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How You Can Grow Closer to God as a Family

A family that prays together stays together. Do you want to come closer to God as a family? As a parent, do you want your children to follow the word of Bible in their everyday lives? Before you come close to God as a family, it is important to be close to each other as a family. Whether you go on picnics together as a family or use the best nerf guns to engage in nerf gun wars as a family; every activity counts. Giving nerf guns to your children as Christmas gifts can also increase association and love (making sure you choose it according to type of ammunition the gun takes, size, battery and accuracy of gun).

How You Can Grow Closer to God as a Family

Once you have united as a family, here’s how you can get closer to God as one.

  1. Be Determined

We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments. 5 We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ. 2 CORINTHIANS 10:4-5 NLT

At the point when confronted with a troublesome circumstance, be resolved to pray and search for answers in God’s Word. Prayer takes our focus off of our troublesome circumstance and helps us concentrate on God. There is no circumstance excessively troublesome for God and his energy. God can likewise give us the answers and bits of knowledge into what moves we have to make.

Thus, the Bible will give us experiences into our heart condition and the zones we have to change keeping in mind the end goal to lead our family.

The Bible says that supplication and submission to the Bible are capable. What “fortifications” do you find in your family? Do you utilize the Bible and prayer to overcome these or do you tend to utilize your own particular human wisdom? Discover a sacred text that helps you with an area you have been attempting to lead your family and you’ll start to see God’s energy change your family in ways you can’t.

  1. Be an Example for Your Family

Then they said to Jeremiah, “May the LORD your God be a faithful witness against us if we refuse to obey whatever he tells us to do! 6 Whether we like it or not, we will obey the LORD our God to whom we are sending you with our plea. For if we obey him, everything will turn out well for us.” JEREMIAH 42:5-6

This sacred text guarantees that God will make everything turn out well as we lead through dutifulness to the Bible. The Bible says to do this in any case. This way to we have to oppose taking after our sentiments or assessments. You may not generally prefer taking after the Bible, but rather do you do it at any rate?

Feelings change constantly, and tailing them will prompt to fatigue for us as fathers and disarray for our family. Each family needs to figure out how to submit feelings to the Bible. As fathers, our illustration will motivate our families to trust God’s Word themselves. God can work with a family that trusts and complies with his Word.

One basic choice to make in the event that you need to lead by your illustration is to read the Bible consistently. It is fundamental to read the Word of God day by day so as to obey it. It is equally important to follow the words of Bible as well.

4 Ways You Can Please God

A number of people end up exhausted from trying to please God through doing work that isn’t really necessary. While serving in church and reading the Bible are the habits of a good Christian, there’s a lot more that needs to be done when it comes to pleasing God.

4 Ways You Can Please God

In case you’re making a decent attempt to please God yet feel like you’re missing the mark regarding doing as such, it’s an ideal opportunity to find how genuinely simple it really is to please God.

  1. See your association with God the way He does. From God’s point of view, your association with Him depends on affection, not rules. Remember that God is your Father in paradise, so you can take a look at your human connections in families, (for example, with your parents or with your kids (if you have any) to help you comprehend what an adoring guardian’s desires resemble. While God calls you to continue developing in sacredness, He doesn’t dismiss you on the off chance that you neglect to experience the greater part of the tenets. Like a decent human parent, God urges you to experience your potential while likewise lenient you when you come up short, showing you profitable lessons, and engaging you to continue developing. You can assume that God has your best advantages on a fundamental level, since He cherishes you totally and completely.
  2. Concentrate on the main work God genuinely requires of you. All that is truly essential for you to do as a Christian is the work of confidence: having confidence in Jesus and believing Him in all aspects of your life. Each and every other great work that God drives you to do will spill out of the establishment of confidence, and just confidence is important for your salvation. While it can appear like confidence doesn’t include work, it really does, in light of the fact that you should attempt to surrender your own particular endeavors to control your life and place your trust completely in God to lead you to what’s ideal. God wants you to help His people. For example, if you come across someone who is undergoing money problems and needs to get the plumbing or heating fixed in his house, help him out. Get in touch with and hire them to fix whatever needs to be fixed. The best part is that they are licensed, bonded and insured. They have been in the business for 30 years and offer all heating and plumbing services at extremely affordable prices. So in case that’s how you want to help someone out, they will serve all your needs accordingly.
  3. Find the happiness behind God’s summons. Perceive that God has composed each of His charges to you for your advantage: to shield you from mischief and help you create happiness, paying little mind to what conditions you experience in this fallen world. When you remember that God has great purposes for calling you to act in certain ways, you can see that God’s orders aren’t weights, however endowments.
  4. Understand the limits that God has incorporated with His orders. At the point when God orders you to accomplish something, He makes it handy to satisfy those charges by building limits into them so they get to be quantifiable targets.

