Getting Closer to God through Exercise


If you have been trying to think of a new way to strengthen your relationship with God through self-introspection, but haven’t really thought of anything, why not give exercise a try? According to many studies, when we exercise, we almost always think and reflect about what’s on our mind.

If you think about the Lord while you exercise, you can contemplate your relationship with Him and reflect upon it. While you are shedding those pounds, you can think of the many ways that you can serve Him better and be a better Christian. If you decide that this would be an interesting way to get closer to the Lord, there are a few things you can do to help make the experience one where your mind and body can focus on the Lord.

Before You Exercise, Make Sure to Say a Prayer

Starting off an exercise regimen with a prayer will help you clear your mind of all negative thoughts and focus wholly on the matter at hand, exercise and the Lord. As you pray, clear your mind and then focus on an image of Jesus. Think about his sacrifice for the world and how much he loves you and everyone else in it. Remember to take long, deep breaths as you get yourself ready for your exercise. This will get your heart and lungs ready for your workout, and get your mind ready to think about God.

Chose Simple Exercises to Help Your Mind Focus on God

Some exercises are very intense and require you to perform very complex routines. These exercises are usually good for your body, however they can make it very difficult to focus on God. Choose a simple exercise that your body can do while it’s on “auto pilot.” A few good examples are working out on the treadmill, a stair stepper, a stationary bike, an electronic rower, and a variety of other exercises that use machines. There are a number of good, simple cardio, light free weights, and stretching exercises that you can use as well. One book that gives great advice on these types of exercises can be found here.

When you take a Break between Sets Say a Bible Verse to Yourself

The bible teaches us how to serve the Lord and how we should live for Him. A great way to strengthen your relationship with God while you are exercising is reciting bible verses to yourself during breaks. Give yourself a lesson that you want to learn or refresh your memory on, and look up some bible verses that pertain to that lesson. Then as you take your break, thumb through your bible and read one or more verses to yourself. It is suggested that you only read one verse at a time to you take in and reflect on the message much more easily. However, you can read more than one or all of the ones you looked up if you like. You can also think about bible verses while you are doing your exercise and ponder their meaning while you are doing your exercises as well. Exercising is not only a wonderful way to get closer to God, but it is also good for your body as well. If you have put on some extra pounds over the past few months, this might be a perfect way to lose those extra inches and get closer to God as well.

You will likely find other ways to get closer to the Lord while you exercise. Do whatever you think feels right to you. As long as you are working to get closer to the Lord, then no way you do it is wrong.

Trampoline jumping is in!  So jump as high as you can and reach out and touch His love.

trampolineAnything is possible with God.  The next time you want to meditate and pray to Him why not do it through spending time with your family on a huge trampoline in your backyard just trying to jump up and get closer and closer as you reach as high as you can.  With His love inside of you, you can fly.  Clear your mind and have family fun and reach out physically and experience what it’s like to be a few feet closer to Him.  You reach out to him mentally and spiritually every day and evening.  See what it’s like to do it differently for once.  If even for a moment to jump up towards the sky as high as you can and elevate yourself into feeling a little closer.  It’s not just you either, you’re with your family.  Feel uplifted and closer to heaven by jumping as high as you can and reaching up into the sky and a moment, fly.

Spending time with your family is always special.  Times like these can be turned into times remembered.  Feel like you can be brought a little closer and enjoy that feeling to the fullest.  Trampoline jumping is a physical activity you can do with friends and family and a way to spend time having fun together.  While you’re in the air, enjoy clarity and freedom.  Breathe in the air as you aim higher and higher towards the sky.  Bring a sense of wanting to be able to reach out and touch Him because with every jump you are, at least to you.  Feel the fun and the peace.  Not every single moment you spend in prayer has to be silent and serious.  Do you think that Jesus never laughed?  That He never played or had fun with his family?  You know that He had his moments.  Can you just imagine how lyrical His laughter is?  Let Him hear yours.

Get everyone outside one day and on the trampoline for the family time you spend together sometime and see who can jump the highest and reach the highest.  Clear your mind and think thoughts of family, love, and fun.  God is watching and taking pleasure in your enjoyment and your bonding experience and more than likely is smiling down at you as well.  He does smile you know.  Especially watching His children jump into the sky wishing they could reach out and touch Him brings a smile.  Seeing everyone in the family taking a break from their daily grind of school, work, sports and more; coming together to have fun in this world which seems to try to be all doom and gloom at times.  When we cry, He cries with us. When He sees us laugh, He laughs too.  So jump for joy and jump towards the sky and laugh and smile and put away the bad for a while.  You can fly for now.

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