, or due to the fact that we live in a busy city. Spinning allows you to have a fun workout, while cycling indoors, regardless of the weather, that will have amazing results on your body, health and attitude!

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