Achieving Nearness to God

In the event that you feel as a Christian that you could be nearer to God, here are a few thoughts and exercises to help you celebrate God and be nearer to God. God cherishes you more than any other thing in the world. He made you and by doing the following, you are draw yourself closer to God.

Achieving Nearness to God

  1. On the off chance that you are not very familiar to God and don’t have any acquaintance with Him extremely well (ie: ambiguously by name) then maybe you ought to begin by simply securing yourself your room. This will help you to feel that you are presently alone and only in the presence of Sustainer.
  1. Take a deep breath and attempt to clear your mind of everything that bothers you. At that point, say out loud, “Hello, God. I spared this time for You. Will You please come and converse with me?” This may feel crazy at first however realize that God genuinely listens and minds. Keep in mind, “Ask and you might get.” There is nothing wrong with requesting God to converse with you.
  1. At that point, as you would address a companion or somebody you truly trust, loosen your tongue and tell God about everyone and everything that troubles you. On the other hand, let him know something extraordinary that just recently happened to you (ie: your group simply won a competition, somebody you like asked you out, or you made another companion). God listens and comprehends – dependably – so you won’t need to feel senseless.
  1. Try not to attempt to be boastful/proud, or pray anything extravagant: simply attempt to address everything huge in your life – however nothing is too little to approach about or for help and intelligence. Prayer ought not to be egotistical.
  1. Keep in mind that God has his own particular reasons, for His timetable, thus believe Him in that. You may not get precisely what you need precisely when you need it, however He does everything which is as it should be.
  1. Admit your wrongdoings to Him. Appeal to God for every one of your issues throughout your life at this moment, and other stuff that is truly critical to you. You can attempt at making a prayer diary, in the event that you aren’t happy with asking, or you might want to record your prayers and their outcomes.
  1. Watch movies or documentaries that bring you closer to God. You can watch movies that discuss God’s miracles and blessings – such movies can be easily found on ShowBox for Android.
  1. Pray regularly. Despite the fact that this may appear glaringly evident, pray twice or at least once a day to God. Ensure the words originate from your heart Imagine yourself preceding him and seeing his superbness as you ask. Love his grandness! However, He needs to be your closest companion who is more than just and right, Holy God, The Judge, for He is perfect in every aspect.

How to Be Devoted to God

You may be at the point wherein you are not sure any more about what you are going to do in your life. You may be rich and successful or you may feel like you are being a nuisance to society. You know that you can always be finding the peace that you are looking for by going back to God. Going back to God is easy because he will accept you with open arms but the main thing that will be harder to do is to make sure that you will stay devoted to God. How do you think will you be able to manage this?

How to Be Devoted to God

There are some things that you can do in order to become a devoted Christian such as the following:

  1. Start reading the bible. When was the last time that you have read the bible? If it has been a long time, you can restart your devotion by reading now. There are different things written there that are about God. How will you understand Him if you do not understand the things that he did? This is the same with searching for the right BJJ in London Ontario. You know that you have to read up a lot before making a decision.
  1. Try to find moments wherein you are experiencing God in your life. There will be days when you do not feel naturally happy because you have not accepted God yet. You can start looking for God in the people that you meet and the people that you already know. Find happiness even in the most negative things because you know that God will lead the way.
  1. There is a big possibility that you have had some problems with other people before. When you prolong the anger, you are only hurting yourself because you are the one who is feeling the pain and not the other person. It will be harder to forget but if you have already forgiven someone, you know that you will not feel bad about the person anymore. Sometimes, this is the best thing that you can do.
  1. Start learning new things about God. Like mentioned earlier, you can always be devoted to God and learn new things about him from reading the Bible. But you can also learn more if you would start meeting new people who will gladly share their experiences with you. You may want to talk with people from all walks of life in order to get a chance to see situations differently in their eyes.
  1. Live the life that God has planned for you to live. God has all the right plans for you but you may be too stubborn enough to accept it. Remember that God knows best so you can live your life according to His plans. Do not worry because He will guide you every step of the way.

You know that you can always be a good person who loves God and you can be a devoted Christian.

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